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We publish Rock Climbing Guides to areas all over Europe and the USA. Our latest guide:

Eastern Sierra Ice Eastern Sierra Ice (Jan 2004)

This MiniGUIDE comprises of forty-five pages of detailed information, exquisite maps and a stunning selection of photographs that describe the year-round ice climbing found in and around California's... More

USER REVIEWS for Eastern Sierra Ice
I just downloaded this guide. I would say it's worth the $10.00 price tag considering what one pays for all of their other climbing equipment (not to mention you will now have this... More
Sam Mills - 03/Feb/04


Moon Goddess Arete, Sierra Nevada, CA Detailed Area Guides covering climbing in Spain, Italy, Norway, Greece and Britain.

As well as descriptions of the climbing, our area guides also give details of how to get there, where to stay, car hire and other useful logistics.

Odyssey, Kalymnos


Our Online Route Databases contain details of over 10,000 routes right across Europe. You can search for routes, build a ticklist, comment on a route and vote on grades.

Recent updates:
> Puig Campana (Costa Blanca)
> Montesa (Costa Blanca)
> Penon de Ifach (Costa Blanca)
> Covatelles (Costa Blanca)
> Agujas Rojes (Costa Blanca)
> Barranc de l'Avern (Costa Blanca)
> Stoney Middleton (Peak Limestone)


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