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Chernobyl's Rantings

Tuesday, June 03, 2003
I'd like to think that i'm decently intelligent, though a lazy reader. So i'll try to offer a theory on how race-based policies in Malaysia is a reason to absence of value-creation in our k-economy.

Malaysia the Reawakened Tiger
It is often said that the Malaysia economy is bustling, one of the Asian Tigers. Emerging market, bright future ahead. Really? While Japan prides itself in its high-tech product, and Thailand in its plentiful harvest, what about Malaysia? Outstanding technicians. Not that we arent good at it; we are outstanding resellers (look at Low Yatt), top salespersons, excellent technicians. What is the share of the market though that creates value to the economy? Realizing this inadequacy, the government lately, in numerous attempts, injected billions of dollars to bolster the economy, Indeed it got the economy running, but precipitation of value-creation is highly doubtful.

The structure, or the people?
The government asked, "Where are the leaders? Why are Malaysians not taking the lead (and creating value) in any industry?" But the entire political and social education programme are based upon seniority and obedience. More importantly, those little that remains, intent on creating value, are refrained by structural hurdles. Raced based policies meant that non-bumi companies cannot tender for government contracts. The private sector, obviously tied down by this active discrimination, and due to race-based politics, to a lesser extent, enforce these ethnic lines in business as well. People with ideas are left with two choices. Beat the system, or join it. That's not to say there are no capable bumis.

People who intend to beat the system, hoping that one day, we would liberate our race divide in economy, are left grasping at straws, with no light at the end of the tunnel. They join the system, attempting to work around the obstacle instead. As a result, we compensate quality for "favourable" decisions and forbearance, making a mockery of fairness. Value is lost because that is no longer the criteria. You dont get a government grant because your ideas are revolutionary, but predicated on a bumi in your company. If you can't find a token bumi, the idea is lost into the wilderness.

Who is to blame? People with ambition who apparently lack the moral righteousness and bottle to fight the system, who finally gave up? Or the government who perpetuate the scarcity of value in the market through structural hurdles? No wonder countries that enforce preferential treatment, where cronyism fester, suffer from brain drain. People who contribute to the nation feel that their effort isnt reciprocrated, by fair opportunity.

Dilemma Bill

Friday, May 30, 2003
That ingrate of a guju claimed that i ain't getting lucky. True, but let's just leave it as an issue of volition, not malovalence. Guju's bad luck however, is of the contrary cause. Look, I'm intelligent, good-looking and happening. =) What more can one ask for? Plenty actually, i must admit.

Away from the trivialities. Garage and myself have been on the "looking-good" trail. Jogging consistently for the last one week. Pretty impressive i must say. Garage's ambition to NOT look like lorance the playa is slowly becoming reality. That is if he stops his Maggi Soup binge at 3 in the morning. Sorry, did i say Maggi Soup? It's TWO Maggi Soup.
While exercising today, i was doing some sit-ups. Frankly, i positioned myself in a way that everytime i crunch upwards i can see this well-endowned ass of a mid-twenty lady streching her hamstring. Motivation couldn't have come in a better package. Still i only finished 3 sets. That's because before i could start the fourth, her boyfriend came. This Bruce Willis look-alike man (resemblance stops at the balding crown), emerged and took her away from my sight. Bet he wanted a piece of the package as well. Must be rooting her silly, as I speak.

We closed two maintenance deal. Malaysian Aids Council and a Mobicon company in Jalan Klang Lama. Pretty impressive i must say. Hum di li dum!.
Gotta go eat. Two maggi soup please! (That's garage at the background)



Tuesday, May 27, 2003
8 months on. Watch out for this space again! :). Liverpool lost the title race. War in Iraq came and went, and of course, my graduation. A nostalgic feeling, back in Malacca. Probably for the last time in my life will i ever be with 300 other students that i share my life with for 3 years, in the same physical location. I nodded when Guju and Tubs said, convocation is nothing more than an opportunity to rekindle lost memories. Nothing more than that, but worth everything ill pay in my book. The phletora of feeling in that room that morning, is unmistakenably one of unbridled joy. And i was lucky enough to be along for the ride.

The company that remains of Garage, Guju and meself are picking up. Business is progressing, but at a rather stuttering pace. There are two reasons for this. Insufficient push for sales, and inefficient handling of operations. Those problems may be deep-rooted, in our lack of manpower, or is it our 11am morning rise? :). Nonetheless, we are certain that this will be successful, irrespective. With reinforcements to come in the form of Tubs, Thiru and Low, it can only get better. Just need to hang on.

VOICEs is in shambles. It is probably a tad unfair for me to criticize, being out of the process. As a VOICEs alumni however, it indeed saddens me to see the state of the club. I believe it is the direct result of weak leadership, and to that i don't mean to blame logan alone. I think the executive committee has made some flawed decisions, and has been ignorant about the effects. I dont intend to sound like a nagging grandma, but i hope to leverage my lobbying ability to rectify the situation as i see good.


Friday, November 15, 2002
A good 3 months since my last posting. Watch out for this space! :D


Friday, August 30, 2002
It's 12.10am 31/8/2002

Happy 45th Birthday to Malaysia. Aniversary of our independence.

The lads in the hostel were blasting the "Negaraku" on their Altec Lansing. The shouts of "Merdeka" were ringing around the hostel blocks, and i must say, i joined in the festivities. Fireworks in the distance from Putrajaya, visible from the strategic position of my window. I'm here in my hostel room, alone, contented, ready.

