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so many questions! we are BLOWN AWAY by the response to the splash page/ music. i want to emphasize that when the site is fully launched, it will be a content driven site. in other words, no useless flash animation, and pop up ads. it will be full of information. pictures of how we do what we do, and words to fill in the space between. who we hang out with, who we work with, what we do when we are not recording, what our LIVES consist of. we are beholden to no one. no label, no manager. we WANT to connect with the people who are interested in the things we are interested in. we will constantly update information and music... as we produce it. we WILL make music available- to own- as soon as we devise an interesting way to do so. keep in mind, we are doing this all ourselves... we dont have alot of free time to do what we want to do.....

now to answer some collective questions:

by request, we will be posting lyrics once our site is launched- and i want to tell you the names of the next three songs we will be posting in Jan.. they are: technical difficulties, shaking, and alibi. we do look forward to the release of Punk Static Paranoia. we are not sure HOW we will release Julien-K.. it could be on a song by song download basis, very soon, or it could be a make your own CD thing.... or both...but it WILL come out- and soon. amir will be laying out, in detail, what we use to create our sound (in our tech section)... and i will describe the intricate, and somewhat codependent relationship that has created Julien-K. ..... there are many characters that inhabit the JK universe, all of which cause our sound and my lyrics. we want to show you all of them. pictures, descriptions, will even see pictures of my dog.


we've added a new song called "everyone knows" for this month. 3 more new songs that ry talked about in his news will come with the full site launch next month. "everyone knows" was actually one of the first songs ryan & i did together and we've never quite settled on the arrangement.
but we thought we would share it with all of you as this month's present!
also, everyone has been asking how we came up with the name julien-k.
so here's the story.......
one day while watching an interview with richard gere they were talking about the movie american gigolo & his character julian kaye. i thought mmmm maybe that could be a cool name for a band. so i played around with the spelling to make it more unique and came up with Julien-K.
Then I asked Ry Dog what he thought and he really liked it! That was it........