None are so apt to build and plant for future centuries, as those noble-spirited mea who have
received their heritages from foregone ages:- WASHINGTON IRVING.

Si chartae sileant quod bene feceris,
Mercedem tuleris. - HORACE,

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PREFACE - an explanation of the book by SLB. Note - Andover and North Andover split in 1855. Today's Andover was the South and West Precincts of Old Andover also South Lawrence was part of Old Andover till 1847.

Table of Contents.                        pages v .. xiv (this web page).
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Short Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION - Prehistoric Andover (Geology and Topography).(includes maps)

Chapter                   Chapter Title                                                             page        OCRed text linked if no HTML
CHAPTER I.     MEMORIALS OF THE EARLY SETTLERS  . . . . . . .  1 - 162 and01Settlers.txt
CHAPTER III    WITCHCRAFT AT ANDOVER.                               194 - 237  and03Witchs194.txt vii
                         Ch.1, 3, 4, 5,10 editing in progress by Phyllis Holmes  238 - 285  and04FIWar238.txt
                                                                                                         286 - 409  and05Revolution286.txt
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CHAPTER VIII   ACADEMIES.                                                         533 - 557
CHAPTER IX     THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY.                                 558 - 573
CHAPTER X.      MILLS AND MANUFACTURES.                            574 - 605  and10Mills574.txt
APPENDIX..       Additions and Corrections . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . 606 - 613  and11appendix606.txt
INDEX                                                                                                  615 - 626  and12index615.txt

Detailed Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION - Prehistoric Andover (Geology and Topography). pages xvii - xxiv
Topographical Notes. - Mutilation and Unintelligibility of the earliest Rock Records. - Places where the Oldest Rocks appear and their Character. - Andover during the Middle Periods of Geologic Time. - Abundance and Plainness of the later Geological Record. - Places where Marks of the Glacial Epoch appear in the Rocks. - Remarkable Elevations of the Glacial Period. - Character of the Series of Hills extending from Wood Hill to the Hills around Great Pond. - Origin of their Scientific Name "Lenticular" Hills. - Explanation of the Manner in which they were formed. - Remarkable Ridges of the Glacial Period. - Character and Extent of Ridges illustrated in the Plates. - Origin of the Scientific Name " Karnes." - Characteristics, Height, Slope, and Composition of the Ridges. - Description of Indian Ridge by President Edward Hitchcock. - Explorations and Descriptions of the Ridges made by Rev.G. F. Wright. - Discoveries of Parallel Systems. - Difference of Opinion as to the Manner in which Karnes were formed. - Most probable Theory. - Formation of the Ponds in Andover. -Possibility that Andover Ponds, Peat Bogs, and Kettle Holes may afford aid in determining the Antiquity of Man x
other more modern science links http://www.scicentral.com/, http://www.scicentral.com/S-geolog.html#education, http://home.rmi.net/~michaelg/HOTLINKS.html , http://nhgs.org/ , http://www.geo.umass.edu/dept_info/links.html

Scantiness of Relics. - First Mention of the Vicinity of Andover. - First Action with Reference to Settlement. - Letters of Mr. Ward and Mr. Woodbridge. - First Record of a Resident, Richard Barker. -First recorded Deed of Land, Mr. Bradstreet to Richard Sutton. - First Description. - Incorporation. - Name. - Mother Town in England. - List of first Freeholders. -

Memorials of first Freeholders. - Mr. Simon Bradstreet, and his Draft of a Deed from Richard Sutton to George Abbot. - John Osgood, the first Representative to the General Court. - His Will and Inventory, Descendants, Burial-place. - John Stevens. - The Inventory of his Estate, his Descendants. - The Early Plantation. - Purchase from the Indians. - Roger's Reservation. - Laying out of the Village. -

House-lot Rights. -Common Lands. - Dwelling-places of first Settlers. - Proprietors. - Mode of Taxation. - Town Meeting. - Action respecting Land Grants, Places of Abode, Roving Animals, Flocks and Herds. - Lawsuits and Troubles from Trespass of Domestic Animals. - Herdsmen and their Assistants. - Depredations of Wild Beasts. - Hunting. -Den Rock, Wolf Pit Meadow, and other suggestive Local Names. - Negro Slavery. - Hired Servants. - Apprentices. - Day laborers. - Facilities for Communication with other Towns. - Roads. - Boats on the Merrimack River. - Vessels built at Andover. - Ferries. - Town Boundaries. - Land of Nod. - Mason's Claim. - Town Grants of Land. - Highways and Taverns. - Social Life. - Weddings. - Dress. - Sumptuary Laws. - Account in "The Magnalia" of the first Murder, a Wife by her Husband. -

