>> Thu:04-01-04
.: Wilco:
album delayed, new song added

.: Stereolab:
tour U.S., plan 2xCD compilation

.: Sonic Youth:
reveal June tour dates

.: Super Furry Animals:
to release remix album

.: Mike Watt & The Secondmen:
ready new album, tour

>> Wed:03-31-04
.: TV on the Radio:
enter second leg of U.S. tour

.: The Roots:
to release new album in June

.: PJ Harvey:
new album gets release date

.: Beans:
reveals new LP's tracklist

>> Tue:03-30-04
.: Franz Ferdinand:
embark on 61-date world tour

.: Prince:
releases new LP online, tours

.: The Polyphonic Spree:
reveal details of new album

.: Har Mar Superstar:
gets his teeth knocked in

>> Mon:03-29-04
.: Dr. Dre:
scraps work on Detox LP

.: Pixies:
tour Europe, Breeders play Cali

.: Morrissey:
album details revealed

.: Elvis Costello:
inks book deal

>> Fri:03-26-04
.: Queens of the Stone Age:
Homme writing "best shit ever"

.: New Pornographers:
Carl Newman readies solo LP

.: The Beauty Pill:
launch U.S. tour

.: Grey Does Matter:
ready debut album

>> Thu:03-25-04
.: Sleater-Kinney:
plan tour, new album

.: All Tomorrow's Parties UK:
lineup near complete

.: Lali Puna:
prepare new LP, spring tour

.: Neurosis:
to release new album

>> Wed:03-24-04
.: The Unicorns:
expand tour, release new 7"

