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Updated : 2, Apr, 2004

Melbourne, Australia, March 26th 2004 – Nintendo Australia is pleased to announce that when a consumer purchases one Nintendo GameCube Hardware unit they can choose from one of the Player’s Choice games (listed below) as a bonus:

  • Metroid™ Prime
  • Super Smash Bros.™ Melee
  • Star Fox Adventures™
  • Super Mario Sunshine™
  • Luigi’s Mansion™
  • Pikmin™

*offer closes Friday, 30th April 2004


...but it doesn't stop there... as an added bonus, when consumers purchase one Nintendo GameCube Hardware unit, they will receive, packed in with the hardware, The Legend of Zelda Collector’s Edition Disc. This includes 4 x Classic Zelda games as well as a playable demo of The Legend of Zelda®: The Wind Waker™.

Classic Zelda games included: 

  • The Legend of Zelda®, Zelda® II
  • The Adventure of Link®
  • The Legend of Zelda®: Ocarina of Time®
  • The Legend of Zelda®: Majora’s Mask®.

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Nintendo Australia Pty Ltd. and Rip Curl Pty Ltd. have announced that the Special Edition Rip Curl Game Boy Advance™ SP - a jointly designed product developed via a branding partnership between the two companies - is set for release on April 6, 2004. The release date coincides with Day 1 of competition at the Rip Curl Pro - the world’s oldest and most prestigious professional surfing contests held at Bells Beach, Victoria.

The Special Edition Rip Curl Game Boy Advance™ SP will be available at all major Game Boy Advance retailers, as well as being on display in Rip Curl and Surf Dive ’n’ Ski stores nationwide. It’s an exciting release for both companies and is sure to be a major favourite amongst gamers throughout the country.

“We’ve shown the prototype Special Edition Rip Curl Game Boy Advance™ SP to a lot of grommets on Rip Curl’s surf team and they’ve been stoked on it,” said Neil Ridgway, Global Marketing Chairman for Rip Curl International. “There’ll be massive crowds at the Rip Curl Pro this Easter and we’re looking forward to letting it loose at the event. It’s the ideal time to release it!”

Nintendo Australia shares Rip Curl’s excitement at the upcoming product launch and look forward to sharing this product with everyone attending the Rip Curl Pro.

“The timing of this product launch comes just after the Game Boy Advance SP celebrates its one year anniversary in Australia”, said Rose Lappin, Director of Sales and Marketing, Nintendo Australia. “Over the last 12 months we have seen sales in excess of 150,000 units. The launch of the Special Edition Rip Curl Game Boy Advance™ SP combined with our support of such a huge International Surf competition is just the way in which we at Nintendo Australia want to celebrate such a milestone”.


Melbourne, Australia, March 12th 2004 – For the first time in over a decade, Final Fantasy® has returned to a Nintendo console. Final Fantasy®: Crystal Chronicles™, exclusive to the Nintendo GameCube™, launches nation wide on March 19th, 2004.

In a world ravaged by plague, the people depend on a blessed crystal.  In order for this crystal to maintain its sparkle and power, Mirula Droplets are constantly needed.  These crystallized drops can only be found in the deepest, darkest caverns of a far-off dungeon.  Every year, the Crystal Caravan must collect the precious Mirula Droplets, burdened with the fate of the villagers.  This year, however, players and up to three friends must take the caravan that makes the vital excursion to save the villagers lives.  As a long and perilous trek is taken through a wilderness overrun by monsters, players will fight through this epic role-playing game with the story and graphic quality fans have come to expect from the Final Fantasy series.

Discover multiplayer connectivity! Up to four players can play simultaneously, working cooperatively to solve puzzles and defeat enemies on their quest, using their Game Boy Advance™ systems to control their character data and view character information.  Some clues may only be available to certain players, and they’ll have to communicate and cooperate to share the information they receive on their personal game screens!

Line up four players side-by-side to communicate with one another as you move through dungeons and defeat enemies together.

Developed by The Game Designers Studio/Square Enix Co., Ltd., Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is classified G8+ Medium Level Animated Violence by the Office of Film and Literature Classification and has a suggested retail price of $99.95.




Melbourne, Australia, 6th February 2004 – Nintendo Australia and Toys R Us (Aust.) Pty Ltd announce the release of the limited edition Game Boy Advance™ SP Gold.

