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5th April 2004
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Best time to go: Egypt is warm year-round, and rarely experiences rain. Intensely hot and dry during June to October

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Craig Doyle
Luxor on the River Nile, was your 34th pick of the top 50 places to see.

This is the place to be seen if you're a Pharaoh. Luxor was once the centre of Egyptian power, and has been described as the world's greatest open air museum.

Here you will find the impressive Luxor Temple, started by Amenophis III in c1350BC but added to after his lifetime. The grand entranceway to the temple is guarded by majestic statues of Ramses II, and was originally flanked by a pair of obelisks. Only one remains. The other was presented to France by Mohammed Ali (no not that one!) in 1831 and is now in the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

From Luxor Temple, the Avenue of Ram-Headed Sphinxes will take you in the direction of the Karnak Temple. At that point you will understand why Luxor was considered a 'minor' temple.

The Karnak Temple is the largest ancient temple complex in Egypt. The Great Temple at the heart of the Karnak complex is so enormous, it has been estimated that St Peter�s, Milan and Notre Dame Cathedrals could be lost within its walls. The Hypostyle Hall is a massive 54,000 square feet and is reported to be the largest room in any religious building in the world.

In addition to the temples, Luxor is home to Tutankhamun�s burial chamber in the Valley of the Kings on the west bank of Luxor at Thebes, but if visiting the site, beware of Tutankhamun�s curse!


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Price: Flights to Luxor around £350 return

Approx flight time: About 5.5 hours to Luxor from London

  • the Hypostyle Hall has 134 columns that are reported to be up to 21 metres high, and the top of each one could accommodate 50 standing children
  • before embalming the dead pharaohs, their brains would be removed via their nostrils using a hooked implement
  • it is believed that the average ancient Egyptian man was only five feet tall
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