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4th April 2004
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Craig Doyle
Seduced by the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and lifestyle, Sydney rocked in at number 8 of your top places to see.

Australia�s biggest and oldest city, Sydney has come a long way since its origins as a convenient place to re-locate convicts.

Now a stylish, vibrant and cosmopolitan city, visitors are treated to a delicious blend of stunning modern architecture, sandstone cliffs, fabulous beaches and of course, Sydney Harbour, the city�s most memorable image.

It�s not difficult to see why Sydney Harbour has been described as the most beautiful harbour in the world. Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge are the two icons which spring to mind.

The Opera House�s distinctive design incorporating nine overlapping shells caused nightmares in construction, but the outcome was well worth the effort.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, known locally as the 'Old Coat Hanger', does more than provide an impressive landmark. Its important function is joining central Sydney with north Sydney, predominantly a business district carrying thousands of train and car commuters.

Although Aussies work hard, they certainly play hard too, and it is not uncommon for workers to pop in for a spot of surfing on Manly, Bronte or Bondi Beach on the way home from work.

The beaches, bays and coves of Sydney provide a welcome contrast to traditional city life, and visitors are treated to the best of both worlds.

It might be the other side of the globe, but with so much to offer, it is well worth the trip.

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Price: Flights about £700

Approx flight time: 24 hours to Sydney with a stop in the Far East

  • it takes 10 years and 30,000 litres of paint to coat Sydney Harbour Bridge (apparently Paul Hogan was a SHB painter before he became an actor!)
  • 1400 workers took nine years to build the bridge, but 16 builders died in construction accidents
  • six million rivets hold the bridge together, and one is said to be solid gold
  • Sydney Opera House costs $40 million per year to run
  • the Grand Organ in the Concert Hall has 10,500 pipes, some as big as 10m tall!
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