“With the huge sales success we have seen with the Game Boy brand over the years and our recent sales of the Game Boy Advance SP, we approached Nintendo Australia to provide us with an exclusive colour to distribute through Toys R Us stores nation-wide”, explains says John Redenbach, Merchandise Director, Toys “R” Us Australia. “We are very excited to offer our customers the only opportunity in Australia to purchase this limited edition colour”.

The Game Boy Advance SP Gold will be available at Toys R Us stores nationally mid March 2004 until sold out.


Melbourne, Australia, 5th February 2004 – Go back to the distant future to explore the full story of Samus Aran’s battle against the Mother Brain in Metroid®: Zero Mission for the Game Boy Advance ™ launching 19th March 2004.

She has battled baddies on nearly every Nintendo system, cleaned house in the Super Smash Bros. series and recently blasted off for heroic adventures on the Nintendo GameCube™ (Metroid® Prime) and the Game Boy Advance (Metroid® Fusion). This March, Samus Aran will return to her roots and relive the story that started it all – revealing for the first time full details of her meeting with the Metroids.

The plot will be familiar to longtime fans of the Metroid series, but the challenges are new, the power-ups are plentiful (taken from several games in the series) and the graphics and sound are supercharged.

If you thought that the original Metroid had a surprise ending, wait until you get past the Mother Brain in Metroid: Zero Mission. A new twist will provide a deeper adventure than ever before.

Metroid: Zero Mission is classified G8+ Low Level Animated Violence and has a suggest retail price of $69.95.


Melbourne, Australia, February 3rd 2004 – After centuries of peace, smoldering rivals threaten to set the world aflame in a blaze of battle in Fire Emblem™ for the Game Boy Advance™ launching Australia-wide on February 20th, 2004.

A traveler has fallen on the Saka Plain in the easternmost realm of Elebe, and an orphaned young woman named Lin comes to the traveler’s aid.  After she nurses the traveler back to health, the two embark on a journey to hone their respective skills at swordplay and battle strategy.  Shortly after their journey begins, Lin must confront an unexpected destiny. She learns she is heir to the throne of the neighboring Rikea and becomes entangled in the struggle for succession.  Once this news is known, knights come to serve her while assassins come to take her life.  Being a well-schooled military strategist, the traveler she rescued reciprocates by coming to her aid and vowing to return her safely to Rikea, her grandfather’s homeland.

· Test your skills as a military strategist, as you guide your forces in battles with wizards and dragons.
· Dominate the field war with dozens of soldiers, weapons and magic spells that will be at your command.
· Take control of an army of soldiers, but use them wisely.  Each of your soldiers possesses unique skills but, if they fall in battle, then they're lost forever!
· Strike from above with your Pegasus Knights or guide your armored footman in close combat.
· Clear a specific objective in each level to proceed to the next. Special events open up branches in the storyline and offer more difficult side quests.
· Challenge friends to see who has the stronger band of soldiers in the multi-player mode.

Fire Emblem will have a suggested retail price of $69.95 and is rated G8+ Medium Level Animated Violence by the Office of Film and Literature.



Melbourne, Australia, January 21st 2004 - Nintendo announces the end of year launch of a new portable game system with two monitors, the Nintendo DS (temp). By adopting two TFT LCD’s in a vertical position as well as two CPU’s, the Nintendo DS will provide unprecedented and brand new interactive entertainment experiences.

Today’s announcement is just a glimpse of the additional features and benefits that will be shown in full at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles in May. Once fully revealed, players will see the innovative advance in game interaction.

From information made available today, players can look forward to being able to manage their game progress from two different perspectives, enhancing both the speed and strategy of the challenge.   For example in a football game, you can view the whole game on one screen, while simultaneously focusing on an individual footballer’s tackle or goal on the other screen. Players will no longer be forced to interrupt game play to shift perspective, such as moving from a wide shot to a close up, or alternating between a character’s ongoing battle and a map of their environment. Nintendo DS makes it possible to perform the tasks in real time by simply glancing from one screen to the other.

Satoru Iwata, Nintendo president, explains: “We have developed Nintendo DS based upon a completely different concept from existing game devices in order to provide players with a unique entertainment experience for the 21st century".

