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       The truth is out there. This page is just a small collection of some of the most useful internet investigative resources.
Phone Directories: You can access phone records nationwide using these databases.
Switchboard: You must enter "Last Name". Other fields are optional.
Last Name: First:
  City:         State:            

WhoWhere : You must enter "Last Name". Other fields are optional.
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Reverse Directory - Search by Phone Number:
AnyWho http://www.anywho.com
Area Code phone# :

Reverse Directory - Search by Address (U.S. residences):
House Number:
  Example: 123. Leave blank to find all residents of the street
Street Name:
  Example: N 4th St
Use standard postal abbreviations without periods: St, Rd, Ln, S, NW, etc.

Other Phone Directories
Telephone Directories on the Web - index

General Investigations
There are hundreds of databases on The Web that you can access for your investigation. The following three sites have large collections of links to such databases :
Virtual Gumshoe

Investigative Resources International
Corporate Investigative Services
Net-Trace Investigation Resources

Law Research
American Law Sources on Line (ALSO)

The Law Engine

Thomas - U.S. Congress on the Internet
- By the Library of Congress, excellent resource for researching and tracking what's currently being legislated

More Helpful Sites
N.E.W.S. Stand U.S.A.:
Links to newspapers online.
MapQuest and Lycos Roadmaps detailed maps and directions.
Federal Bureau of Justice Assistance: - Grant money!
Crime Statistics Website by Schekall: Understanding and finding statistics.

For info on Drugs:
Drug-Free Resource Net

Publishers Group Drug Identification and Information Page.

Search Engines and Directories:

Alta Vista: The biggest, fastest, and best one out there. Lets you search for exact matches on phrases by putting them in quotes.(i.e., "fixing broken windows")

Lycos: This one is also very good. Not as big and fast as Alta Vista, but very good at pulling in lots of relevant hits.

Excite NetSearch: Just as big as Lycos, almost as good, and searches Usenet newsgroups, too.

InfoSeek: Not as huge as the two above, but very high relevancy. Also searches Usenet newsgroups and non-Internet databases.

Deja News: Searches Usenet Newsgroups. This is an outstanding resource for finding real people out there who have knowledge of a countless variety of topics.

Yahoo: This is actually a Directory, not a search engine. It does have a searchable database though, so it works in a similar fashion.

Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides at the University of Michigan. This is actually a directory of topic specific directories.

All-in-One Search Page. This web site combines the resources of dozens of search engines, more than you'll ever need.

How to find anything on the WWW...

Once you get good at using the search engines and directories listed above, nothing on the internet will escape you. Here are some tips for using these resources more effectively:

Use more than one search engine. It's very common that you'll find web sites with one search engine that are totally different from the sites you found on another.
Read the instructions. These sites all have Help pages you can access to make sure you're doing it right. They each have slightly different rules for how you can search. If you're only going to use one word for your search criteria, you don't have to worry about it, but if you want to really refine your search, you should learn when to use "AND", "OR", "NEAR" and "NOT", if appropriate, with multiple word searches.
Use synonyms. If your looking for drug sites try searching by narcotics, contraband and paraphernalia as well.
Watch your spelling, and try variations of spellings like Neonazi, neo-Nazi, and neo Nazi.

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