.: Twilight Singers:
tour, plan three new LPs

.: Nas:
Illmatic gets expanded reissue

.: Phoenix:
prepare new album, tour

>> Tue:03-23-04
.: My Bloody Valentine:
2xCD comp of EPs, unreleased

.: Nick Drake:
lost song to appear on comp

.: Joan of Arc:
change their bandname

.: From Monument to Masses:
embark on world tour

>> Mon:03-22-04:
.: Modest Mouse:
release live album via website

.: Trail of Dead:
at work on fourth album

.: Galaxie 500:
to release 2xDVD in June

.: Squarepusher:
launches U.S. tour

.: Charlatans UK:
ready new LP, tour

>> Fri:03-19-04:
.: !!!:
reveal details of next album

.: Of Montreal:
ready new album, tour

.: The Good Life:
prepare new EP

.: For Stars:
to release new LP in May

>> Thu:03-18-04:
.: Magnetic Fields:
reveal details of next LP, tour

.: Destroyer:
embarks on U.S. tour

.: Queens of the Stone Age:
Nick Oliveri tours alone

.: Broken Spindles:
New album due in May

>> Wed:03-17-04:
.: Deerhoof:
embark on Milk Man tour

.: The Shins:
launch spring tour

.: Don Caballero:
Battles, Don Cab play SXSW

.: Queercore Blitz Tour:
lineup, dates confirmed

>> Tue:03-16-04:
.: Pixies:
expand tour, set date for DVD

.: Animal Collective:
gear up for new album, tour

.: CocoRosie:
launch tour to support new LP

.: Slicker:
dropping new album in April

>> Mon:03-15-04:
.: Wilco:
add Cline, Sansone to lineup

.: John McGeoch:
seminal post-punk guitarist dead

.: The Sick Lipstick:
call it quits

.: Moog keyboard:
documentary, festival planned

>> Fri:03-12-04:
.: Dead Milkmen:
bassist Dave Blood dead

.: The Natural History:
plan tour, prepare new album

.: The Coup:
sign to Epitaph Records

.: Tarentel:
ready album, EPs, possible DVD

>> Thu:03-11-04:
.: PJ Harvey:
new album due this summer

.: Sleater-Kinney:
unveil new website, tour dates

.: Braid:
prepare DVD, reunion tour

.: The National:
tour the U.S., France

>> Wed:03-10-04:
.: Beck, Jon Brion:
soundtrack Eternal Sunshine

.: Don Caballero:
tour, plan new releases

.: The Apples' Hilarie Sidney:
records album with new band

.: Karate:
to release new album in fall

>> Tue:03-09-04:
.: Sonic Youth:
reveal details of upcoming album

.: Múm:
release new single, tour Europe

.: Black Dice:
prepare new EP, tour Europe

.: Polyphonic Spree:
new album, DVD; tour with Bowie

>> Fri:03-05-04:
.: Morrissey:
readies new full-length

.: Frog Eyes:
plan new LP, limited release

.: Juliana Hatfield:
returns with new album in May

.: American Analog Set:
put rare songs online, tour

>> Thu:03-04-04:
.: The Rapture:
announce U.S. tour dates

.: Tindersticks:
catalog reissued, expanded

.: Sparta:
plan new album for June release

.: Fugazi's Joe Lally:
to release new LP with Decahedron

>> Wed:03-03-04:
.: Beastie Boys:
to return with new album in June

.: Belle & Sebastian:
announce extensive Euro tour

.: The Anomoanon:
plan two albums, EP for 2004

.: The Thermals:
gear up for release of new album

.: Dirt Bike Annie:
reveal dates of month-long tour

| Newswire Archive |

2xCD My Bloody Valentine Comp Due Next Month
Pitchfork writers past and present to achieve mysterious simultaneous orgasm

Chris Leslie-Hynan reports:
My Bloody Valentine have announced the pending release of a new two-disc release compiling material from their long out-of-print EPs, as well as a handful of previously unreleased tracks, all in crystalline, lovingly remastered stereo. Apparently titled Remastered EPs, the first disc compiles every track from the four EPs issued between 1988-1990 (You Made Me Realise, Feed Me With Your Kiss, Glider and Tremolo), while the second disc contains eight unreleased songs. According to Mybloodyvalentine.net, the compilation is set to be released April 21st, though it's already currently available via Japanese import. Otherwise, it can be pre-ordered via sirendisc.com (who claim it's due to ship April 12th) or amazon.co.uk (who have it as a May 3rd release). Or you can just give into record company release-date tyranny and wait patiently. Tracklist:

Disc 1 - EPs
01 You Made Me Realise
02 Slow
03 Thorn
04 Cigarette In Your Bed
05 Drive It All Over Me
06 Feed Me With Your Kiss
07 I Believe
08 Emptiness Inside
09 I Need No Trust
10 Soon
11 Glider
12 Don't Ask Why
13 Off Your Face
14 To Here Knows When
15 Swallow
16 Honey Power
17 Moon Song

Disc 2 - Unreleased
01 Instrumental #2
02 Instrumental #1
03 Cowboy Song
04 Good For You
05 Sugar
06 Kevin Song
07 Belinda Song
08 Glider (Long)

There's no official word on exactly who has remastered the songs, but like the answer to all life's great mysteries, it's probably Kevin Shields. Who's buried in Grant's Tomb? Kevin Shields. When was the War of 1812? Kevin Shields. And speaking of the man who is to the flanger what J.D. Salinger is to the word "crumby," Shields recently gave an interview with The Guardian, which the publication claimed was his first interview in 12 years. If you like it, you can read the one he gave to Arthur Magazine last November. Oh snap!

The interview is fairly lengthy, although much of the length is due to back-story rather than juicy, new Shields quotes. It comes off as a bit of a modern folk-tale of the reclusive genius, with entertaining tall tales like the one about Air drummer Brian Reitzell coaxing Shields back into the world, and the one wherein Shields' craziness is measured by the amount of chinchillas and barbed wire he used to keep in his house. How many chinchillas and how much barbed wire? Lots and plenty. They're like peanut butter and pianos: They definitely could go together, but we'll be fucked if we can tell you how.

.: Pitchfork Review: VA/Kevin Shields: Lost in Translation OST
.: To Here Knows Web: http://www.mybloodyvalentine.net
.: Guardian interview: http://www.guardian.co.uk/arts/fridayreview...

Island Unearths Lost Nick Drake Song on New LP
Execs deny existence of reflective ballad "Skayter Hayter", in which Drake reflects on hurtful memories of inferior tech deck

Ashford Tucker reports:
According to Island Records, a new collection of Nick Drake songs, entitled Made to Love Magic, will be available May 24th, and is set to feature the recently discovered and previously unreleased song, "Tow the Line". The song, found hidden at the end of a 1974 studio session tape, reportedly displays a characteristically calm, yet moderately confident side of the 26-year-old Drake, who would pass away later that year from an overdose of anti-depressant medication.

