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Workgroup management 101

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Mac OS X Server provides advanced workgroup management tools that give you the fine-grained control over your information infrastructure you need to accomplish your organization’s goals, whether that’s providing classroom materials in a school environment, or sharing network resources in the enterprise. You can use any LDAP-based server to store these preferences, such as Apple’s Open Directory, or Microsoft’s proprietary Active Directory.

Centralized management
The Workgroup Manager tool simplifies system administration by providing centralized directory-based management of users, groups, and computers across your organization. You can create standardized desktop configurations, set preferences, establish password policies, as well as control access to hardware, software and network resources.

Workgroup Manager

Simplified administration
With new client-side system controls for automatic logout and scheduled restart and shutdown, you can use Workgroup Manager to control these settings in computer pools and lab environments. For example, you can set all computers to power down at 5:00 p.m. or to log out automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. And because computers are similarly configured across labs, classrooms, or departments, it’s easier for administrators to support large numbers of client systems.

Greater productivity
Workgroup Manager can also enhance your Mac OS X users’ computing experience, making it easy for them to collaborate, share files and access network resources. Create custom environments, complete with different applications, settings and permissions for each group, and then configure systems across an entire workgroup or classroom in seconds. When users log in, the applications you’ve defined launch automatically and their Mac mounts appropriate resources on the desktop. You can also use Workgroup Manager to provide network-based home directories, so users can access their own personalized desktop, applications and files from any computer on the network.

Automate the repetitive
Managed system settings allow your users to log into an environment that’s appropriate to their needs and consistent from one computer to the next. For example, a teacher may choose a set of applications and documents that should always be in the Dock for each classroom of students; or set the system to launch with Simple Finder when a kindergarten student logs in. In a work environment, Final Cut Pro could always launch when a member of the video editing group logs into any computer. Users’ individual and group settings are immediately in effect and they have streamlined access to authorized resources — no matter where they log in.

Mac OS X Server Features
New features in v10.3
  • Single Sign On
  • Mobile Accounts
  • Directory Inspector
  • Windows Settings
  • Auto Logout
  • Energy Saver
  • Shutdown/Restart
Technology Briefs
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PDF Workgroup Manager
PDF Open Directory 2
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Apple Remote Desktop
ARD Apple Remote Desktop (sold separately) is a complementary workgroup technology that gives you remote access to client systems. You can use Workgroup Manager to setup preferences and policies and use Apple Remote Desktop to enforce them.

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