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Here's the Anti-Semitic poop, straight from the asses mouth (it's the states web site, so it's moderately unbiased)

The Pioneer Press has the real dookie on Arlon's anti-Buddha views.

Arlon's rewriting history! Read about them faggot Nazis.

The Star Tribune sees the whole picture. This is an editorial.

More from the S'Trib, this time the details on Lindner's Nazi revisionism.


That ugly mug at the left is Arlon Lindner. What's his problem? Well, I'll quote Nick Coleman of the Saint Paul Pioneer Press. He summarized it so well, why should I re-write it?

"In the past three years, Arlon Lindner has offended Jews, Buddhists, blacks, gays and I forget who else, although I don't believe I have heard him blistering Lutherans for their wimpy religion or blaming their fixation on lutefisk for the breakdown of society. Yet." (read the rest here)

It's true. Arlon Lindner is so offensive that even otherwise unflappable Lutherans are taken aback. When Michael Paymar (a Jew!) objected to overtly Christian prayers in the legislature, Arlon called him "irreligious" and said that if he didn't like the prayer, he could just leave. And pout.

When the Dalai Lama came to visit Minnesota, oh my goodness, Arlon made an ass of himself again. "As a Christian, I am offended that we would have the Dalai Lama come and speak." He then went on to call Buddhism a cult. (350 million people is a cult? How many people does it take to qualify as a religion in Arlon's world?)

And then there's the recent hullabaloo about taking civil rights away from homosexuals. I heard Arlon on the radio saying "gays have hundreds or even thousands of partners." Hey, a small percentage of homosexuals do have a bunch of partners, but so do some heteros. Not me (sadly), but some. Anyway, it's clear that Uncle Arlon has a view of homosexuals that comes straight from the pamphlets they hand out at the Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Plymouth, where he got his "Masters" degree (is that place accredited?) in theology. After the pamphlets, maybe he once saw some footage of a pride parade edited for Fox News.

He also seems to think that they're "teaching homosexuality" in grade school. Whatever that means. What is clear is that Arlon needs some teaching about homosexuality.

1: The level of hate he feels towards homosexuals can only come from someone who is himself deeply closeted. I think Arlon should drink a bottle of Australian Merlot, watch some old Batman re-runs to get him in the mood, then take a stroll through Loring Park. Whatever happens, happens!

2: This man calls himself a Christian? Please! The Jesus that I've read about in the New Testament loves saint and sinner alike. Arlon seems like more of an Old Testament guy, but that would make him Jewish, and we all know how he feels about Jews.....

3: I've run out of valid points, but jeez, what a turd-fondler! This guy needs his ass (a) kicked, and (b) voted out of office.

Arlon Lindner Xena
Arlon Lindner: Warrior Princess
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Arlon Lindner Woman
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Arlon Lindner Klan

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