Really lads, what constitutes freedom? Can freedom buy you Nasi Lemak? Do we actually know what freedom is? This question has been asked, reasked, and again, every year, by our older generations, questioning the urgency and appreciation of our younger Malaysian generation. Ill say this about freedom. It is not the absence of slavery that constitutes freedom. Nor is it the absence of an imperial power. (One may argue that we are only truly free from imperial power come next October when a certain Mr M leaves office! :D ). It is one's determination and deliberate use of his/her liberation to fulfill a certain goal that truly represents freedom. One that is free but do not understand the idea of freedom is no different from a person enslaved. One that is free but choose not to use his freedom for personal development is again no different from a servant to another. In short, a person unwilling or unable to utilize his/her freedom cannot be said to be free.

Freedom requires personal choice. It requires volition to perform action. It requires us to get out of the comfort zone we are in. It requires us to say, hell with everything, this is what i want, this is how im going to get it, and i AM going to get it!

And therefore i urge you, to get your bum out of your seat, or stay on it (if you are programming!), get your dream out, pursue it to your last drop of energy, for there is nothing more satisfying than the successful culmination in the pursuit of your desire! That is freedom!

Take off your jacket and go for it!

Love you people

In pursuit of his freedom,

Tuesday, August 27, 2002
It's 12.29am 28/8/2002

Some people are just plain unbelievable.. They want everything their own way. They want a piece of the cake and eat it as well. Quite Amazing! But as Al Pacino will say in the Devil's Advocate - (or something like that :) ) "See but dont touch, touch but dont taste, taste but dont swallow". There's a myriad of intepretation to that line, but one that i will point out here is that, heck, you can never get all things to go your way. When you have make a decision, there are always things you compromise. It's called opportunity cost. You can never run away from it. I think you guys get the point. I got the point some time ago, and im willing to stick by my decision.

So lads, back to the main point of my post. I had a great day today. Chill out with great lads and lasses. Though i think the lass was a bit chissed by our "charm". Nonetheless, great day. Must say, the chickos in MMU are pretty hot. Or is it the clorine that's blurring my eyes? Nah, im pretty sure, they're pretty hot. More reason to get into the pool then lads. Anyone joining me?

Had chat with Tubs. Will talk to Mohano, but after his exam. Gonna rock. Will not work for another. Willing to even clean toilets, as long as its my business, but never ain't gonna trust those capitalist bastards. Will make money out of them though :), that's what they are good for.

I had another chat with Low the other night. He's a little sentimental with everything, like me before. Not saying its a bad thing (all you assholes are waiting for a slip from me :D ), what i will say is that its probably unsuitable for the business environment. You've gotta be single-minded in business, whatever relationship outside of business must not come into play. The only goal in the business is, what's good for the company. Its all self interest, not necessarily personal self-interest, but the interest of the group that you are working within. So you see, group interest can be served within the framework of self interest of the company. Complicated? Yeah. The point i am making is, we'll make dough and cash as a collective group, all in the group will prosper; but at the same time, the only thing everyone in the group is loyal to is the interest of the group, and because of that, everyone's expandable. Dont get it yet? No, i've read my post, its not my language. Go improve your logical skill.

Alright mates, time to retire to bed.
Huge day ahead for me.

Hell-bent on making it big,

Love you people.

Its 12.08pm 27/8/2002

Happiness is a warm gun...yehh.......! Hello lads. Had a wonderful time yesterday night with my mates, tubs, logano and prabs, and of course, abang gemuk and his tasty, spicy, dangerous, James Bond 007 woman. Oh i almost forgot, Logano's mate for yesterday, a Jap chick. Eat your hearts out Mohano, Logano's gotten ahead, and pretty far at that. :). Though im pretty sure that Logano will not bite, let alone swallow, even when the drumstick is already in his mouth. Logano mate, remember what you told me when we were debating together? MIND OVER MATTER MATE!!!!.

Anyway, my conversation with tubs was fruitful yesterday. Will have more chats, and more discussion, and more work to start some little project that he has in mind. I must say, im pretty impressed with the way tubby logic works. The one quality that he has that will make him big bucks, is his undoubted pragmatism, his down to earth style of doing business.

I shall also have more chats with my other mates, to see where we can be heading from here onwards. Politics interest me.

Capitalist swine, (that's confirmed now)

Love you people

Sunday, August 25, 2002
It's 7.02pm 25/8/2002

Hello lads, im back in campus. Its final. I've had my first break-up. Funny how i can speak so calmly here. Dont ask me why we broke up, lets just say nobody was at fault and that sometimes things just dont work out and you have to move on. I'll not have a bad word said about her nor the relationship.

Whenever you've finished with something, you must always look back and see what you have learned. I shall try to share some of my thoughts here.

1) Never ever take things for granted. You've gotta give it your all for what you want, and even when you have it, you have to fight with all your might to keep it.

2) People (Woman in particular, Chauvinistic Pig me!) are never certain of what they want. They are so fickle, you wonder why the heck do you bother staying loyal to them in the first place. People's understanding of loyalty is quite amazing. I'd say, if you have any doubt about your relationship, jump out of it first, for if you do so, you might at least salvage your self-esteem. Dont bother about the age old loyalty, cause not many have them. What more, because both of the person in the relationship can be unsure, whoever that jumps out of it first will have a boost of self-esteem while the one who are still holding on will feel like shit. Heck, if you jump off first, they might even beg you to get back with them. Quite remarkable!

3) My observation in 2) does not mean i dont believe you will not find the "right" one. What i am saying is that dont overcommit yourself, or you'll end up getting hurt. Dont bother giving your commitment unless you are sure they'll return it. There will be some great people out there, and i hope you guys avoid the holes and find the electrons!

Im off to give something back to the world. To do justice to the world, to do justice to the qualities i posses and what i can be. Because I deserve much much more than what i am getting, and the world deserves much much more from me.

Over the weekend, i have decided on a couple of stuff. And i will set it rolling this coming week. Who knows, you may be the person ill speak to! :D

Social democratic yet aiming to be a capitalist swine,

Love you people.