by Irene Duquette 1999


(Size: 5 inches using an I Hook)



Small amounts of worsted wt yarn in white and black and red

Size G, H or I Hook

Tiny pom-poms or buttons for eyes, and buttons

Pin, magnet or hangar depending on what you want him to be.

Tacky Glue

(Leave flat for pin or fridgie, stuff for ornament/decoration)


SHOWMAN is worked in rounds. Do not join rounds but mark the beginning of each round.

Chain 2

Rnd 1: 12 sc in second sc. (12 sc)

Rnd 2: (1 sc in next sc, 2 sc in next sc) all around. (18 sc)

Rnd 3,4,5,6 sc in each sc around (18 sc)

Rnd 7: (sc in next sc, dec over next 2 sc) around. (12 sc)

Rnd 8: (dec over next 2 sc) around. (6 sc)

Rnd 9: 2 sc in each sc. (12 sc)

Rnd 10,11,12,13: 1 sc in each sc. (12 sc)

Rnd 14: (dec in next 2 sc) around. Finish off (6 sc). Gather to close end.

HAT is worked in rounds also.

Chain 6

Rnd 1: Sc in each stitch (5 sc) then work on other side of chain sc in free loops of previous 5 sc. Do not join (10 sc)

Rnd 2 and 3 Sc in each sc around (10 sc)

Rnd 4: (Brim) Working in front loops slip stitch in next sc. Ch 3 and dc in same space. 2 dc in each sc around. Join to 3rd stitch of first dc. Finish off

Sew hat to top of head. If youre lazy like me you will glue it on with tacky glue.

Glue on eyes and buttons. Add bow.


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