Stuphead MUA
This page is about Stuphead mail user agent. Stuphead is small and fast graphical e-mail client based on GTK+ library. The project was born as a fork from Sylpheed MUA by Hiroyuki Yamamoto. Currently it has been tested on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, IRIX and Sun Solaris.
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About Stuphead

Stuphead includes following features:
  • Full character encondings support, based on iconv library
  • Full NNTP support, including NNTP authorization
  • SMTP authorization support
  • Optional compiled-in support for viewing image and html attachments (via CscHTML or Mozilla widgets)
  • On the fly spell checking
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to post them to our maillist To subscribe send a message to with subscribe stuphead line in the message body.


  • Tue Jun 19 2001
    Rebuilt RPM and SRPM with patch applied. Also built RPM with CscHTML support.
  • Sat Jun 09 2001
    After the release some critical errors were fixed, therefore we decided to place a patch here, for those users, who could not download Stuphead from CVS.
    Also, as a kind of experiment, the Stuphead project was added to ASPLinux Bugzilla. Bugzilla is a bug tracking system. If you have any reports about errors or want to propose an enhancement, try to put them here.
  • Wed Jun 06 2001
    Stuphead 0.5.3 released.
    See ChangeLog for changes.
  • Sun Apr 29 2001
    Stuphead 0.5.2 released.


Everybody likes screenshots :)
  • Main window with HTML message being viewied.

    Click here to zoom in

  • Editing encodings. Compiled with GNOME support.

    Click here to zoom in


Q: I've asked a question, but nobody answered me.
A: May be you can find the answer in documentation, or the question is senseless.

Q: I've checked out latest CVS sources, but can't build Stuphead.
A: CVS is really developers tool. You should know what to do with downloaded sources. If you are an unexperinced user, you should use tarballs from our site. BTW, you could try asking in stuphead mail list.

Q: When the "X" feature will become available?
A: The source is available, so download it and do it yourself. Please don't think that OpenSource developers are your personal slaves. © FreeAmp FAQ


Below you can find latest Stuphead releases and other files related to Stuphead.

Latest release (0.5.3)
Latest release gzipped tarball
Latest release bzipped tarball
Latest release SRPM (RH 7.1)
Latest release RPM (RH 7.1)
Latest release RPM built with CscHTML (RH 7.1)

Previous release (0.5.2)
Previous release gzipped tarball
Previous release bzipped tarball
Previous release SRPM (RH 7.1)
Previous release RPM (RH 7.1)

CscHTML (for viewing HTML-formatted messages)
CscHTML gzipped tarball.
Hack-patch for CscHTML.
Hacked with above patch CscHTML SRPM (RH 7.1).
Hacked with above patch CscHTML RPM (RH 7.1)
Hacked with above patch CscHTML-devel RPM (RH 7.1)


You may get latest Stuphead sources via CVS. You need to execute the following commands:

cvs login
cvs checkout stuphead
cvs logout

The password is anoncvs