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Make Your Microsoft Visio Drawings Truly Powerful, Effective and Amazing!

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"I cannot think of living without Amazing Visio for my presentations."
- Mark J. Lasky, California

Now it's a tool set!
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Amazing Visio is a software package that gives you a set of tools to make your Microsoft Visio drawings truly powerful, effective and amazing.

visio_EasyPublishIcon.PNG (235 bytes) Easy Publish: To easily and effectively publish your drawings offline (such as to Word and PowerPoint) and online (to Web).  Click here for more information.
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visio_EasyMergeIcon.PNG (235 bytes) Easy Merge: To easily merge or split your drawings in order to effectively coordinate your team efforts and save you time on working with large drawings.  Click here for more information.
visio_EasyLink_FileLink.PNG (213 bytes) Easy Link: To easily and effectively collect and present information from anywhere and in any format right inside your drawing.  Click here for more information.
visio_logo_32x32.gif (323 bytes) Easy Stencil: To make your Visio drawings truly effective and amazing with a set of stencils and templates.  Click here for more information.
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tnmbiz_number_1.jpg (1253 bytes) Amazing Visio - Easy Publish

Easy Publish gives you two solutions in one tool for you to easily and effectively publish your Visio drawings offline (such as to Word or PowerPoint) and online (to Web) with a large set of benefits.

1. The Benefits for Offline Publishing:

  1. One mouse-click to publish multiple pages automatically
  2. Enjoy the simplicity and stability of pictures
  3. Enjoy the flexibility of OLE editing and updating for linked files

2. The Benefits for Online Publishing:

  1. Better User experiences with the SmartMenu, Thumbnail Page Indexes, View All Page, and a lot more
  2. One mouse-click Hassle-free publishing without you fixing anything
  3. Fully customizable and easy to integrate

3. More Benefits:

  1. To add a caption to a page with different visual effects
  2. To rotate a page

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visio_EasyPublishIcon.PNG (235 bytes) Click here to see a published sample drawing.  Click here to find out more about Easy Publish.

Real Concerns, Real Solutions

Microsoft Visio has limitations on publishing your drawings.  The information below shows some of the forum discussions found on  Click to see the concerns that you may also have and the solutions that Easy Publish can bring to you...

  1. For publishing to Word and PDF: Click here
  2. For publishing to PowerPoint: Click here
  3. For publishing to Web: Click here

Using Visio to Publish Your Drawings is not only Challenging, but also Dangerous Sometimes...

Read this discussion carefully to avoid losing your Windows when publishing your drawings with Visio.  Worse, this situation has not improved in the latest version - Visio 2003.  

tnmbiz_number_1.jpg (1253 bytes) Amazing Visio - Easy Merge

Easy Merge allows you easily merge or split Visio drawings.  It helps you collaborate your team efforts.  And it saves you time on working with large drawings.

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visio_EasyMergeIcon.PNG (235 bytes) Click here to find out more about Easy Merge...

tnmbiz_number_1.jpg (1253 bytes) Amazing Visio - Easy Link

Easy Link turns your Visio drawings into an information center.  Your drawings become tightly integrated and are empowered with the ability to easily collect and present information anywhere and in any format.

visio_EasyLink_FileOnTab.PNG (25114 bytes)

visio_EasyLink_FileLink.PNG (213 bytes) Click here to find out more about Easy Link...

tnmbiz_number_2.jpg (1376 bytes) Amazing Visio - Easy Stencil

Easy Stencil gives you a set of eye-catching stencils and templates to make your Visio drawings truly effective and amazing.

visio_Shapes_Sample_3D.PNG (5808 bytes)

visio_logo_32x32.gif (323 bytes) Click here to find out more about Easy Stencil...

 visio_logo_32x32.gif (323 bytes) Use Amazing Visio to Ensure Your Success

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Amazing Visio makes your Visio drawings truly powerful, effective and amazing.  It helps you better present your ideas and more effectively communicate with your team members and customers. 

Use Amazing Visio when your Visio drawings are important to you.  It saves you time and money, and ensures your success.

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visio_logo_32x32.gif (323 bytes) Is Amazing Visio Easy to Use?

Yes.  Amazing Visio is extremely easy to use though absolutely powerful:

  1. It automatically installs the tools, stencils and templates.  You use them the same way as you do with those coming with Visio.   Everything is within Visio and is used via Visio menus and toolbars.  There is nothing new to learn.

  2. There are tutorials to help you get started quickly.  Click here for details.

  3. The online help has step-by-step instructions for accomplishing various tasks:
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  4. You can:

    * Choose a toolbar item for a task:
    visio_Toolbar.PNG (2310 bytes)

    * Access the Easy Link menu by clicking your right mouse button on an Item:
    visio_EasyLink_Menu.PNG (1568 bytes)

    * Or pick up a nice Template or Stencil the same way as the built-in ones:
    visio_EasyStencil_Template.PNG (8778 bytes)

  5. You get support via e-mail, phone, and fax.

Who's Using Amazing Visio?

People in different industries and countries are enjoying the power of Amazing Visio.

