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Annual Total of Sunshine Hours for Various Cities

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Note: An average of 12 hours of sun per day, for an entire year would be 4380 sunshine hours.

One third of that, or an average of 3.5 hours a day for a year would be 1278 sunshine hours.

In Yuma, Arizona, the highest possible number of hours of sunshine is 4,456.
On average, 91% of the time that it is possible to be sunny in Yuma, it is.


City or Location NATION and sub-national jurisdiction (if applicable) Sunshine Hours
Eastern Sahara Desert Africa - located in EGYPT, LIBYA, TUNISIA, ALGERIA, CHAD, and SUDAN (Sunniest location on Earth) 4300
Yuma Arizona, UNITED STATES (Most sunny settlement in the world) 4055
Phoenix Arizona, UNITED STATES 4020
Wadi Haifa SUDAN 4010
Bordj Omar Driss ALGERIA 4010
Keetmanshoop NAMIBIA 4010
Aoulef ALGERIA 4005
Upington SOUTH AFRICA 4005
Atbara SUDAN 4005
Mariental NAMIBIA 4000
Bilma NIGER 4000
Kailua-Kona Hawaii, UNITED STATES (on the island of Hawaii. Sunniest place on any coastline that is part of the United States) 3990
Adrar ALGERIA 3978
Las Vegas Nevada, UNITED STATES 3896
Tucson Arizona, UNITED STATES 3800
Fort Worth Texas, UNITED STATES 3610
El Paso Texas, UNITED STATES 3546
Rhodes GREECE (Sunniest place in Europe). 3500
Nerja SPAIN  3499
Amarillo Texas, UNITED STATES 3495
Crete GREECE 3494
Albuquerque New Mexico, UNITED STATES 3408
Santa Barbara California, UNITED STATES 3400
Los Angeles California, UNITED STATES 3379
Reno Nevada, UNITED STATES 3370
Nicosia CYPRUS 3282
Tel Aviv ISRAEL 3250
Saint Lucia SAINT LUCIA  3249
Irvine California, UNITED STATES 3200 
San Luis Obispo California, UNITED STATES 3200
Bridgetown BARBADOS 3179
Johannesburg SOUTH AFRICA 3126
San Diego California, UNITED STATES 3119
Cape Town SOUTH AFRICA 3093
Darwin Northern Territory, AUSTRALIA (Sunniest place in Australia). 3066
Salt Lake City Utah, UNITED STATES 3064
Malta MALTA 3050
Tampa Florida, UNITED STATES 3019
Faro, The Algarve PORTUGAL 3000
Fort Lauderdale Florida, UNITED STATES 3000
Oklahoma City Oklahoma, UNITED STATES 2999
San Francisco California, UNITED STATES 2906
Nairobi KENYA 2983
Orlando Florida, UNITED STATES 2983
Seville SPAIN 2885
Galveston Texas, UNITED STATES 2850
San Jose GUATEMALA 2849
Perth Western Australia, AUSTRALIA  2847
San Juan Puerto Rico, UNITED STATES 2845
Grand Cayman CAYMAN ISLANDS 2831
Little Rock Arkansas, UNITED STATES 2831
Wichita Kansas, UNITED STATES 2827
Omaha Nebraska, UNITED STATES 2817
Memphis Tennessee, UNITED STATES 2808
Jacksonville Florida, UNITED STATES 2802
Jackson Mississippi, UNITED STATES 2800
Atlanta Georgia, UNITED STATES 2776
Boise Idaho, UNITED STATES 2768
Des Moines Iowa, UNITED STATES 2766
Brisbane AUSTRALIA 2738
Norfolk Virginia, UNITED STATES 2735
Raleigh North Carolina, UNITED STATES 2724
Brownsville Texas, UNITED STATES 2723
San Antonio Texas, UNITED STATES 2721
Kingston JAMAICA 2709
Marseilles FRANCE 2703
Guilheiro PORTUGAL 2700
St. Louis Missouri, UNITED STATES 2693
New York New York, UNITED STATES 2685
