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Project: the arch revision control system

Arch is a really nifty revision control system. It's "whole-tree changeset based" which means, roughly, that it can handle (with atomic commits) file and directory adds, deletes, and renames cleanly, and that it does branching simply and easily. Arch is also "distributed" which means, for example that you can make arch branches of your own from remote projects, even if you don't have write access to the revision control archives for those projects.

Huzzah! GNU arch has reached it's 1.2 release. In addition to numerous bug-fixes, feature enhancements, and validation enhancements, tla-1.2 features archive signing and integrity checking. You can read more in the tla-1.2pre0 release announcement.

Commercial offers: If your organization is using or interested in using arch, and you would like to establish a commercial relationship to arch's author, please visit the The arch Commerce Page page.

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These are very difficult economic times, not least for people like me who's job is to create original free software. Consequently, my projects like GNU arch are not supported by my "day job": my projects are supported by contributions from individuals.

For many months now, my work on arch has been in a severe financial crisis: I need to raise more money in order to continue work on it and my other free software projects.

You can help with a direct contribution of money:

Businesses and non-profit organizations can help by taking up the offer on the The arch Commerce Page page. Thank you very much to all of those who have already helped.

Alternative, apparently more "euro-friendly" way to send money: I am for transfers.