Memorials of Freeholders, continued. - Edmond Faulkner. - George Abbot, . Sent. - John Frye. - Benjamin Woodbridge. - Richard Barker.-Daniel Poor.-Nicholas Holt.-Thomas Chandler. - John Lovejoy - Andrew Foster, and other Fosters, Early Settlers in Andover. -William Ballard. - Joseph Parker. -Nathan Parker. - Robert Barnard. - Andrew Allen. - Other Names. - List of Citizens who took Oath of Allegiance in 1678. -

Memoranda of Early Settlers, continued. - George Abbot of Rowley. - Daniel Bixby. - William Blunt. - John Bridges. - John Carlton. - Francis Dane. - The Farnums. - Robert Gray. - John Gutterson. - Henry Ingalls. - Thomas Johnson. - Lawrence Lacey. - Samuel Marble. - Marston, Martin, Phelps, Preston. - Joseph Robinson. - Robert Russell. - Salter. - Sessions. - Stone. - Samuel Wardwell. - Joseph Wilson. - Edward Whittington. - Walter Wright. - List of Tax-payers, 1692. -

Memoranda of Early Settlers, continued. - John Aslebe. - Samuel Blanchard. - Henry Bodwell. - Pascoe Chubb. - Thomas Carrier. - Joseph Emery., -Edward Farrington. - Abraham Graves.-Moses Hagget. - Abraham -Mooar. -Andrew Peters.-Robert Swan. - Allen Toothaker.Moses Tyler. - Robert Eimes. - The Bradstreet House. - The Citizens in Town Meeting. - Conduct in Town Meeting. - Times of Town Meetings. - Tax Collection. - Action in Respect to the Revolution of 1689. - List of Civil Officers in the First Fifty Years. - List of Town Officers and Description of some Offices and their Duties. - Reception of Newcomers. - Emigration. - Occupations of Citizens. - Mills. - Fisheries. - Distillery. - Stores and Trade. - Agriculture. -Lists of Names of Principal Families settled in the Second Fifty Years. - Memorials of Noted Families. - Phillips. - Kittredge. - Adams. - Peabody . . 1-162

Aboriginal Inhabitants. - Treatment of the Natives. - Village of "Praying Indians" on the Merrimack. - Subjection of the Indians. - Military Organization at Andover. - List of Officers of Militia in the First Century. - Military Resources of the Colony described by E. R., 1676. - First Alarms of Hostile Indians at Andover. - Narraganset Soldiers from Andover. - Rumors and Alarms in the Spring of 167 5- - Measures for Defence. - Garrisons, Stockades, etc. - Attack on Andover in April, 1676. -
Panic in the Town. - Garrisons. - Soldiers Killed in the Kennebec Expedition. - Capt. Dudley Bradstreet's Measures for Defence. - A Lull in Hostilities. - Renewal of Fighting. - Change in the Militia of Essex County. - Measures for Defence of Frontier Towns. - Travellers Slain. - Second Attack on Andover, and Murder of Captain Chubb. - Contemporary Accounts. - Peace by the Treaty of Ryswick. - Queen Anne's War. - Military Defences at Andover. - Scouting. - Stock of Ammunition. - Snow-shoe Men. - Capt. Benjamin Stevens's Expedition to Winnipiseogee.- The Romantic Story of Chaplain Frye  163 -193

CHAPTER III       WITCHCRAFT AT ANDOVER.194-237 and03Witchs194.txtvii
Nature and Effects of the Delusion. - Witchcraft at Andover in 1658. - Beginning of the "Salem Witchcraft." -The Origin of the Delusion at  Andover. - Spread of the Epidemic. - List of Persons Accused. - Trial and Execution of Martha Carrier. - Condemnation and Execution of Mary Parker. - Trial and Execution of Samuel Wardwell. - Trial, Condemnation, and Death of Ann Foster. - Trial, Condemnation, and Reprieve of Abigail Faulkner. - Trial and Condemnation of Elizabeth Johnson, Jr., and Mary Lacey, Jr. - Condemnation of Sarah Wardwell. - Sufferings of the Prisoner's Children. -Accusation of Elizabeth John
son's Children. -Confessions of Mary Marston, William Barker, Mercy Wardwell, and Others. - Confession of Mrs. Mary Osgood. - Mode of extorting Confessions. - Colonel Bradstreet's Examinations of Witches. -Sufferings of Prisoners in the jail.- Protests of the Rev. Francis Dane and Others. - Mr. Brattle's " Full and Candid Account." - Petition for Release of the Prisoners on Bail. - Court of Assizes and jail Delivery, and Letters of Mr. Dane. - Petition of Andover Citizens. - Petition of the Accused Women. - Reaction of Public Feeling. - Penitence of the Accusers. - Remorse and Confession of Judge Sewall. - The Grave of Timothy Swan, killed by Witchcraft. - End of the Delusion 194-237


