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Explore Japanese Gardens ...

Explore japanese gardens and japanese garden designs through pictures of japanese rock gardens, tea gardens, water gardens, zen gardens, garden bridges to help understand the design and plan of japanese gardens.

The japanese garden is probably one of the most intriguing aspects of japanese culture and life. View stunning japanese gardens, japanese stone lanterns, zen gardens and listen to beautiful japanese music and experience the gardens of Japan.


japanese gardens

The understatement and simplicity of design add dignity and grace to the japanese gardens, making a clean and unique statement.  The japanese garden is an interpretation and idealized conception of nature, accompanied with the artistic feeling of the creator. 


The essence of the japanese garden is only complete when it is understood.....


japanese gardensIn Japanese gardens, tufted moss create a cascade of texture and visual enlightenment.


stone pagoda lanternJapanese stone lanterns adds mystique, tradition and spirituality.


japanese zen gardenThe sand, rock and stone zen gardens provides a place for quiet reflection and contemplation.


japanese garden pathIris edged yatsuhashi (eight fold japanese bridge) guarantee that time is taken to enjoy the small things in life that are so easily and quickly overlooked in our fast paced world.

"It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end." 


japanese stone lanternThe japanese stone lantern (tachi-gata - pedestal stone lanterns) accompanied with the crimson colors of the changing japanese maple tree provides a visual focal delight and creates awareness of the passage of time.


japanese garden fountainLastly, I would like to close by leaving you with a parable involving tea master Sen-no-Rikyu
(16th century).

Sen-no-Rikyu built a garden enclosed by a tall hedge that blocked the view of the sea. The client for whom the garden was built was unhappy - until he bent to wash his hands in the water basin.  The sea then became visible in a gap between the hedges and the client smiled. 

As the tea master had hoped, the client realized the intent behind the design. As his mind made the connection between the water in the basin and the great ocean and thus between himself and infinite universe.


The essence of japanese gardens is now understood, thus complete.


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