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Current lib gdk-pixbuf 0.22.0-2 Image loading and manipulation library 2004-04-01
Current office acroread 5.0.8-2 Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF files 2004-04-01
Current lib libxslt 1.1.5-1 XML stylesheet transformation library 2004-04-01
Current lib libxml2 2.6.8-1 XML parsing library, version 2 2004-04-01
Current kernels kernel26-scsi 2.6.4-2 The Linux Kernel and modules (SCSI support) 2004-04-01
Extra system snort 2.1.2-1 A lightweight network intrusion detection system 2004-03-31
Current multimedia mplayer 1.0pre3.2-1 A movie player for linux 2004-03-31
Extra system bash-completion 20040331-1 Programmable completion indefinitely extends the type of completion built in bash 2004-03-31
Extra multimedia dcraw 1.179-1 A command line based converter for digicams raw output with gimp plugin 2004-03-31
Extra multimedia dbp 0.5.7-3 David's batch processor for the GIMP 2004-03-31
Current network tcpdump 3.8.3-1 A tool for network monitoring and data acquisition 2004-03-30
Extra office jpilot 0.99.7-1 A desktop organizer application for the palm pilot 2004-03-30
Current base reiserfsprogs 3.6.14-2 Reiserfs utilities 2004-03-30
Current daemons openldap 2.1.29-1 LDAP Server 2004-03-30
Current multimedia alsa-utils 1.0.3-2 An alternative implementation of Linux sound support 2004-03-30
Current x11 xlockmore 5.11.1-1 screen saver / locker for the X Window System 2004-03-30
Current daemons exim 4.31-1 A Message Transfer Agent 2004-03-29
Current base procps 3.2.1-1 Utilities for monitoring your system and processes on your system 2004-03-28
Current network openvpn 1.5.0-4 An easy-to-use, robust, and highly configurable VPN (Virtual Private Network) 2004-03-28
Current base gdbm 1.8.3-2 GNU database library 2004-03-28
Current system parted 1.6.8-1 A program for creating, destroying, resizing, checking and copying partitions 2004-03-28
Current devel php 4.3.5-1 A high-level scripting language 2004-03-28
Current network ircii-pana 1.1-1 A console-based IRC client (BitchX) 2004-03-28
Current lib libao 0.8.5-1 Cross-platform audio output library and plugins 2004-03-28
Extra multimedia flashplugin 6.0r81-2 Macromedia flash plugin for Netscape/Mozilla (nonfree) 2004-03-27
Extra games xqf 0.9.14-1 XQF is a Quake/Quake World/Quake2/Quake3 server browser and launcher for X11 2004-03-27
Current network mozilla-common 1.0-1 Common Initialization Profiles for Mozilla Style Browsers 2004-03-27
Extra devel anjuta 1.2.1-2 Anjuta Integrated Development Environment. 2004-03-27
Extra devel memprof 0.5.1-2 A tool for profiling memory usage and finding memory leaks 2004-03-27
Current x11 xplanet 1.0.5-1 An Xearth wannabe 2004-03-26
Current network ethereal 0.10.3-1 A free network protocol analyzer for Unix/Linux and Windows 2004-03-26
Extra system zsh 4.2.0-1 A very advanced and programmable command interpreter (shell) for UNIX 2004-03-26
Current system fbset 2.1-1 Framebuffer setup util 2004-03-26
Extra multimedia oxine 0.2-2 oxine is a lightweight, purely osd based xine frontend for set-top boxes and home entertainment systems. 2004-03-25
Extra xfce4 xfce4-fsguard-plugin 0.2.0-1 File system usage monitor plugin for the XFce panel 2004-03-25
Extra xfce4 xfce4-xmms-plugin 0.1.1-1 An XMMS control plugin for the XFce panel 2004-03-25
Extra x11 galculator 1.2.1-1 A GTK 2 based scientific calculator 2004-03-25
Unstable network mutt-devel 1.5.6i-2 A small but very powerful text-based mail client. (DEVEL VERSION) 2004-03-25
Extra games xpenguins_themes 1.0-1 XPenguins Themes 2004-03-24
Extra network loudmouth 0.16-1 A lightweight Jabber client library written in C/Glib 2004-03-24
Extra lib cln 1.1.6-1 Class library for numbers 2004-03-24
Extra games smclone 0.55-1 A Super Mario Brothers Clone. 2004-03-24
Extra editors hexedit 1.2.9-1 Hexedit Hex Editor for Linux 2004-03-24
Extra gnome gedit 2.4.1-2 A text editor for GNOME 2004-03-24
Extra multimedia kaffeine 0.4.2-1 Multimedia Player, based on Xine 2004-03-24
Current multimedia gimp 2.0.0-1 GNU Image Manipulation Program 2004-03-23
Extra office kile 1.6.2-1 A user friendly TeX/LaTeX frontend for KDE. 2004-03-23
Current office scrollkeeper 0.3.14-1 A cataloging system for documentation on open systems 2004-03-23
Current editors nano 1.2.3-1 Pico editor clone with enhancements 2004-03-23
Current network ntop 3.0rc1-1 A network traffic probe that shows the network usage, similar to what the popular top Unix command does 2004-03-23
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