King George's War.-Deaths of Soldiers in the King's Service.-Petition of Capt. James Stevens for a Township. -
Beginning of the Old French War. - Officers of the Fourth Essq: Regiment of Militia Capt. John Abbot's Commission-
Kennebec River Expedition. - Petition of Daniel Mooar.-
Cape Breton Expedition- Colonel Frye's Men.- Petition of Jonathan Parker. - Petition of John Grange and Enoch Poor. - Destruction of Acadian Villages. - Acadians at Andover. - Andover Soldiers in Acadia. -
Crown Point Expedition, 1755. - Deaths of Soldiers. - Petitions of Jacob Tyler, Sarah Stevens, John Barker, Israel Adams. -

Oswego Expedition. - Petition of James Frye. - Letter of Rev. Samuel Chandler. 7
Crown Point Expedition, 1756. - Petitions of Stephen Lovejoy, Phineas Tyler, Hannah Johnson, James Parker for Margaret Furbush, Nicholas Holt. -Petition of Surgeon Ward Noyes. - Commission. - Petitions for Isaac Foster, John Foster, Joseph Abbot.
Campaign of 1757 - Service of Col. Joseph Frye. - Form of Enlistments. - Sufferings of Colonel Frye. - Memorial of Moody Bridges. - Sufferings of Soldiers. - Action of Colonel Frye for a Township. - Efforts in Behalf of Prisoners. - Jesse Parker. - Military Movements, 1758 - Attack on Ticonderoga. -

Expedition against Canada. - Petitions of Capt. Asa Foster, John Farnum. - De Drucour at Andover. - Relics. of Service, 1759. - Lieut. Jacob Farrington. - Moses Bailey. - Surgeon Abiel Abbot. - Mutiny of Colonel Frye's Men in Nova Scotia. -Expedition against Montreal. - Petitions of Oliver Holt, Capt. Peter Parker, John Beverly. - Diary of Isaac Noyes. - Expenses of the War. - Names of Officers. - Captain Farrington. - Militia. - Representatives to the General Court. - Sergeant Jonathan French. - Close of the War. -

Manners and Customs of the Period. - Petition of James Kittredge. - Petition of John Kittredge. - Effects of the War. - Petition of Selectmen. - Everyday Life of the Time. - Will of John Peabody. - The PreRevolutionary Period a Pleasant Picture .

THE PART OF ANDOVER IN THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR. and05Revolution286.txt 286-409

Discontent at Unjust Taxation- Opposition tothe Stamp Act. -Adherence to Law and Order. -Non -importation Act Approved. -Action respecting the Boston Massacre- Persons refusing to Sign the Nonimportation Act. - Conservatism of Representative Samuel Phillips Ardor of Representative Moody Bridges. -Feeling against Governor Gage. - Declaration in Support of the Provincial Congress. - Dignified Bearing of Andover during the Crisis before Hostilities. -

Distinguished Patriots. - Committees of Circumspection and Safety.-Town Taxes paid to the Receiver -general instead of Governor Gage's TreasurerMilitary Preparation at the beginning of 1775. -Muster of Town Footcompanies.-Enlistment of Two Companies of Minute Men for One Year. -Choice of Officers. - Muster-roll of Capt. Thomas Poor's Cornpany.-Muster-roll of Capt. Benjamin Ames's Company. -Patriotic Zeal of Col. Samuel Johnson in Enlisting Men for Service. - Address to his Regiment. -

Invasion of Essex County by Royal Troops. - Encounter with Provincial Militia. - Mediation of Rev. Thomas Barnard. - Suspense ot waiting for Military Action. - Lexington Alarm. - March of Companies from Andover. - Muster-rolls. - Lieut. Peter Poor (acting Captain). - Capt. Henry Abbot, Capt. Nathaniel Lovejoy, Capt. Joshua Holt.- Service of Adjutant-general Bimsley Stevens. -Major Samuel Osgood. -Major Dunbar of the Royal Army. - Visit to Mrs. Osgood at Andover. - Sketch of the Life of Mrs. Osgood by her Husband. -

Andover Soldiers on the March to Lexington and Cambridge. - Extract from the Diary of Lieut. Benjamin Farnum.- Reminiscences of Captain Forbush. - Extract from Thomas Boynton's Diary. - Camp Life at Cambridge in the Spring of 1775, described in James Stevens's Diary. - Taking a Schooner. - Major Poor. - Patriotic Song. - Scenes after the Battle. - Letter of Mrs. Winthrop, her Flight and Refuge in Andover.

