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April 02, 2004






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"PoliticsPA has transformed the political conversation in PA."

-State Rep. Jeff Coleman


"PoliticsPA does a fantastic job keeping the citizens of our great Commonwealth informed with factual information on all of the latest political news.  I commend PoliticsPA for their resourcefulness and ingenuity."

- Lt. Governor Catherine Baker Knoll


"PoliticsPA is a great resource and injects some much needed fun and insight into the political discussion here in Pennsylvania."

- Governor Ed Rendell


"It is clear that you are fast becoming the most widely read and trusted source of information in this town."

- House Speaker John Perzel


"I think it's (PoliticsPA) lively."

- Arlen Specter, United States Senator


"It's the most widely consulted Web site in the state for politics.''

- Dr. Terry Madonna, political analyst


"You have invited people to the party of Pennsylvania politics all year long.  Some have gotten what they wished for in your rankings.  Others just had their candles blown out.  Some have had their profile balloons rise; others just burst from too much self-inflation.  But you can be sure of one thing - there will be plenty of mischief and mayhem, misdeed and misquote, to keep you busy unwrapping the surprise packages of politics Pennsylvania-style for another twelve months."

- President Pro Tempore Robert Jubelirer


"Nineveh, the ancient Assyrian capital of antiquity had many splendors, but they didn't have PoliticsPA! Your munificent accolades of my intellect and my platoon are surpassed only by your capacity to keep us on our proverbial toes. Happy anniversary PoliticsPA!"

- House Democratic Leader Bill DeWeese


"Congratulations to PoliticsPA on one year of providing us complete coverage on Pennsylvania Politics.  When the others won't or can't get the story, PoliticsPA always does. "
- Attorney General Mike Fisher


"Washington has 'The Hotline,' and Pennsylvania has PoliticsPA.  You guys are an excellent source for political analysis and late breaking news.  You provide just the right mix of insightful commentary, and of course that necessary dose of humor." 

- Congresswoman Melissa Hart


"Whenever I am in session in Washington D.C., I always keep up to date on Pennsylvania politics using your site."
-Congressman Tim Holden


"Thanks for providing a one-stop click for political junkies like me."

- TJ Rooney, Chair, Democratic State Committee


"When it comes to affairs of the state, PoliticsPA is the best place for tips and leads about everything that's happening in Pennsylvania. The Web site keeps a close tab on state politics and makes everyone an insider---and that makes those of us on the inside a bit nervous! The cloak-and-dagger approach of PoliticsPA offers a legitimate source of news and information that keeps the Capitol buzzing and keyboards clicking around the state."
- Mike Veon, House Democratic Whip


"You have brightened the Pennsylvania political scene, improved the body politic and gave us all a few more laughs. Many More."

- Senator Allen Kukovich


" ... an enormously popular and anonymous Web site devoted to state politics."

- Amy Werden, Philadelphia Inquirer


"Who would have thought it possible? A website run by a completely anonymous organization, mostly fueled by tips, hints and wispy strands of information, becomes the must read every morning for the political movers and shakers of Pennsylvania. You've gotta love this business! Keep up the good work."

- David Millner, political consultant


", the 'New York Times' of Pennsylvania political news coverage!"
- Ed Mitchell, political consultant


"PoliticsPA gives us a thorough coverage and great inside baseball on Pennsylvania politics..."  

- Dan Ronayne, RNC Northeast Regional Press Secretary


"PoliticsPA is like the morning cup of coffee we political junkies depend on before starting each day."

-Ken Snyder, Democratic party spokesman



George Bedwick: Bedwick, a King's College graduate, is an encyclopedia of institutional knowledge and a brilliant analyst for Representative Mike Veon.



Chris Bravacos: The Bravo Group President and Founder, Bravacos has one of the sharpest minds for politics and business.  He is a graduate of American University.


Donna Cooper: Governor Rendell's Policy Director Governor Rendell is a wonk's wonk.  Cooper was previously executive director of Good Schools Pennsylvania, a public education advocacy organization. Cooper also served as Deputy Mayor for Policy and Planning in Rendell's mayoral administration.



Christopher Craig: An attorney with the Senate Democratic Appropriations Committee, he has a law degree from Widener, earned his bachelors as Lebanon Valley College.



