Articles about Child Safety

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Articles About Child and Teen Safety Online

Help childen know the risks of chat rooms

We need a law against smutty spam directed at kids

Disney Characters Teach Internet Safety

Frank approach to adolescents and Internet pornography

Think Safety First

Study Finds Online Risk for Kids and Teens

'Family-Friendly' ISPs Do Your Filtering

Filtering Programs Useful but Far From Perfect (March 2000)

Concern for Children's Safety Should Shine Light on Dark Alleys of Cyberspace (March 2000)

Interview with Larry Magid (Education World)

Virtual Sandbox Helps Kids Play Safe (August, 1999)

Efforts Aimed to Protect Kids' Online Privacy (July, 1999)

Internet Hate Sites Can Be Hidden But They Can't Be Ignored (July 1999)

Kids Need to Learn How to Sift Out Net Junk (July, 1999)
Lessons Children Learn on Internet Safety Can Be Lessons for Living (July, 1999)

Larry Magid's Family Tech Articles

Family Tech: Finally, A Study That Outlines Online Risks for Kids (June, 2000)

Family Tech: Digital cameras let kids explore photography at reasonable cost (May 2000)

Don't Shoot the Internet: Colorado School Tragedy Underscores Need for Communications  (May, 1999)  (May, 1999)

Sites for Kids' Eyes (revised 12/1/98)

Online Safety and Critical Thinking:The lessons children learn on the Internet today could save their lives tomorrow.

The Starr Report: Indecent Material That Can't Be Blocked
How Parents Can Respond How Parents Can Respond How Parents Can Respond How Parents Can Respond How Parents Can Respond How Parents Can Respond

Protecting Your Privacy: Sometimes It's OK to Keep Secrets

With the Right Tools, Parents Can Keep Kid Surfers Safe

Porno Spammers and Our Kids

Kids, Safe Surfing and Other Considerations- Internet Online Summit Focus on Children

Much Ado About Almost Nothing

Children's Privacy- Worried about porno online- Marketers Are A Bigger Threat to Your Kids

Personal privacy - Steps to protect you, the consumer

Internet Sites for Parents- Take a Little Time Out

Justifiable Paranoia: Growing databases of unregulated information should have you spooked

The Rights of Parents in the Digital Age- Parental control is not censorship

Sex Sites Capitalizing on Misleading URLs

Larry Magid's Internet Privacy Page

Back Issues of SafeKids/NetFamilyNews Newsletters

The following are all links to other sites

*Is Your Kid a Hacker? (11/98 from FamilyPC)

*Internet Safety at School (from FamilyPC)

*The Smart Way to SafeGuard Kids from Smut (by Jesse Berst, from ZDNet)

A bird's eye view of school libraries and the Internet (from SageFamily)

Internet researcher/library user/grandmother extraordinaire (from SageFamily)

Time for Parental Consent on the Internet, by Robin Raskin (link to FamilyPC.Com)

A Network of Hate, by Joe Panepito (link to FamilyPC.Com)

Carnegie Mellon Study Reveals Negative Potential of Heavy Internet Use on Emotional Well Being (Carnegie Mellon Press release about study).

     Preliminary draft of Carnegie Mellon study

Browser Golf: A Fun Way to Teach Web Searching by Bernie DeKoven

Making the Web Safe (ZDNet)

Few parents use filtering software (ZDnet)

FamilyPC details findings of 'Net parent' survey

Online speech: Porn, spam, and political disclosure (from C/Net)

Communications Decency Act Overview (FamilyPC)
includes reviews of filtering programs

Filtering Options (by Parry Aftab)

Parents Beware of Internet Privacy Invasions (by NY Att'y General Dennis C. Vacco)

Protect Your Privacy (PC World August, 1998)

Safer Surfing (PC World August, 1998)

Censorship In a Box Why Blocking Software is Wrong for Public Libraries
A report by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Afraid of Web Smut, Try Parenting Not Censorship (interview with Larry Magid from Salon Magazine)

FBI to parents: Internet pedophiles a serious threat (CNN Interactive, 3/11/98)

Internet summit takes on smut and regulation (CNN Interactive, 12/1/97)

U.S. seeks world's help to fight Internet crime (CNN Interactive, 12/3/97)

Internet measures to protect children announced ((CNN Interactive, 12/2)/97

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