- Vigilance against Enemies without and within the Town. - Action of the Provincial Congress to withdraw Allegiance from Governor Gage. - Town of Andover endorses it, chooses Samuel Phillips, Jr., Esq., Repre
sentative to the Congress. - His Important Service. -Col. Joseph Frye at Andover and Cambridge. -Battle of Bunker Hill. -

Notes and Incidents of Andover Men's Service. - Captain Ames's Company. - Captain Furbush's Company. - Captain Farnum's Company. - Sergeant Boynton's Description of the Battle. -Col. James Frye's Courage. - Private John Barker. -Salem Poor's Bravery. -Samuel Bailey's Death on the Field. - Losses of Companies. - Captain Farnum Wounded. - Anxiety at Andover. - Departure of Rev. Mr. French to Camp on Sunday. -

Eminent Men of Andover at Cambridge. - Rev. David Osgood, his Feelings in regard to the War. - Dr. Thomas Kittredge and other Surgeons and Physicians of the Time. - Col. Joseph Frye's Commission as General. - Refugees from Boston. - Nathaniel Appleton. -Joseph Hall. - Mrs. Lydia Smith. - Removal of Harvard College Library to Andover. -Extracts from the Diary of James Stevens describing Camp Life at Cambridge in the Summer of 1775- - Captain Furbush's Invitation to Dine with General Washington. - Col. James Frye's choleric Speech to General Washington. - Reenforcements to the Army about Boston. - Roll of Capt. John Abbot's Company. -Captain Farnum's Company. - Capt. John Peabody's Company. -

Scarcity of Gunpowder. - Order of the General Court to put in Operation a Mill for its Manufacture at Stough
ton. - Offer of judge Phillips to build a Mill at Andover at his own Expense on certain Conditions. - Vote to grant him a Supply of Saltpetre, and to Purchase his Powder at Eight Pence per Pound. - Builder and Master-workman from the Mill at Stoughton secured. -Aid of Citizens Enlisted. -Mill put in Operation March, 1776. -Manufacture of One Thousand Pounds of Gunpowder per Week. - Guard about the Mill.  Scarcity of Saltpetre. - Practical Help of the Schoolmaster, Mr. Pearson, in Chemical Operations. - Workmen - Exempted from Military Duty. - Meeting-house Stoves put in Requisition for the Powder-mill. - Interest
felt in the Enterprise. - Gunpowder not a complete Success. - Complaints of Military Officers. - Order of the General Court for Re-manufacture of Defective Powder. - Inspector Burbeck to Visit Andover. -Explosion, 1778 - Mr. Phillips exonerated from Blame and requested to resume the Manufacture. - The State agrees to bear Expense in case of future Explosion. - Aid of Experts from France. - Letter of Mr. Phillips describing their Work. - Gradual Discontinuance of the Manufacture. - Explosion, 1796. -Relic of the Powder Manufacture, a Gravestone in the Old South Burying Ground. -

Distress during the Winter of 1775- - Provision for Soldiers. -Coats for Eight Months' Men given by the State. - Receipt for Coats. - Death of Col. James Frye. - Graves of Colonels Frye and Johnson in the Old North Burying-ground.-Military Service in Distant Places. - Scanty Records. - Roll of Colonel Johnson's Regiment. -March of Andover Men to Reenforce Northwestern Army. - Roll of Capt. Samuel Johnson's Company. - Extract from Capt. Samuel Johnson's Note-book. -

Declaration of Independence. - Measures for the Formation of a State Constitution. - Andover's Opposition to Immediate Action. - Colonel Johnson's Instructions. - Constitution drafted but not accepted. - Convention of Delegates. - Samuel Phillips, Jr., one of Committee to draft Constitution. - Vote of the Town to approve. - Discussion of Bill of Rights. - Andover in Favor of Religious Compulsion. -