Nintendo DS features two separate 3” (75mm) TFT LCD display panels, separate processors, and semiconductor memory of up to 1 Gigabit.  It is scheduled to launch worldwide before the end of 2004. In addition to Nintendo developed software, the company is in discussions with third party game developers around the world.

Nintendo DS will be marketed separately from the existing Nintendo Game Boy Advance portable system and Nintendo GameCube home console.


Melbourne, Australia, January 15th 2004 - Our little pink friend is back and is about to make a huge splash on the Game Boy Advance™. Join Kirby™ in his biggest adventure yet when he returns on the Game Boy Advance in Kirby™: Nightmare in Dream Land, released across Australia on 23rd January, 2004.

Kirby, one of the most widely recognized video game characters in the world, has appeared in 15 Nintendo video games to date, including the popular Super Smash Bros. Melee for NINTENDO GAMECUBE™. More than 20 million Kirby games have been sold worldwide since his debut a decade ago in Kirby's Dream Land for Nintendo's Game Boy. Kirby is a warpster knight in training who crash-landed on planet Dream Land and accidentally ended up as the pink protector of the villagers.

In Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land players accompany Kirby on his mission to find the pieces of the Star Rod and restore peace to Dream Land. How does Kirby find himself wrapped up in another crusade for the residents of Dream Land? Not surprisingly, the notoriously naughty King Dedede is to blame. King Dedede has stolen the Star Rod, which fuels the Fountain of Dreams. Unable to dream, the poor residents of Dream Land become unsettled and the peaceful land falls into turmoil.

The game is platform based and requires players to run and jump across the various levels until they reach the goal. Kirby has many special powers such as inhaling air and floating around and he is even able to inhale his enemies and absorb their special powers. Inhale your enemies and become Sword Kirby, Fire Kirby, Ice Kirby and many more! Kirby has never looked better.

The game features 40+ different areas in 8 levels to explore, with each level ending in a boss that must be defeated to find a piece of the Star Rod. Through the magic of a single-cartridge multiplayer players can play three excellent new mini-games in the adventure: Quick Draw, Bomb Rally and Kirby’s Air Grind. Also using the Game Boy Advance Game Link Cable, up to four players can link up to play through Kirby's adventure at the same time. Find a boss battle particularly challenging? Get a friend involved to take him out a little easier.


Melbourne, Australia, December 24th, 2003 - With sales in excess of 100,000 units since
launching on the 28th March 2003, the Game Boy Advance SP has sold the equivalent to over
30,000 feet of boxed product. Sales are literally sky high given that the average height a
commercial airline flies between Melbourne and Sydney is between 28,500 & 35,000 feet! Sales of the Game Boy Advance SP are set to soar even higher during the Christmas season.

"The awesome range of new software titles available for Christmas will ensure that Game Boy
Advance SP is on every young gamer's Christmas list", says John Redenbach, Merchandise Director, Toys "R" Us Australia.
The Game Boy Advance SP is available in Platinum (Silver), Cobalt (Blue), Jet (Black), Flame
(Red) and has a suggested retail price of $199.


Melbourne, Australia, November 14th, 2003 – The most anticipated title for the Nintendo GameCube®, Mario Kart™: Double Dash™, has launched Australia wide.

The Mushroom Kingdom just got a whole lot more hectic as Mario and company double up for furious kart racing, but this time they're driving two-seaters!  Pick a partner and race through wild courses as you compete in tough circuits or duke it out with power-ups and items in battle arenas. 

· Double the fun!  Each kart holds two racers that can switch places at any time. Choose from a huge cast of favorites, like: Luigi, Peach, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi, Wario and many more, and pair them up in any combination.  The character in front handles the driving duties, while the character in the rear doles out damage with six different items plus eight special items that only specific characters can use.
· Reach new levels of frenzy with four-player mayhem, as each player controls two characters as they speed through Mushroom Kingdom courses.
· Place first in racing circuits to open up progressively more difficult circuits.  Of course, you can have multiplayer races on any open courses or battle in arenas.
· Link the game with eight other players using a broadband adapter and race each other side-by-side using multiple game systems and multiple televisions!

Stay tuned for our Mario Kart: Double Dash microsite...


