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About us:

Crunchy Software is focused on supporting and improving its WowChart product.
WowChart is the only next-generation charting solution employing 3D rendering and animation.
Crunchy Software aims to produce the best, most spectacular charting solution on the planet.

Crunchy Software is a small startup operating from Wodonga, Victoria, Australia.
Crunchy Software has been involved in contract software development since it was incorporated in 1996.
Australian Business Number 81 073 062 923

Crunchy Software is operated by Paul Jones who has 14 years of professional software development experience.

Crunchy Software places great importance on customer support.
 Contact us here with your support query and we will respond usually within 24 hours.

Company Details:

Crunchy Software Pty. Ltd. has been operating since 1996.
Australian Business Number 81 073 062 923

Postal Address:
PO BOX 895
Lavington, NSW
Australia, 2641

+612 60242745

Latest News:

2 April 2004 - WowChart version 1.3.1 is out.
WowChart is now available in a more compact installer format. here

29 March 2004 - WowChart version 1.2 is out.
We've updated the website with more information and graphics.
New online help pages are available here
After you install WowChart, these help pages are available even when you aren't connected to the internet.

29 February 2004 - WowChart version 1.0.5 is out.
Checkout the new online video tutorials here
18 February 2004 - WowChart version 1.0.3 is out.
WowChart settings can now be exported and then imported to another WowChart.
Now its easy to copy the look of a chart you like!
15 January 2004 - WowChart Version 1 is here!.
WowChart now exports to Macromedia (SWF) flash format.
The flash files can be played back on PCs that don't have WowChart installed.
You can even put the flash files on a web page.
 Check out our gallery section to see the WowChart flash files in a webpage.
29 October 2003 - The WowChart Beta is out.
It incorporates support for Win98 and improved shading on the visuals.
Thanks to Ash, Bern, Bruce, Craig, Ed, Ellis, Jonno, Kingy, Daryl, Thor and Peter for the great feedback.