Notes of Military Service about Boston. - Rolls of Continental Service. - Principal Military Service of 1777 in the Northwest. - Roll of Capt. Benjamin Farnum's Company. - Extracts from Captain Farnum's journal. - His Acquaintance with Miss Jane McRea. - Letter of Corporal Joseph Shattuck. - Surrender to the British, of Forts Ticonderoga and Independence. - Retreat of Colonel Francis. - His Death recorded by Captain Farnum. - Letter of Joseph Shattuck. - Battle of Pennington recorded by Captain Farnum. - Battle of Stillwater. - Journey down the Hudson. - March to Valley Forge. - Camp at Valley Forge. - Muster-roll of Captain Farnum's Company. - Letter of Colonel Tupper. - Colonel Johnson marches to Re~nforce General Lincoln's Army in the Northwest. -Rolls of the Regiment. - Roll of Capt. John Adams's Company. - Roll of Capt. John Abbot's Company. - Roll of Capt. Samuel Johnson's Company. - Private Expedition of Colonels Brown and Johnson to Fort Ticonderoga. - Their Plan of Attack, its Partial Execution and Success. -Embarkation of Prisoners and Stores.-Attack from Enemy's Batteries on Diamond Island. - Retreat to Skenesborough and Pawlet. - Letters of Jonathan Stevens, a Soldier in the Expedition. -This Expedition a Check to'General Burgoyne. -Colonel Johnson's Indefatigable Labors -Petition of a Soldier. - Tribute to the Memory of Colonel Johnson. - Town Petitions for a Representative in Place of Colonel Johnson while he was in Military Service. - Gen. Enoch Poor at Stillwater. - Some Particulars of his Life. - Service of Andover Men in Rhode Island. - Muster-roll of Capt. Samuel Johnson's Company. - Various Service of Men. -Relic of Service at Peekskill. - Petition of William Adams at West Point. - Discontent at the prolonged Military Service. -Captain Lovejoy's Statement of Grievances. - Action of the Town to prevent Treason. - Distressing and Demoralizing Effects of the War. - Extortioners rebuked by Mr. French. - Depreciation of Currency. - Provision for Soldiers' Families, and General Relief. - Town Bounties. - Memoranda of Military Service, 1779-80- -Capt. Stephen Abbot, and Capt. John Abbot, at West Point. - Muster-rolls of Captain Abbot's Company. - Commissions. - The Dark Day a Portent of Gloom. - Joy at the Victory of Yorktown. - Slaves in Military Service -

Proclamation of Peace as described by Prof - John Abbot, then a Student at Harvard College. - Death of the Patriot James Otis at Andover.-Lists of Military and Civil Officers during the Revolution. -Discontent at Taxation. - Disapproval of Paper Currency. -Committee to consider Grievances, their Report- Shays's Insurrection. - Instructions to the Representative, Peter Osgood, Esq. - Samuel Phillips, Esq., in Favor of Good Order and Suppression of Rebellion.- Convention for Framing the Federal Constitution.-Im1portant Part of the Andover Delegate, William Symnies, Esq., in favor of Adoption. - Eon. Samuel Osgood, First Postmaster-general. - Letter of Thomas Houghton, respecting the Military Service of Englishmen. - Adopted Citizens. - General Washington's Visit to Andover. - Visit of the Marquis de Chastellux. - Thomas Houghton's Description of the Town, 1789. -Manners and Customs. -Travelling Facilities. -Stages. - Taverns. - Post-riders. - A Relic of Travelling. - Stores. - General Condition of Things in Andover at the Close of the Century. -Death of General Washington. - Commemorative Services, February 22, 1800. - Death and Funeral of Lieutenant-governor Phillips 286-409


Regard of our Forefathers for the Church. - First Meeting-house. - First Sexton. -Seating the Meeting-house. - Tything-men. - Sabbath Breakers. - Heretics. - Rhymed Address to the Church of Andover. - Organizatiori of the Church. -

First Minister, Rev. John Woodbridge. - Biography by Cotton Mather.-Rev. Francis Dane.- Creed. -Controversy with the Parish. - Colleague, Mr. Thomas Barnard. - Remainder of Mr. Dane's Ministry. - His Death. - Descendants. - Lines from his Note Book, - Students of Divinity : John Woodbridge, Simon Bradstreet, Joseph Stevens, Benjamin Stevens, Dudley Bradstreet, John Barnard. -