Melbourne, Australia, October 29nd, 2003 – Nintendo Australia announces the release of TG Rally, an Australian developed racing game for the Game Boy Advance™, on November 14th.
Developed by Melbourne based developer Tantalus Interactive, TG Rally, utilising their proprietary CRIS engine, is one of the most advanced racing titles ever released on a hand held.

"We are incredibly proud of this title, and to have it released internationally by Nintendo is very exciting. We feel we've created the world's number one handheld racing game, and it's fitting that we're partnering with the world's number one handheld publisher”, says Tom Crago, CEO of Tantalus Interactive. “It is a great credit to the team here at Tantalus. The fact that TG Rally was developed wholly in Australia is also significant in that it shows that Australian game developers are capable of creating genuinely world class titles."

Whether you’re squealing through hairpin turns on city pavements or sliding down an icy mountain road, TG Rally provides realistic, 3D road rally excitement for Game Boy Advance racing fans. With 80 courses, three leagues and five play modes including a two-player head-to-head option, new challenges will await you around every turn.

TG Rally is classified G by the Office of Film and Literature and will have a suggested retail price of $69.95.


Melbourne, Australia, October 28th, 2003 – Nintendo turns paper trading cards into electronic fun with the introduction of the innovative e-Reader available this Friday, October 31st, 2003.

When slid through the e-Reader, paper trading cards act as paper ROM’s to create new game play experiences. The e-Reader connects to the Game Boy Advance™ and Game Boy Advance SP via the cartridge slot and uses “Dot Code Technology” to read optical data imprinted on specially designed trading cards. The scanned information transforms into digital on the Game Boy Advance screen.

The Nintendo e-Reader will have a suggested retail price of $79.95 and will come bundled with Donkey Kong Jnr®-e and a 6 Card Sampling Pack. The following e-Cards are available on launch and have a suggested retail price of $9.95:

- Mario Bros.®–e
- Tennis–e
- Excitebike®-e
- Pokémon™ Battle-e Card (Freezing Ray)
- Pokémon™Battle-e Card (Hidden Ruins)
- Pokémon™ Battle-e Card (Iron defemse)


Melbourne, Australia, October 24th, 2003 -  One of the best selling games of all time, Super Mario Bros. 3™, makes its potable debut with all-new features, available now!

Bowser and his troublemaking kids have forced the land into complete chaos by transforming all the local kings into animals, and it is up to Mario and Luigi to stop them. In what many consider to be the best Mario game ever, players have to run, jump and stomp on enemies through eight enormous worlds, as they use new and classic power-ups.

Super Mario® Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3™ comes with two e-Cards for use with the Nintendo e-Reader. These e-Cards will provide players with a level up and power up to be used at anytime during the game.

Jump bottomless pits, stomp familiar foes and use awesome power-ups like the Warp Whistle and the Frog and Tanooki Suit, as you take the flight to Bowser and his kids.

Discover mulitplayer Mario madness when you link up with any of the other three Super Mario Advance games for frantic fun in the original Mario Bros.® game.

Super Mario® Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3™ is rated G by the Office of Film and Literature and will have a suggested retail price of $69.95.


Melbourne, Australia, October 24th, 2003 - Nintendo and SEGA - both accomplished masters of high-speed fun - have collaborated to create the fastest, most visually stunning racing game ever! F-Zero® GX, for the Nintendo GameCube™, is the race to end all races, as fearless pilots risk everything to claim the title of the top speedster in the universe. Captain Falcon and 29 other pilots head to exotic star cities, like the neon-lit Mute City, lush Green Plant, wealthy Port Town and the storm-wracked streets of Lightning to race at supersonic speeds.  In addition, players can save their racer to a Memory Card and race with it at arcades on F-Zero® AX (Only available in Sydney at this stage).

· Be ready to race for the long haul with 20 sprawling courses and more than 30 pilots to choose from.
· Hunt for turbo boosts at mind-boggling speeds as Captain Falcon and the universe's racing elite battle through obstacle-studded straight-aways, along the inside and outside of pipes, and over massive jumps.
· Compete in races that span many familiar F-Zero modes, like Grand Prix, Time Attack and Vs. Play through a new Story mode, where you follow Captain Falcon as he races through missions and completes various challenges.
· Use the points you win in races to buy parts and build your own speeder in Custom mode.  Connect with the arcade version and transfer enough parts to make up to 8,000 unique racing combinations.
· Race a home-built, custom machine in the arcade or bring your Memory Card and transfer additional pilots and all kinds of custom parts from the arcade version (Only available in Sydney at this stage) to the Nintendo GameCube.

