Carl Cook
(Producer / Mixer / Engineer / Arranger)

Carl, although relatively close to the beginning of his career as a producer, has already rubbed shoulders with some big names in the music industry. Having been 'spotted' by acclaimed STONE ROSES and RADIOHEAD producer John Leckie whilst co-producing THE BANDITS for B'Unique, Carl quickly came to the attention of SJP.

Carl originally made his mark as the guitarist for cult band THE STAIRS back in 1994. Having first been asked to join the band to do some horn arrangements on a self financed 2nd album, and after jamming with them, they asked Carl to join and then sacked their two other guitarists. Carl had a large role in the production of the album and this kicked off his production career.

2 years of extensive gigging, rehearsals and recording later, Carl left THE STAIRS to form MANNA who toured with TRAVIS, who became fans of the band, and signed to Polydor in May 1997. The advance money opened the door to the funding of a studio set up in The Ministry rehearsal rooms in Liverpool, allowing yet more focus on production.

Unfortunately, MANNA were to be 'bought out' of their Polydor deal in August 1998 following the Seagram Polygram buy out. However, the good news to follow this was that Carl was then free to continue with MANNA and The Ministry studio until June 2000, producing local bands and continuing to hone his production skills with MANNA. By 2001 Carl was producing JOHN POWER in a bid to change his direction post-CAST, and get him a record deal, which he recently gained. Carl's work on the project is still ongoing.

By the end of 2001, Carl was also starting work producing EDGAR SUMMERTYME (the former STAIRS front man) for RGR Records. At the beginning of 2002 he co-produced (with the band), recorded and mixed the debut "Bitch" EP by the CRANEBUILDERS which gained critical acclaim and added Carl's name to the burgeoning Liverpool scene the UK has witnessed this past year.

In May 2002 Carl co-produced another Liverpool band THE BANDITS where he worked alongside John Leckie at Rockfield. John was impressed enough with Carl's performance that he recommended him to SJP, something he's never done before in his long career.

Following more work with CRACKOUT for Hut on their upcoming 2nd album, Carl went back in to the studio with Leckie and THE BANDITS in August. Carl is currently co-producing SAYBIA with Ian Caple and producing more tracks for CRACKOUT

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