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Powered Forums v2.2
Our most recent release of our message board system is now
equipped with an events calendar, support for Style Sheets, message
archives, group forums, private messages, avatars and a host of
new features. A more detailed list of features can be found below.
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Powered Forums Licenses:

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General Features
  • Events Calendar.
  • Up to the minute display of who is currently online.
  • Member directory.
  • Advanced search function.
  • Users have to register before they can post.
  • Group Forums have their own Member Directory.
  • Users can print topics.
  • Users can view a text-only versions of the topics.
  • Users can view the message thread, which crearly shows who replied to the posts.
  • View how many times a topic has been viewed and replied to.
  • Users can preview their posts, works in both IE and Netscape.
  • Display of new messages since you last logged in.
  • Prevention of accidental double posts
  • Ability to create Sticky-Posts.
  • Administrators, Moderators and users have access to a 256 color Palette, which they can use to specidy colors for poll answers, forums settings and global settings.
  • Plus more . . .

Administrative Features
  • Setup unlimited categories and forums.
  • Specify who can use the Events Calendar.
  • Disable Private Mesages betweem members.
  • Use caching to increase the load times of forum pages.
  • Specify who can use Avatars.
  • Specify who can create polls.
  • Ability to create Global Polls
  • Use a Powered Word Filter system to filter out words from posts.
  • Ability to create Group Forums.
  • Ability to create Private (password protected) Forums.
  • Ability to create Public Forums. (no registration required to post)
  • Ability to create Read-Only Forums.
  • Use a Powered Control Panel to manage which Avatars will be used.
  • Ability to ban members by username or IP Address & use cookies.
  • Ability to lookup logged IP Addresses or search for an IP Address.
  • Ability to make sure users verify their email addresses before they can post.
  • Ability to write your own forum rules, which are visible when users register.
  • Send Mass Emails to all members or to different user types.
  • View the list of all polls created by Administrators, Moderators and users.
  • Delete topics from all forums or from specific ones.
  • Delete private messages according to the date they were posted.
  • Administrators inherit all features Moderators have.
  • Plus more . . .

Moderator Features
  • Customize forum colors and forum description.
  • Use of the Forum Header to include a banner or any special code/title for that forum.
  • Turn HTML, DKCode, Emoticons, Topic Icons and Attachments On/Off.
  • Create forum polls.
  • Moderators/Administrators can subscribe to forums (receive an email every time a message is posted)
  • Ban members from that specific forum.
  • Delete messages posted in a forum.
  • View a list of Reports submitted about members in a forum.
  • On Group Forums, Moderators can email group members and manage the Group Directory (add/delete members)
  • Edit and delete topics in a forum.
  • Lock and Unlock topics posted in a forum.
  • Move topics to a different forum.
  • Plus more . . .

Category Administrators
  • Setup unlimited forums within the category they are assigned to.
  • Edit and delete the forums in the category they are assigned to.
  • Category Administrators inherit all features Moderators have.

User Features
  • Users can create a signature, which they can include in their posts.
  • The forum can remember your login information.
  • Use Topic Icons and Emoticons to enhance their posts.
  • Use of DKCode to enhance posts (if not turned off)
  • Users can insert HTML in their messages (if not turned off)
  • Users can edit/delete their own messages.
  • Users can preview their messages before they post them.
  • Users decide how many messages should be displayed per page.
  • Users can report other members who break forum rules.
  • Email interesting topics to friends.
  • Users can subscribe to topics and be notified of new replies.
  • Send ICQ and Yahoo messages to other members.
  • Create your own Friends List and see which of them are online.
  • Ignore messages from other members.
  • Advanced control panel to manage private messages and profile.
  • If allowed, users can use an Avatar.
  • Users can include a picture in their profile.
  • Users can have custom fonts, font colors and sizes in their posts.
  • Plus more . . .

Navigation & Customization Features
  • Seamless integration with your existing web site.
  • Use Style Sheets to match the design of your website.
  • Full control over which colors, fonts and font sizes are used.
  • Specify how dates should be displayed throughout the forum system
  • Ability to enable/disable HTML DKCode Emoticons and images on posts and signatures.
  • Administrators and moderators have a different set of buttons than what users have, making it easier for them to move around the forums system.
  • Links are provided at the top of the pages to make it easier for users to navigate around the forums.
  • Specifying the page width also controls the size of certain form fields.
  • Specify in which order Forums and Categories should be displayed (alphabetical order, ascending, descending)
  • Plus more . . .

· Cold FusionTM Server 4.5 or greater.
· Windows NT/2000/XP, other systems have not been officially tested.
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0+, Netscape Navigator 4.0+
· Microsoft Access 2000/SQL Server 7/MySQL. Ms Access 2000 Database and SQL Database Wizard are included.
· Access to an SMTP server.

· 1 year of free upgrades with your purchase of any license.
· Product updates are always free.
· Free email support and use of our support forums.

Refund Policy:
No refunds will be issued once the software has been downloaded. You are more than welcomed to use our online demo to try this software before you buy it.

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