F-Zero GX is in stores now, for a suggest retail price of $99.95 and is classified G8+ Low Level Animated Violence by the Office of Film and Literature.


Melbourne, Australia, September 15th 2003 – Cross over to a world that thrives 24-7 on the Nintendo GameCube® in Animal Crossing™

Animal Crossing allows players to interact with a virtual village of animals who are doing something different every minute of every day. With Animal Crossing’s 24 hour clock, the games unique events can be in-sync with real time – as day turns to night in the real world, the sun will also begin to set in the game. The seasons will change and special events will also occur in real time.

Sail to a special island within the game by linking the Nintendo GameCube with a Game Boy Advance™. Players can load their customised character onto a Nintendo GameCube Memory Card for use in a friend’s game and explore the world they have created.

The dynamic set-up will have players coming back every day to carry out their daily routines, build relationships with fellow villagers, celebrate special days, collect furnishings for homes and live life in an innovative place that is a world of its own.

Animal Crossing is rated G by the Office of Film and Literature Classification.


Melbourne, Australia, September 29th, 2003 – Nintendo Australia is pleased to announce the release of SOULCALIBUR II® for Nintendo GameCube®.

A new stage in history begins with the highly anticipated return of the SOULCALIBUR franchise.  SOULCALIBUR II is one of the greatest 3-D weapons-based fighting games, providing non-stop action, excitement and surprises as players go one-on-one against their favourite challengers.

SOULCALIBUR II, for Nintendo GameCube, features seven distinctive modes of game-play including; Arcade, Vs, Time Attack, Survival, Team Battle, Practice, and the console exclusive, Weapon Master.  Weapon Master is a “complete the mission” mode combined with an RPG twist. In this mode, the player can collect and equip their character with up to 200 different weapons, thus adding a deeper level of strategy to every new battle.

In addition to other new characters, the game will also feature a special appearance by a sword-wielding fan favourite Link, from Nintendo’s best-selling Legend of Zelda® series.  Characters will be fully playable with their own individual styles, strengths, and abilities.

SOULCALIBUR II for Nintendo GameCube is rated M15+ Medium Level Animated Violence by the Office of Film and Literature Classification.


Melbourne, Australia, September 27th, 2003 - While the price of the Nintendo GameCube is falling, the variety and affordability of great software is soaring.

Nintendo Australia announces, effective immediately, the addition of two classic Nintendo GameCube titles to their Players Choice range - Super Mario Sunshine and Star Fox Adventures. These great titles will join classic favourites Luigi's Mansion, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Pikmin at a SRP of $49.95.

Only on the Nintendo GameCube can you experience exclusive blockbuster titles such as Mario Kart: Double Dash, Viewtiful Joe, F-Zero GX and Mario Party 5, all launching before Christmas, with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Pokémon® Colosseum launching in early 2004.

With a software line-up that includes new games to suit all game-playing enthusiasts, the titles to be launched between now and Christmas the Nintendo GameCube line-up will appeal to the hip pocket as well as every game taste, ranging from sports to action to role-playing titles.


Melbourne, Australia, September 25th 2003 - Nintendo Australia delivers consumers a reason to update their gaming. Effective September 26th 2003, consumers have the opportunity to purchase Nintendo GameCube™, the only dedicated games console in the market, for a new price of $199*.

Only on the Nintendo GameCube can you play games that deliver innovation, heritage and characters that are icons in the gaming industry. And only with Nintendo can you experience connectivity between home console and portable gaming with the Nintendo GameCube, Game Boy Advance™, Game Boy® Player and e-Reader™ brands.

With a strong line-up of first and third party software this new price will deliver consumers the best gaming experience that money can buy.


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The main character of the game Pikmin. Captain Olimar crash-lands on a mysterious planet after his spaceship malfunctions. In order to get off the planet, he must gather the pieces of his broken ship, but the atmosphere of the planet is poisonous to Olimar. As a result, he has to enlist the help of the native Pikmin.