Pastorate of Mr. Thomas Barnard. - Controversy about the Meetinghouse. - Destruction of the Parsonage House by Fire, and Mr. Barnard's Removal to the Bradstreet House. -Division of Andover into Two Precincts. - Pai~ishcs. - Building of South Meeting-house. - Mr. Barnard requested to choose between the Parishes. -Letter of Mr. Barnard to the Governor. - Final Settlement of Parish Lines. - New North Meetinghouse. -Mr. Barnard's Salary. - Mr. Barnard's Relations with the Minister of the South Parish. - His Death. - Burial Place. - Gravestone. - Descendants. -

Rev. John Barnard. - Ordination. - Mr. Barnard's Action in Regard to the Evangelist Whitefield. -New Meeting-house, 1753- Communion Silver. - Bell. - Discipline. - Parishioners set off to Boxford Parish. -Death of Mr. Barnard. - His Marriages and Children. - Character as described by Mr. Phillips. - Published Writings. - Students of Divinity. -

First Minister of the South Church, Rev. Samuel Phillips. - First Meeting-house. - Second Meeting-house. - Description by Josiah Quincy. - Mr. Phillips's Life and Ministry. - Preaching.-Farnily.-His Death. - Descendants. -

Fifth Minister of the North Church, Rev. William Symmes, D. D. - Pastorate. -

Anecdote of a Wedding Fee. - Seats in the Meeting-house for Wives of Negroes and Mulattoes. - Women's Hats. - Church Music. - Old Meetinghouse. -

Second Minister of South Parish, Mr. -Jonathan French. - Birth and Education. - Patriotism. - Divinity School in his House. - Domestic Life. - " Special Providence " of Marriage. - Anecdote of Salary. -

Meeting-house, 1788. -Noon-house. -Reading. -Prominent Supporters of the Church: judge Phillips, Samuel Abbot, Esq., Samuel Farrar, Esq.- Students of Divinity who were Eminent Ministers : Stephen Peabody, David Osgood, John Abbot, Jonathan French, Abiel Abbot, of Beverly, Abiel Abbot, of Coventry, Thomas Merrill, John Lovejoy Abbot. -

Contemporary Ministers, 18io-65o- Three Parishes: North, South, West.-Church of Theological Seminary. -Organization of the West Church. - Importance of Churches diminished with Increase of Number. - Transition Period. - Sixth Minister of the North Parish, Rev. Bailey Loring. - Previous Action of the Parish. - Call of Mr. Loring. ~ Settlement and Ministry. - Theological Creed. - Withdrawal of Members to form Evangelical Church of North Andover. -New Meeting-house of First Church. - The Old Clock. - First Church identified with the Unitarian Congregationalists. - Mr. Loring's Preaching. - Resignation. - Death. -Resolutions of Parish. - Published Writings.-Later Ministers of the First Church: Rev. Francis C. Williams, Rev. Charles C. Vinal. - Gift of Parsonage-house by Bequest of William Johnson, Esq. - Rev. John H. Clifford. -Deacons of the First Church. - Absence of Memorials ofEarlier Members. - Recent Memorials. -

Third Minister Of the South Parish, Rev. Justin Edwards, D. D., his Life and Work. -

West Church and Parish. -First Minister, Rev. Samuel C. Jackson, D. D.-Second Minister, Rev. Charles H. Peirce.-Third Minister, Rev. James 1-1. Merrill. - Later Pastors of the South Church : Rev. Milton Badger, D. D. - Rev. Lorenzo L. Larigstroth. -Rev. John L. Tay lor, D. D. - Rev. Charles Smith. - Rev. George Mooar, D.D. - Rev. Charles Smith, Second Pastorate. -Rev. James H. Laird.- Deacons of the South Church-

Formation of Societies. -Methodist Episcopal Church (Andover). -Baptist Church- Evangelical Church of North Andover. - Protestant Episcopal Church (Andover) ; Rectors and Prominent Supporters. - Universalist Church.- List of Churches since 1840.Methodist Episcopal Church (North Andover). - Free Christian Church (Andover). - Ballardvale Churches: Protestant Episcopal, Methodist Episcopal, Union Congregational. -Roman Catholic Church (Andover), Roman Catholic Church (North Andover). -

Students of Theology of the Present Century.-Chronological List of Divinity Students. -Tabular Statement of Pastors and Churches. -

Burying-grounds and Cemeteries : First (North Parish) Burying-ground. - Second Burying-ground of North Andover. - Ridgewood Cemetery. - South Parish " Buryingyard." - West Parish Burying-ground. - Chapel Cemetery (Theological Seminary). - Christ Church-yard. - Roman Catholic CemeterySpring Grove Cemetery. -Selection from Scripture respecting Burial Places .410-516


