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• Windows® 98/ME/XP CD
• 300 MHz Processor
• 32 MB RAM
• 80 MB free hard disk space for
   minimum install (500 MB free
   hard disk space for full install)
• 256 color display
• 640 x 480 resolution
• 8X speed CD-ROM drive
• Windows compatible
   sound card and speakers
• Mouse
• Printer





Have a blast with Pikachu and the other Pokémon to discover the fun and mystery of the Pokémon world. You will have hours of fun playing 8 challenging games that test your knowledge to prove you’re a Pokémon Master.

Master all 8 games to unlock and print 8 EXCLUSIVE collectible Pokémon posters!

Treecko’s Word Jumble - Treecko has made a mess and wants to set things straight again! Help Treecko by rearranging the letters to reveal the image.

Mudkip’s Bingo - Answer each question correctly to get red Bingo chips, but get it wrong and you’ll get blocked.

Match a Pokémon Team - Help Ash get all of his Pokémon in order by matching each pair. Team ‘em up or lose your Poké Ball Meter!

Spinda’s Mahjong - Spinda is causing trouble again messing up all the Pokémon Mahjong blocks. Help Spinda quickly clear the blocks away!

Pikachu’s Picture Puzzle - Can you put the puzzle pieces together to reveal the picture? Hurry – solve the puzzle before it explodes!

Pokémon Trivia Challenge - Try to win points by correctly answering the Pokémon Master trivia questions to outsmart them once and for all.

Poké Ball Mystery Challenge - Answer the trivia question to figure out the name of the Pokémon displayed.

Wynaut’s Water Shots - Send the Water Pokémon into the floating targets by pulling down on Wailord’s tail.

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