Vince Galko:  Senator Santorum's State Director earned an MGA in
Government Administration from the University of Pennsylvania
MA in History from the University of Scranton, and BA in International
Relations and Economics from Saint Joseph's University. We're told in order to get on his boss's good side, Galko convinced Santorum that the University of Pennsylvania is the Philadelphia campus of Penn State University.

Kent Gates: A true student of politics, Gates has made a living out of knowing more about the game than his candidates' supporters and opponents.  He's got the political mind and experience of someone twice his age.  Gates has a Masters Degree from Penn State.


John Hawkins:  Currently serves as an issues guy and operative for State Senator Fumo and Philadelphia Councilman-at-Large Jim Kenney. Previously Hawkins worked for Casey for Governor, Weinberg for Mayor, and the Committee of Seventy, as well as chairman of Young America PAC.  Hawkins is a graduate of Penn's Fels School of Government.


Pat Henderson: Henderson, an aide to Senator Mary Jo White, has been making good policy on the Environmental Resources & Energy Committee for more than four years. He is a graduate of Bloomsburg University.



Bob Holste: Holste knows the science of politics better than almost anyone.  The most common complaint heard about Holste, Congressman English's Chief of Staff and alter ego, is that his talent could be better utilized in competitive races.



Kris Jones:  Congressman Kanjorski's new District Director  graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Pennsylvania State, a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology from Villanova University, and Law Degree from Albany Law. 


Mike Long: The staff administrator for Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Jubelirer, is smart, powerful and gets the joke.  Long graduated from Millersville University.


Steve MacNett: The chief counsel to Senate Republicans, MacNett is the most powerful staffer in the Statehouse.  This Dickinson grad got that way through being the smartest and lasting the longest.


Mike Manzo:  You've got to be pretty smart to keep up with Bill DeWeese, and Manzo does just that.  Manzo is a graduate of Penn State University.  Manzo earned an honorary Masters from the State Rep. Bud George school of politics.



Joseph McLaughlin:  The former S.R. Wojdak and Associates lobbyist joined the Rendell administration as senior advisor and expert at legislative minutia.


R. David Myers:  The Governor's Deputy Chief of Staff has been serving for 25 years in the State House and for Governor Casey.  Myers attended Cornell undergrad and earned his Masters from the University of Massachusetts.



Gerald Pappert:  The Villanova undergrad and Notre Dame law graduate is adds brainpower the to Office of Attorney General.  He'll become Attorney General once Mike Fisher is approved by the United States Senate to serve on the United States Court of Appeals.



Kathy Pippy:  The military veteran (she enrolled at age 17) is one of the smartest operatives in Western Pennsylvania graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, after attending US Military Academy Preparatory School and West Point. 



Joe Powers:  The former House Democratic staffer is now serving as executive deputy secretary for the Department of Environmental Protection.  Powers knows how to create and implement good policy... he's been at it for thirty years.  He is a graduate of St. Joseph's University.


Brian Preski:  Everyone knows Preski is extraordinarily talented and motivated.  Not as many know the guy has more brainpower than just about anyone else in Harrisburg.  Brian earned is bachelors degree from St. Joe's, and earned a JD at the Delaware School of Law.



Mike Sarfert:  The Penn State and Widener Law grad works for Senator Piccola, after having started with as a legal aide to Pennsylvania Community Bankers and Senator Bruce Marks.  Another smart power couple, his wife is legislative director for Senator Noah Wenger.



Ken Snyder: Wooed by Presidential, Senatorial, Gubernatorial, Congressional, and Mayoral races, Snyder is considered by many in Pennsylvania to be among the most intelligent spokesmen and strategists around... just ask the Freshman Senator Frank Lautenberg in New Jersey.  He earned his Masters at Loyola of Chicago, and pursued a PhD at the University of Wisconsin.



Mary Soderberg: The former Democratic House staffer moved on to the State System of Higher Education, as vice chancellor for Administration and Finance.  She earned her master's degree from Penn State University in public administration and her bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin.


Sandi Vito:  Vito now serves as Deputy Secretary for Workforce Development for the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.  The former NARAL Executive Director, Gore operative, and Rendell confidant's intelligence is taking her places.  The Department of Labor and Industry is not her last stop.



Dennis Yablonsky: He's earned a reputation of being willing to think outside the box and continue learning, and that keeps Yablonsky winning accolades at the Department of Community and Economic Development.  He was founding CEO of the Pittsburgh Digital Greenhouse, and before coming to work for Governor Rendell, had a number of successful business ventures, particularly in technology.  Yablonsky is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.