Originally discovered by the members of Fairport Convention at a English folk festival in the late 60s, Drake signed to Island Records in 1968, subsequently releasing three masterpiece albums of tasteful folk-- Five Leaves Left, Bryter Layter and Pink Moon-- between 1969-1972. His short life was marked by battles with stage fright and melancholia, including at least one several-week-long stint of hospitalization for extreme clinical depression, leading some to speculate that his premature death was the result of a suicide. Drake's family and friends, however, have long refuted this suggestion.

Though not fully embraced by critics or a cult following until a few years after his death, Drake was arguably the best (by far) of the British folkies, tempering an edgy lyrical stinginess with a near-holy feel for melody, while forging a Donovan-smooth voice. Original engineer John Wood and Drake's first arranger, Robert Kirby, contribute mightily to Made to Love Magic, bringing forth a full disc's worth of freshly remastered rarities that would've fit rather comfortably inside the 1986 Fruit Tree box set.

Described as a realistic "companion piece" to Drake's trio of proper releases, this new collection spans the songwriter's brief career. The new versions of "River Man" and "Mayfair" were originally recorded on Kirby's home tape recorder in 1968 while he and Drake were colleagues at Cambridge. And John Wood's remixes of "Black Eyed Dog", "Rider on the Wheel" and "Voices", will now be available for the first time in stereo, along with remasters of two other 1974 tracks, "Hanging on a Star" and the aformentioned "Tow the Line." Tracklist:

01 Rider on the Wheel
02 Magic
03 River Man
04 Joey
05 Thoughts of Mary Jane
06 Mayfair
07 Hanging on a Star
08 Three Hours
09 Clothes of Sand
10 Voices
11 Time of No Reply
12 Black Eyed Dog
13 Tow the Line

.: Nick Drake Unofficial #1: http://www.nickdrake.com
.: Nick Drake Unofficial #2: http://www.nickdrake.net

Joan of Arc Makes Believe They're Another Band
Just like we've been doing for years

Micah C. Harding reports:
If you've ever been in a band (or even if you haven't), you probably know that it's tough sometimes. On top of finding time and a place to practice, there's the many differences of opinion, bad tempers, the drummer's annoying girlfriend, ego inflation, and sometimes, a few substance abuse issues. And, I tell you, some people are sick of it! Joan of Arc have gone through a few lineup changes, and, after all of that hullaballoo, they've reformed for the final time (maybe), settling with last year's touring lineup and adopting a new name: Make Believe. However, Joan of Arc, the band we all love and hate, haven't thrown their original name out entirely: Perhaps just to confuse people, Make Believe are currently on tour with their mater-band, which makes touring that much easier. Of course, the easiest tour would be no tour at all. I think Nietzsche wrote that. And then Joan of Arc wrote a song about it. Remaining dates:

03-22 Seattle, WA - Graceland
03-23 Portland, OR - Berbati's Pan
03-24 Arcata, CA - The Placebo
03-25 Sacramento, CA - Capitol Garage
03-26 San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
03-27 Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland
03-28 Las Vegas, NV - Balcony Lights
03-30 Salt Lake City, UT - Crimson Underground
03-31 Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge
04-01 Lawrence, KS - Replay Lounge
04-02 Ames, IA - Maintenance Shop
04-04 Chicago, IL - Fireside Bowl
04-16 Pittsburgh, PA - U Penn *
04-17 Chicago, IL - Logan Square Auditorium *
04-18 Lawrence, KS - Bottleneck *

* with Pinback and Enon

After playing for three months together, the new Joan of Arc lineup pulled a Dogme '95, in that they decided to rethink their approach by creating a list of arbitrary rules and playing music by them. With band politics in the forefront, longtime members Tim Kinsella and Sam Zurick, along with relative newbies Bobby Burg and Nate Kinsella, laid out their rules for a new band order:

#1 All songs will be written as a band playing.
#2 No members unless they are devoted to the "long haul."
#3 Practice every.
#4 No effects pedals.
#5 No over-dubs.
#6 All songs speak for the collective and not the individual.
#7 Sound palette limited to classic rock band lineup to force new approaches to cliched shapes.