For example:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent United States government agency, directly responsible to Congress. The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. The FCC's jurisdiction covers the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and U.S. possessions.
The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc.
Founded in 1810, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: HIG) is one of the nation's largest investment and insurance companies. To millions of our customers -- businesses, groups and individuals -- The Hartford Stag logo is a trusted symbol of dependability.
The Conair Group
The company that opened it doors in 1956 as a manufacturer of plastics conveying equipment is much more than that today. In fact, Conair is now the largest and fastest growing producer of auxiliary equipment for plastics processing in the world.
ComData is a leading financial and data transaction processor that specializes in ‘trust-enabled’ payment transactions based on an individual company's business rules. ComData is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ceridian.
Comparex Africa (Pty) Ltd
Comparex Africa (Pty) Ltd is Africa's leading integrator of competitive, innovative and practical business solutions based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). With over 3500 highly competent and motivated employees, the company has 20-year track record in designing and implementing customer-centric IT business solutions for many of the continent's most successful public and private sector organizations.
EPIC Advisors, Inc.
EPIC Advisors, Inc. was established in Upstate New York in 1993. Since that time EPIC has gained a national reputation as a leader in providing custom 401(k) retirement plan programs. As a full-service recordkeeping firm, EPIC specializes in participant-directed plans, primarily using daily valuation recordkeeping.
Graystone Data Systems
Greystone Data Systems designs, manufactures, and markets our software duplicators with distinct user advantages including highest performance at the best cost. Our DataFast product line is sold through our world-wide selling organization consisting of OEMs, systems integrators, and VARs/VADs.
ice3studios is a design agency dedicated to improving the customer experience for our clients through usability, process improvement and design. ice3studios clients include Production Services Associates, Abbott International, Bosch Power Tools, and InstallShield Software.
National Information Services Corporation (NISC USA) publishes information products for access through BiblioLine, our Web search service, or on CD-ROM. Some of our abstract and index services are available in print. NISC's bibliographic and full-text databases cover a wide range of topics in the natural and social sciences, arts and humanities.
Omega Productions
For over a Decade Omega Productions specializes in custom Sound Effect & Music Libraries, Radio Station Imaging, Radio/TV Voiceovers and complete Commercial Production.
StorageTek is the only storage company in existence for over 30 years that focuses on just one thing -- data storage. We’re not distracted by trying to sell servers or other computing products. Our longevity has given us perspective about what it takes to contribute business value through storage.

visio_logo_32x32.gif (323 bytes) People Love Amazing Visio:

"This program should have been written years ago."
- Bhagat Roglitz, Montreal, Canada

"Good price and great features.  I cannot think of living without Amazing Visio for my presentations."
- Mark J. Lasky, California

"A great product!  It is well worth the price for what it’s designed to do!"
- Ellie McCracken, New York

"Really good and easy to use!"
- Carla North, Dallas

"A very good product; a must try."
- John O'Reilly, Winnipeg, Canada

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And a lot More...

visio_logo_32x32.gif (323 bytes) Get Your Amazing Visio Today...

You can purchase a separate license for each tool.  This way, you only pay for what you need

To make the purchase decision easy for you, all the tools are sold at the same price.  You simply order the total number of licenses and email us the type and number of licenses you like to have.  We then send you the license or the Resource Pack download information for each tool.  You can use the software for 30 days while waiting for your licenses.


Price (USD)

Information to Receive *

visio_EasyPublishIcon.PNG (235 bytes) Easy Publish

The same price for each tool (such as Easy Publish):


$99.99 One-time promotion special


A license number

visio_EasyMergeIcon.PNG (235 bytes) Easy Merge

A license number

visio_EasyLink_FileLink.PNG (213 bytes) Easy Link

A license number

visio_logo_32x32.gif (323 bytes) Easy Stencil

Information to download the Resource Pack for additional stencils and templates (A subset of them is available along with the software download)

* You will receive license or download information.  Please click here for details.

Volume discount up to 25%: Save up to 25% when you purchase multiple licenses.  Please click here for details.

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1. To place your order online now: Please click here.  You will be able to download the software and use it right away!

To order by Purchase Order now: Please e-mail to or fax to 1-905-886-0394 with the following information:
  1. Your Organization's Name / Address
  2. Regular or special license (academic, charity, and government)
  3. The Number of Licenses for Each Product: (Please click here for details)
  4. Your Purchase Order Number and other billing information
  5. Your Name, Phone Number, and Position
  6. Your signature if order via fax
2-2. Or mail your Purchase Order to this address.

With our 30-day money back guarantee, you take absolutely no risk:

Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not absolutely, totally satisfied with Amazing Visio you get your money back within 30 days of your purchase.

Absolutely NO question will be asked.

System requirement:

  1. Amazing Visio runs inside of Microsoft Visio version 2000 or later.  Therefore you need Microsoft Visio installed on your computer that runs Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, or XP -- as supported by Visio. 

  2. For Easy Stencil, you need 35MB of hard disk space to store the stencils and templates.  No additional computer memory (RAM) is required since Visio uses these stencils and templates the same way as the built-in ones.

  3. For other tools, you need 15MB of hard disk space and 10MB of computer memory (RAM) in total (i.e. for all the tools together).

  4. For Easy Publish, you need Office 97 or later installed on your computer in order to publish your drawings automatically to Word or PowerPoint.

  5. For Easy Link, you need Internet Explorer 5.x or later installed on your computer.

Thank you for your interest in Amazing Visio!

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