The First Settlers' Esteem of Learning. - First Action of the Town for a Grammar School. - First Masters . Mr. Dudley Bradstreet. - Mr : Rust.-Mr. John Barnard. - Temporary Masters. - Difficulty of keeping up the School. - Various Masters. - Second School-house. - School forboth Parishes. - Masters: Mr. James Bailey. - Mr. Philemon Robbins. - Latin Scholars from out of Town. - List of Masters. - College Graduates. - District Schools. - Relics of Early Teachers. - School Fund. - Miscellaneous Schools. - High Schools. - Punchard Free School. -Benjamin H. Punchard. - Bequest. - School Buildings. - First Principal, Peter Smith Byers. - Other Principals. -Johnson High School. -Founders. - Principals. - Public Libraries. -Social Library in 1770- - Memorial Hall. -North Andover Library 517-532


Phillips Academy. - Projector and Founders. - Constitution.-Trustees. - Academy Buildings. - DonbLtions and Foundations. - Opening of the School. -Some Students 'of Note. -Reminiscences by Josiah Quincy. - Principals : Eliphalet Pearso6. - Ebenezer Pemberton. - Mark Newman. -John Adams. - Osgood Johnson. - Samuel H. Taylor. - Frederic W. Tilton. - Cecil F. P. Bancroft. - Other Well-known Instructors, - Master Foster's Boarding School- Franklin Academy. - Founding. - Building. - Records. - Early Preceptors: Mr. Nathaniel Peabody. - Samuel L. Knapp. - Good Times at School. -Mr. Burnside and other Early PFeceptors. - Mr. Simeon Putnam. - Tribute of Professor Felton to Mr. Putnam's Teaching. - Later Preceptors. - Female Department. - Education of Girls. - Letters of Young Ladies. - First Preceptress of Franklin Academy, Elizabeth Palmer Peabody. -Other Preceptresses.Abbot Academy. - Foundation- Donations.- Course of Study. - Semicentennial Celebration, 1879. - Principals. - Trustees . . 533-557


Plan for a School of Theology- Founders: Madam Phebe Phillips Hon. John Phillips- Samuel Abbot, Esq.-Plan at -Newbury for a Seminary. -Compromise effected by Dr. Pearson.- Associate Founders : Hon. William Bartlet. - Moses Brown, Esq. - Hon. John Norris. - Founders of Brechin Hall - Mr. John Smith, Dea. Peter Smith, Mr.John Dove. -Founders of the Professorships : Abbot, Bartlet, Brown, Hitchcock, Jones, Stone. - Sketches of the Early Professors - Dr.Pearson, Dr. Leonard Woods, Dr. Griffin, Dr. Porter, Dr. Murdock, Professor Stuart. - List of Names of the Professors in the Order of their Election. - Faculty as now Constituted. - Trustees Residents of Andover. - Mr. John Aiken. - Mr. Peter Smith. - The Library. - The Printing Press. -Summary of Biographical Memoranda of Professors who were long in Office or who Died in Office 558-573