Brilliant! Using these rules, I have just formed a band! What the hell, under these rules, I am a band. Yup. Me and my mouth harp. Working under these amazing guidelines in a dank warehouse for most of fall and winter of 2003, Make Believe completed songs for an upcoming self-titled EP. Set for release through Flameshovel Records on May 11th, the record will stand as a monument to the application of these newfound band ideals, and that monument will look like how love smells. Tracklist:

01 We're All Going to Die
02 Britt's Favorite
03 Witchcraft
04 Temping as a Shaman
05 Abracadabra... Thumbs!

Also in late Spring, under their original moniker, Joan of Arc will release a split with Bundini Brown. The Joan of Arc/Bundini Brown Split hits stores this April via Sixgunlover records. Traxx:

01 For a Half-Deaf Girl Named Echo
02 Stand and Clap
03 For the Skinheads and Hippies
04 You Say Tornaydo I Say Tornadho
05 Kissinger's Lament When Some Young Bunny
06 Kick Him Out of Bed for Spring
07 All World Cowboy Romance (cover)

.: Sixgunlover: http://www.sixgunlover.com
.: Flameshovel: http://www.flameshovel.com

From Monument to Masses Get International Release, Tour Europe
Bring socialist pretension to those who can't get enough

Cory D. Byrom reports:
Ultra-political, virtually instrumental, progressive math-rockers From Monument to Masses will be touring Europe in a month-long jaunt this summer, in support of the Japanese and European reissue of their most recent LP, The Impossible Leap in One Hundred Easy Steps. Audiolith Records will be releasing the European version with one bonus track in early June, whereas Catune Records will release the LP in Japan on April 14th, with three bonus tracks. Before the European trek, the band will spend June 11-17 in Japan, so if you're going to be in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, or Kyoto, keep your eyes peeled and your tiny anthropomorphic electronics beeping happily. It seems the specific venues for many of the dates are still being hammered out, so those of you in Europe, be sure to keep watch for an update on this as summer gets closer. Dates:

07-10 Copenhagen, Denmark - Forma Nova Festival
07-11 Fredericia, Denmark
07-12 Aalborg, DK
07-13 Malmo, Sweden
07-14 Gothernburg, Sweden
07-15 Umea, Sweden
07-16 Sandviken, Sweden
07-17 Oslo, Norway
07-18 Kristiansand, Norway
07-21 Kiel, Germany
07-22 Hamburg, Germany - Rrote Flora
07-23 Berlin, Germany - Kastanie
07-24 Dresden, Germany - Az Conni
07-25 Pilsen, Czech Republic - Fluff Festival
07-26 Munchen, Germany - Kafe Kult
07-27 Wurzburg, Germany - Immerhin
07-28 Nancy, France
07-29 Reims, France
07-30 Bruxelles, Belgium - Conspiracy Records Festival
07-31 Lyon, France
08-01 Freiburg, Germany
08-02 Karlsruhe, Germany - Carambolage
08-03 Bonn, Germany - Bla
08-04 Athus, Belgium - Le Marignan
08-05 Amsterdam, Netherlands - OCCII
08-06 Amsterdam, Netherlands
08-07 UK - TBA
08-08 UK - TBA
08-09 UK - TBA
08-10 UK - TBA

In other news, the band is currently writing material for their third full-length release. Dim Mak will be releasing that record, which will hopefully be out by spring of 2005. Yes, we realize that's a year away, but who would we be if we didn't love to tease? Plans are also underway for an EP to be released on 12 inches of vinyl and 5 inches of CD in the fall that will just have to tide you over. But not until the fall! You can't have that EP now! Oh, no you can't! In the meantime, the band is working on printing new stickers, t-shirts, and posters. That may not really be all that newsworthy, but, in the words of the band themselves, "They look really cool, though." And those, regrettably, you can have pretty soon. Shoot.