Cincinnati Ohio, UNITED STATES 2670
Helena Montana, UNITED STATES 2666
Lisbon PORTUGAL 2666
Bismark North Dakota, UNITED STATES 2658
Bangkok THAILAND 2648
Chicago Illinois, UNITED STATES 2645
New Orleans Louisiana, UNITED STATES 2642
Canberra AUSTRALIA 2628
Philadelphia Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES 2627
Minneapolis Minnesota, UNITED STATES 2614
Knoxville Tennessee, UNITED STATES 2603
Portland Maine, UNITED STATES 2586
Spokane Washington, UNITED STATES 2583
Washington DC UNITED STATES 2583
Boston Massachusetts, UNITED STATES 2561
Nice FRANCE 2557
Adelaide AUSTRALIA 2555
Florence ITALY 2555
Asheville North Carolina, UNITED STATES 2519
Estevan Saskatchewan, CANADA (Sunshine Capital of Canada) 2500
FIJI 2496
Pula CROATIA 2480
Coronation Alberta, CANADA (Sunniest place in Alberta) 2450
Suffield Alberta, CANADA 2446
Sydney New South Wales, AUSTRALIA 2446
Penang MALAYSIA 2435
Medicine Hat Alberta, CANADA 2433
Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, CANADA 2400
Nelson NEW ZEALAND (Sunniest place in New Zealand) 2400
Calgary Alberta, CANADA 2395
Saskatoon Saskatchewan, CANADA 2380
Winnipeg Manitoba, CANADA 2377
Kampala UGANDA 2373
Magrath Alberta, CANADA 2370
Detroit Michigan, UNITED STATES 2367
Regina Saskatchewan, CANADA 2365
Buffalo New York, UNITED STATES 2346
Koper SLOVENIA 2346
Cleveland Ohio, UNITED STATES 2344
Lower Fort Garry Manitoba, CANADA 2321
Edmonton Alberta, CANADA 2303
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES 2303
Roseburg Oregon, UNITED STATES 2293
Cranbrook British Columbia, CANADA 2229
Fort St. John British Columbia, CANADA 2213
Wairoa/Hawke Bay NEW ZEALAND 2200
Forthside Tasmania, AUSTRALIA 2192
Brandon Manitoba, CANADA 2187
Thunder Bay Ontario, CANADA 2183
Prince Albert Saskatchewan, CANADA 2171
Portland Oregon, UNITED STATES 2155
Burlington Vermont, UNITED STATES 2144
Red Deer Alberta, CANADA 2133
Sault Ste. Marie Michigan, UNITED STATES 2125
Victoria British Columbia, CANADA 2082
Melbourne AUSTRALIA 2081
Hamilton Ontario, CANADA 2079
St.Catherines-Niagara Ontario, CANADA 2079
Mexico City MEXICO 2070 
Auckland NEW ZEALAND 2070
Ottawa-Hull Ontario, CANADA 2054
Kamloops British Columbia, CANADA 2053
Great Hungarian Plain HUNGARY 2050
Seattle Washington, UNITED STATES 2049
Ashcroft British Columbia, CANADA 2048
Cache Creek British Columbia, CANADA 2048
Logan Lake British Columbia, CANADA 2048
Windsor Ontario, CANADA 2045
Hobart Tasmania, AUSTRALIA 2044
Toronto Ontario, CANADA 2038
Wellington NEW ZEALAND 2035
Merritt British Columbia, CANADA 2030
Oshawa Ontario, CANADA 2025
Montreal Quebec, CANADA 2015
Penticton British Columbia, CANADA 2005
Salt Spring Island British Columbia, CANADA 2004
Kelowna British Columbia, CANADA 2000
Lytton British Columbia, CANADA 1988
Kitchener Ontario, CANADA 1969
Tokyo JAPAN 1965
North Bay Ontario, CANADA 1960
Sudbury Ontario, CANADA 1960
Halifax Nova Scotia, CANADA 1949
Prince George British Columbia, CANADA 1942
Moncton New Brunswick, CANADA 1939
Sept-Iles Quebec, CANADA 1938
Fredericton New Brunswick, CANADA 1929