CHAPTER X.  MILLS AND MANUFACTURES. 574-605 and10Mills574.txt

The Mill the earliest Industrial Enterprise. - Ancient Mills. - Saw-mills and Grist-mills. - Joseph Parker's "Corne Mill" on the Cochichawick. - Stephen Johnson's Saw-mill. - Saw-mill near the Lower Ford of the Cochichawick. - Saw-mill on Musketo Brook, 1685. - Saw-mill on Ladle Meadow Brook. - Henry Gray's Mill for Grinding Scythes on " Scoonk River," 1715- - Saw-mill on Shawshin River, near Preston's Plain, 1753- James Kittredge's Grist-mill on the Shawshin, 1752. -Spinning and Weaving. - Amy Holt, Spinster - Fulling-mills, 1673-1689. - Edward Whittington and Walter Wright, Weavers, encouraged to erect a Fulling-mill. - Grants for a Saw-mill, Fulling-mill, and Grist-Mill on Shawshin River, near Roger's Brook, 1682. -- Joseph and John Ballard's Mill on Shawshin River, 1689. - Samuel Frye's Saw-mill and grist.mill on Shawshin River, 1718. - Iron Works, 1689. - Thomas Chandler's and Henry Lovejoy's Iron Works. - Powder-mill, 1776. - Paper-mill, 1789. - Business Embarrassments of the Paper-maker, Thomas Houghton. - Account of the Paper Manufacture from Contemporary Records. - Inventory of the Paper-mill. - Scarcity of Paper Rags and Means for Savin, Them. - Difficulties in Starting the Manufacture at Andover. Later History of the Paper-mill - Woollen Manufacturts.- Scholfield's Improved Carding Machines.-Scholfield's Fulling-mill at North Andover - Stephen Poor's Clothing-mill. - Abel and Paschal Abbot's Mill at North Andover. - Samuel Ayer's Mill. - William Sutton and Eben Sutton's Mills at North Andover. - "North Andover Mill."-George Hodges & Sons, Manufacturers. - Gen. Eben Sutton, Proprietor of the Sutton and North Andover Mills. - Capt. Nathaniel Stevens, the First Woollen Manufacturcr, Native of North Andovcr.-Stevens Mills Hon. Moses T. Stevens, Proprietor of the Steven,-, and the Marland Mills. -Abraham Marland, the Pioneer Woollen Manufacturer. - Marland Mills. - Marland Manufacturing Company. - Abraham Marland, First President, Nathan Frye, Second President. - Treasurers. - Purchase of the Marland Mills by Mr. Moses T. Stevens. - Ballardvale Manufacturiug Company. - Experiments in Manufacturing Silk. - Mr. John Marland's Enterprises - Mr. J. S. Young. - Mr. J. P. Bradlee. - Abbot Brothers' Mill. - Daniel Saunders. - Howarth & Chase. - Flax-mills. - Mr. John Smith. - His Emigration to America. - Manufacture of Cotton Machinery. - Mr. John Dove. - Employment in the Machine Shop. - Plan for Man u factu ring Flax. - Visit to England for Drawings of Flax Machinery. - Success of the Enterprise and.Formation of the Copartnership, Smith, Dove & Company. - Value to Andover of this Business. - Present Members of the Smith and Dove Manufacturing Company. Iron Works ; Thomas Chandler's, 1678. - James Frye's, 1770. - Foundries: Davis & Furber's Foundry. - Mr. Edmund Davis. - E. Davis & Son. - Davis & Furber's Manufacture of Machinery-Origin. - Machine-shop in Marland Mill. - Sawyer and Phelps. - Machine-shop in the Paper-mill. -Barnes, Gilbert, and Richardson. - Removal of TAlachine Manufacture to North Andover. - Manufactory Built. - Copartnership of George L. Davis, George H. Gilbert, and Benjamin W. Gleason. - Changes in the Firm. - Mr. Charles Furber a Partner. - Present Firm. - Davis, Wiley & Stone. - Ballardvale. - Manufacture of Machinery. - Whipple File Company. - Rubber Factory and Ink Factory. -The Manufactures the Chief Element in the Town's Prosperity -

The City of Lawrence. - Mr. Daniel Saunders. - His early Manufacturing and his Connection with the Building of Lawrence. - The Order of Topics in these Sketches in accordance with the Growth of the Town. - Subjects remaining to cover the Full History of the Town. - The Long and Honorable Record of Old Andover. - The Present Towns of North Andover and Andover  574-605

APPENDIX.. Additions and Corrections . . . . . 606 - 613  and11appendix606.txt
INDEX                                                             615 - 626  and12index615.txt


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HISTORICAL SKETCHES OF ANDOVER.  By S.L.  Bailey.  650pp.  (1880)  1987.  $65.00 (above reprint is cheaper)
RECORD OF ANDOVER DURING THE REBELLION.  Comp. by Samuel Raymond.  232p., paper. (1875) 1996.  $25.00
HISTORY OF ANDOVER from its Settlement to 1829.  By A. Abbot.  204p.  (1829) 1993.  $29.50
ANDOVER CEMETERY INSCRIPTIONS.  Extr. from The Essex Antiquarian.  13p. paper. $4.50
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The Andover Townsman -  Historical Series - by Charlotte Helen Abbott transcription by Jerry Lovejoy - http://home.ici.net/~bennabre/cha.htm
Note - the complete series by Charlotte Helen Abbot plus all her notes (circa 1890s) are on file at the Andover Historical Society.
Note - the Andover Historical Society has a local history and genealogy library for Andover, it also has a nice house museum with old furniture, dresses, and tools.

Andover, Massachusetts. Early land grant records mostly prior to 1700 /
Preliminary rough draft typed by Betty Senechal from records dictated by Forbes Rockwell.
Note - Original in Andover Town Clerk's Vault. Facsimile copy at North
Andover Historical Society. Microfilm copy at North Andover Historical Society.
Andover Public Library and "Graphic Microfilm" in Waltham
Pub. Date: 1961

If you are in Andover and get tired of being inside, hike Andover's many hiking trials

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