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Coca-Karma: The Very Secret Battle of Bob Kolody vs. Coca-Cola (KO)

Prologue: April 18, 2001

When the shareholders of Coca-Cola filed into the Playhouse Theatre in Wilmington, Delaware on the morning of April 18 for their annual meeting, you can bet that the last name they had on their minds was that of Bob Kolody. What with the recent resignation of President and COO Jack Stahl, Chairman Doug Daft’s failed attempt to buy Quaker Oats, and the Atlanta court ruling that awarded close to $200 million dollars in damages to Johnny Cochran’s racial discrimination suit, they had enough names to worry about. Not to mention the fact that their stock was selling for $45, thirty percent off the 52 week high of $64. Right about where it was 5 years ago.

But if some of those shareholders had known the story that you are about to read, they would have had good reason to question Coca-Cola Chairman Doug Daft about Bob Kolody. They would have been fascinated to know that for the past four years Coke has employed one of the country’s top intellectual property lawyers to defend a case that it has never identified in its annual SEC filings. What’s more, the $4 billion lawsuit has gone totally unreported by a national media that has, of late, reveled in the prospect of major U.S. corporations involved in trials that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.

Over the next ten installments of an exclusive Special Report, GNN breaks wide open one of the most intriguing cases in corporate legal history. The story begins with a major advertising agency stealing an independent consultant's story-boards and culminates with allegations that Coke filed fraudulent copyright applications and enacted a high-level form of espionage against their legal opponent. What's more, the federal judge in the case has been accused of having links to organized crime. Tantalizing? You bet. And we’re only getting started…

Coca-Karma: The Very Secret Battle of Bob Kolody vs. Coca-Cola

>>Introduction: Short Synopsis

>>Part One: Classic Coke, Classic Cars
>>Part Two: The Plot Thickens
>>Part Three: David and Goliath
>>Part Four: Alice in Wonderland
>>Part Five: The Beginning of the End
>>Part Six: Enter Skolnick...
>>Part Seven: The Bravest Lawyer (I)
>>Part Eight: The Bravest Lawyer (II)
>>Part Nine: Battle Scars
>>Part Ten: Final Jeopardy

>>Epilogue: The Fire This Time

>>February 6, 2003 New Update


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Interview Transcripts:

Bob Kolody
Bob Kolody vs. Simon Marketing and the
Coca-Cola Company

Dan Ivy
U.S. Federal Attorney
Chief Counsel for
Bob Kolody

John De Camp
Federal Attorney, Nebraska
John De Camp Legal Services

Sherman Skolnick
Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts

Tom Field
Professor of Law
Franklin Pierce Law Center

Bob Ward
Intellectual Property Attorney
Seed International Property Law Group

Intelligence for Operatives:
Docket: Civil Action Number 97 C 0190 Documents
Court Records

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