.: From Monument to Masses: http://www.monument-masses.com
.: Dim Mak: http://www.dimmak.com
.: Audiolith Records: http://www.audiolith.net
.: Warp Catune Records: http://www.catune.com

Modest Mouse Release Unofficial Live Bootleg CD
Ugly Casanova breaks second-floor window, hacks into website

[Updated: March 22nd, 2004; 4:00pm CST]

Ryan Schreiber reports:
In an email update this morning, Modest Mouse announced plans to release their first-ever unofficial bootleg of two concerts recorded on February 15th and 16th at the Orlando, Florida venue The Social. The album, colorfully titled Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again, will be sold exclusively through their official website, and, it's expected, at shows after its release date of April 13th. Tracklist:

01 3rd Planet
02 Never Ending Math Equation
03 Wild Packs of Family Dogs
04 Broke
05 Paper Thin Walls
06 I Came As a Rat
07 Doin' the Cockroach
08 Bankrupt on Selling
09 Interstate 8
10 The Good Times Are Killing Me

Modest Mouse's official website is currently taking pre-orders for the record, and apparently, offering a free reproduction of a "classic Modest Mouse tour poster," if such a thing could truly exist, with all orders. Additionally, the band is in the midst of a sprawling West Coast tour through the 11th of next month. A later tour is in the works to promote their forthcoming full-length, Good News for People Who Love Bad News, due April 6th on Epic Records. All confirmed dates are with The Helio Sequence:

03-22 San Diego, CA - Club Soma
03-23 Los Angeles, CA - Henry Fonda Theater
03-24 Los Angeles, CA - Henry Fonda Theater
03-25 Costa Mesa, CA - Detroit Bar
03-26 Pomona, CA - Glasshouse
03-27 Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
03-28 Ventura, CA - Majestic Ventura Theatre
03-29 Los Angeles, CA - House of Blues
04-06 San Francisco, CA - Fillmore
04-07 San Francisco, CA - Fillmore
04-09 Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom
04-10 Portland, OR - Crystal Ballroom
04-11 Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre

.: Pitchfork Review: Modest Mouse: The Moon & Antarctica
.: Pitchfork Review: Modest Mouse: Everywhere and His Nasty Parlour Tricks EP
.: Modest Mouse: http://www.modestmousemusic.com
.: Baron Von Bullshit Rides Again: http://www.modestmousebootlegs.com

Trail of Dead Hard at Work on Fourth Album
But still giving us shit about the diss on their last EP

Ryan Schreiber reports:
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead are working hard to complete their follow-up to 2002's Source Tags & Codes, having hunkered down at their own Mob House studios in their homebase of Austin, Texas. According to a report from Billboard, the band have been slaving away for over a month now with longtime producer Mike McCarthy, and are tentatively aiming for a fall release.

The album hasn't got a title yet, but it does have songs, which we guess is the important part. Billboard lists working titles for a handful of tracks, including "Let It Dive", "Mushroom Trip in Mexico", "How the Best Will Fall", and uh-- we'll let them sort this one out-- "The Five Penises in Dwarfland." Another song, titled "Will You Smile Again", is reported to be "a seven-minute epic in 5/4 time, bookended by the kind of rapturous rock riffing for which Trail of Dead has become well-known."

The publication also managed to secure interviews with virtually everyone involved in the creation of the record, and reveals that, while Trail of Dead spent the months prior to the Source Tags & Codes sessions diligently rehearsing their parts, the band's methods are somewhat more spontaneous this time out. Says co-frontman Conrad Keely: "We didn't really rehearse the songs over and over again to get them prepared... We wanted to do this a little more organically and come in and build them in the studio. Doing it this way, you don't get the red light syndrome where time is money. We can stretch out and be a little more creative and try out as many ideas as we want."

Keely also hints at what may be a more experimental direction: "I definitely want to expand the instrumentation. I've been getting into lots of different types of classical and ethnic instruments. But I've also been getting into a lot of electronic recording. Those two blend together in a really strange way. To be able to bring the past up and to use exactly what is current really makes you contemporary." As far as bettering Source Tags & Codes, a record to which Pitchfork awarded a rare 10.0 rating upon its release in 2002, band member Jason Reece seems extremely optimistic: "I think we're definitely trying to impress ourselves. It's a goal of ours to make something that will stand the test of time. Source Tags is a good record, but we want to top ourselves."

Trail of Dead have only got one show scheduled for the coming months-- like everyone else, they'll be playing the Coachella Fest in Indio, California-- but they're eager to get back on the road, and will reportedly be embarking on a small tour to premier new material from the forthcoming album as soon as it's complete.

.: Pitchfork Review: Trail of Dead: The Secret of Elena's Tomb EP
.: Pitchfork Review: Trail of Dead: Source Tags & Codes
.: Trail of Dead: http://www.trailofdead.com
.: Interscope: http://www.interscope.com