Vancouver British Columbia, CANADA 1919
Quebec City Quebec, CANADA 1910
Trois Rivieres Quebec, CANADA 1910
Vernon British Columbia, CANADA 1903
Sherbrooke Quebec, CANADA 1901
Wellington NEW ZEALAND 1900
Whangarei NEW ZEALAND 1900
St.John New Brunswick, CANADA 1894
University of Ibadan NIGERIA 1894
Juneau ALASKA 1887
Castlegar British Columbia, CANADA 1859
London Ontario, CANADA 1858
Whitehorse Yukon, CANADA 1852
Surrey British Columbia, CANADA 1848
Nanaimo British Columbia, CANADA 1845
Charlottetown Prince Edward Island, CANADA 1844
Chase British Columbia, CANADA 1840
Berlin GERMANY 1837
White Rock British Columbia, CANADA 1828
Burns Lake British Columbia, CANADA 1821
Sidney Nova Scotia, CANADA 1804
Mackenzie British Columbia, CANADA 1800
Maple Ridge British Columbia, CANADA 1800
Powell River British Columbia, CANADA 1776
Bognor Regis, West Sussex UNITED KINGDOM (Sunniest place in Britain) 1750
Ljubljana SLOVENIA 1735
Manitouwadge Ontario, CANADA 1700
Munich GERMANY 1680
Smithers British Columbia, CANADA 1680
Chicoutimi Quebec, CANADA 1676
Guernsey Channel Islands, UNITED KINGDOM 1652
Agassiz British Columbia, CANADA 1647
Dunedin NEW ZEALAND 1645
Copenhagen DENMARK 1644
Frankfurt (1996) GERMANY 1643
Churchill Falls Newfoundland, CANADA 1618
Berlin (1996) GERMANY 1607
Hamburg (1996) GERMANY 1607
Revelstoke British Columbia, CANADA 1598
Brussels (1996) BELGIUM 1534
St.John's Newfoundland, CANADA 1527
Cologne GERMANY 1534
Resolute Northwest Territories, CANADA 1521
Iqaluit Nunavut, CANADA 1508
Sandspit British Columbia, CANADA 1496
London England, UNITED KINGDOM 1494
Devon England, UNITED KINGDOM 1464
Abisko Lapland, SWEDEN 1460
Glasgow Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM 1400
Cork IRELAND 1383
Dublin IRELAND 1376
Manchester (present day) England, UNITED KINGDOM 1359
Edinburgh Scotland, UNITED KINGDOM 1351
Kilkenny IRELAND 1307
Sheffield England, UNITED KINGDOM 1230
Prince Rupert British Columbia, CANADA (Cloudiness Capital of Canada) 1212
Manchester (in 1960) England, UNITED KINGDOM (at a time of much greater pollution) 970


The Doldrums, an area of the Pacific Ocean on the route from Hawaii to Tahiti, is known to be the cloudiest place on Earth.

The South Pole in Antarctica is the least sunny place on Earth.
182 days out of the year, there is no sunshine - at all.

Neilsen, the Antarctica, is also the world's darkest place - at some days in the
winter the light is barely measurable using scientific instruments.

Average Daily Sun Hours, Continental U.S.

Average Daily Sun Hours, Continental U.S.

Average Daily Sun Hours in Winter, Continental U.S.

Average Daily Sunshine Hours in Winter, Continental U.S.

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This information is taken from a variety of sources on the World Wide Web.  The author of this website takes no responsibility for the comparative accuracy of these readings, taken in a wide variety of environments with a wide variety of instruments and some variation in methodology.   

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