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NGS: The UK's core production computational and data grid


The NGS is the core UK grid, intended for the production use of computational and data grid resources. NGS is the core service resulting from the UK's e-Science programme. NGS is supported by JISC, and is run by the Grid Operations Centre (GOC).

The NGS is funded by JISC (3 clusters), CCLRC (1 data cluster), and EPSRC (CSAR and HPCx).

The sister organisation of GOC, the UK e-Science Engineering Task Force (ETF) is responsible for developing the future grid services via the e-Science research grid.


Latest News

Management and Operations groups have been set up with members from each site to provide an management framework to ensure that the National Grid Service is professionally run. The Manangement group will give stratgic direction with regards to users, applications, and services, whilst the Operations Group will deal with day to day issues of running the NGS service.

The hardware was purchased, installed and accepted by February 2004. It is anticipated that the National Grid Service will be a production capacity by April 2004. For more information contact:

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The NGS initially consists of the 4 dedicated JISC funded clusters at the University of Manchester, RAL, White Rose Grid and the University of Oxford, and the two national HPC services, CSAR and HPCx.

Thus, the NGS provides access to over 2000 processors, and over 36TB of "data-grid" capacity.

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