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Electronic Gaming Monthly : Review Crew : Freedom Fighters (Joe)
Freedom Fighters (GC)
Also On: Xbox
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Io Interactive
Genre(s): Action, Role Playing Game > Action
ESRB Rating: Teen
Release Date:
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Good: Commanding troops is easy and fun

Bad: Too short and overly serious

Wish We Could Play As: Patrick Swayze


Score:7.5 (out of 10)

I feel like Freedom Fighters doesn't quite fulfill its immense promise. It's missing the sort of polish that would make it a truly exceptional game, although it can largely get by on the fact that its core gameplay mechanic is so damn fun to play. Running through the war-torn streets of New York with a ragtag group of soldiers that follow your every order is just a blast. It's an eminently playable game—one that actually requires fewer button commands to direct troops than to use a health pack. The firefights are exciting and your squad members are smart enough to take care of themselves, although they aren't so self-sufficient that your presence on the battlefield is unnecessary.

On the downside, Freedom Fighters' story is about as well-developed as an episode of Go-Bots, and its cinema sequences are eye-bleedingly painful to watch. (You'll be embarrassed if any pop up while a roommate or girlfriend is around.) That's not an incredibly big deal, but anything that keeps you from being completely immersed in the game detracts from the experience. Most importantly, you come away from Freedom Fighters wanting more. Just when the game really hits its stride, it's over—and neither playing its underutilized multiplayer mode nor beginning the whole affair over again on a harder difficulty setting will quite satisfy your need.


Score:8.5 (out of 10)

What's most striking about Freedom Fighters is its unsurpassed sense of scale. Down several city blocks, you see St. Patrick's cathedral burning in the twilight and Hind gunships hunting rebels amid famous skyscrapers—yet you can tackle levels from any of several routes without getting lost. And what's not to love about running with a pack of capable resistance fighters who will clear rooms, cover your advance, and even sacrifice their very lives to keep you safe? Controlling them is simple and intuitive, so you genuinely feel like you're leading an intelligent team of fighters. Your enemies are smart, too: The commie bastards flee or take cover from inbound grenades and will scale walls to reach your sniping roosts. Easily one of the best all-out action games I've played all year.


Score:8 (out of 10)

My fellow urban guerrillas Joe and Shawn are right—liberating the Land of the Free from Russian invaders feels almost historically fun. Eliminating enemy forces and hoisting our country's colors high above Manhattan rooftops never feels repetitive, thanks to an assortment of secondary objectives like rescuing POWs or turning Soviet helipads into rubble with C4.

Plus, Freedom Fighters looks simply gorgeous. The areas are massive and superdetailed—I hope the next GTA cityscape is as visually stunning. And with the exception of touchy first-person shooting, the controls are totally responsive, with simple troop commands and precise third-person auto-aiming. Sadly, Freedom Fighters is over too quickly—it's easily completed during a weekend sitting, and the ho-hum multiplayer action probably won't keep you coming back.

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Players: 1-4 Multiplayer: Split Screen
Audio: Pro Logic

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