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Installation & First Steps
Updated 2004-02-22 by Judd Vinet <>
Updated 2003-09-21 by Dennis Herbrich <>
The official guide to installing and using Arch Linux, with small FAQ section.
READ THIS before trying to install Arch Linux!
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Updated 2003-08-07 by Dennis Herbrich <>
This short guide explains to the interested user how to setup his system to display a high resolution boot splash image and use custom images as a background for the framebuffer consoles. Instructions how to patch the kernel are elaborated as necessary as well.
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Updated 2003-08-09 by Dennis Herbrich <>
This guide explains the steps necessary to customize the text displayed during the boot process of ArchLinux, especially how to emphasize the status messages "BUSY", "DONE" and "FAILED" with colors.
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Frequently Asked Questions
General FAQs
Updated 2003-11-03 by Dennis Herbrich <>
A FAQ containing a little bit of everything. Look here first if you experience any kind of problem while installing/using Arch Linux and the official guide does not answer your question.
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