by Dr. J. Michael Hill


In 1995 a young white father and husband, Michael Westerman of Kentucky, was shot to death by several black thugs because he flew a Confederate battleflag from his truck. There was no national outrage, and had it not been for various organizations within the Southern movement, there likely would have been no attention at all paid to this particularly ugly murder. As it turned out, we were branded “racists” by the media for daring to draw attention to the fact that the crime had racial overtones. Moreover, the U. S. Justice Department rushed into the area to investigate . . . cross burnings ostensibly prompted by Westerman’s murder. The Westerman family and the rest of us learned very quickly where we stood on the Federal totem pole.

Just recently, on the weekend of January 20, another such racial incident took place, though without, thank God, the serious consequences of death or injury. The South Carolina League of the South, in conjunction with Lee-Jackson day, held a recruiting meeting in Sumter County. At about 11:00 a.m., the attendees (including children) were treated to a drive-by shooting, courtesy of two disgruntled Negroes. A local law enforcement officer hinted that such trouble could be avoided in the future by putting away those awful Confederate flags. Needless to say, there has been no outrage over this story in either the national or major state media in South Carolina. But can you imagine what the reaction might have been had the shoe been on the other foot and whites had shot up a black gathering, say, on MLK day?

To even the most casual observer of current events in America, it should be obvious that the Establishment regime is engaged in a concerted effort to foster black rage and white guilt. The goal of this not-so-subtle campaign is to undermine the founding principles of the old American Republic by vilifying as “racists” those white, Christian European-Americans who gave us our institutions and to dispossess their posterity—us.

“Whiteness” has become the source of all evil in the world, so says the unholy alliance of black race-hustlers and their white liberal allies. According to the highly acclaimed magazine Race Traitor (a publication of Harvard University’s W. E. B. DuBois African-American Studies Institute), “Treason to Whiteness is Loyalty to Humanity.”

Race Traitor is symptomatic of the pervading anti-white ideologies of the Left that now dominate the academy. For its part, the U. S. Government supports these anti-white ideologies by upholding racial quotas, unrestricted Third World immigration, and hate-crimes legislation. Furthermore, the national media (TV, movies, newspapers, and magazines) constantly reinforce the perception that black (or colored) is inherently good and that white is bad. Why, then, should we be surprised when most whites succumb to guilt over individual as well as “institutional racism?” The same message is constantly dinned into their ears: Since they are white—and white is synonymous with evil—they must be to blame for all black failures and shortcomings.

Nowhere is this attempt to incite black rage and to encourage white guilt more apparent than in the national media’s biased coverage of interracial crimes of violence. Few Americans could have avoided hearing about the 1998 dragging death of James Byrd, Jr., a black man from Jasper, Texas. In the eyes of the media elite, Byrd’s death at the hands of three white acquaintances was prima facie evidence that whites routinely commit horrible crimes against innocent blacks.

But where were the national media in December 2000 when the Carr brothers (two blacks from Dodge City, Kansas) committed a quadruple murder against whites in Wichita. After breaking into the apartment of one of the victims and ransacking the place, they forced at gunpoint five whites—three men and two women—to drive to a number of ATM machines and withdraw money. Afterwards, the victims were taken to a remote soccer field where the women were repeatedly raped. Then all five were made to kneel on the ground and were shot by their kidnappers. One white woman survived and later identified Reginald and Jonathan Carr as the perpetrators of a heinous crime that never made the national news. Local authorities claimed that race was no motive, despite the fact that the Carr brothers had been on a weeklong crime spree in which all their victims had been white.

Unfortunately, the quadruple murder in Wichita has not been the only cover-up by the liberal national media of what can only be described as an epidemic of black-on-white violent crime. For instance, where were CNN and Fox News only a year earlier when three white Michigan teens were brutally assaulted by a gang of blacks after the former had hopped a train and landed in a black neighborhood? One of the whites, Michael Carter, aged 14, was killed. The other boy, Dustin Kaiser, was nearly beaten to death, while the lone white female was shot in the face after having been forced to perform oral sex on the perpetrators.

Why were the national media silent when in 1998 three black teens in Burlington, North Carolina, kidnapped, raped, and murdered 10-year-old Tiffany Long (white)? Where was Peter Jennings when Donald Lange (white) was nearly beaten and stomped to death upon leaving a restaurant near Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, by a gang of blacks? And where was Tom Brokaw when Patricia Stansfield (white) of Streator, Illinois, died in August 1998 after being dragged for three miles behind a black driver’s automobile?

Why didn’t Ted Koppel tell us about Richard Skelton (white) of Wood River, Illinois, who was stomped to death in August 1998 by ten black men after he entered their neighborhood to retrieve a stolen television set? Why did we not hear from Dan Rather about the adventures of one Donald Flagg (black), who in April 1998 raped Debra Puglisi (white) and shot and killed her husband in Newark, New Jersey? Flagg broke into the Puglisi home to lay in wait for Mrs. Puglisi, but was surprised by her husband. Flagg shot and killed him, and when Mrs. Puglisi arrived, he kidnapped her, took her to his own home, and repeatedly raped her before she managed to escape.

Where was The New York Times in August 1998 to tell us the story of Susan Raye Moore and Tracy Rose Lambert (both white) who were abducted as they left a nightclub in Cumberland County, North Carolina, by members of a black street gang? Both girls were found the next day in a field, shot to death, execution style, as part of a “Crips” gang initiation. Why didn’t The Washington Post enlighten us about the fate of 10-year-old Lauren Relyen (white), who was raped, beaten, and stabbed to death by a black assailant in January 1998? Why didn’t we see then President Bill Clinton biting his bottom lip and decrying the demise of Brandy Duvall (white), aged 14, in May 1997? Miss Duvall was gang-raped and then stabbed by several Hispanic males in Denver, Colorado.

Why were we not told about Arthur Bomar (black), a repeat offender out on parole, who kidnapped 22-year-old college student Aimee Willard (white) in September 1997 in Philadelphia? Bomar purposely ran into Miss Willard’s automobile, and when she got out he beat her with a tire iron, raped her, and dumped her corpse in a nearby vacant lot. Where was the ever-vigilant Janet Reno when Laurie White (white) was found dead with an electrical cord wrapped around her neck after having been raped by a black man in Little Rock, Arkansas, in June 1997? And where was the national media when 25-year-old Missy McLaughlin (white) was abducted from her home in Charleston, South Carolina, in December 1992, by a carload of black males? Miss McLaughlin was driven to an all-black trailer park where she was systematically tortured and gang-raped. Eventually, she was shot six times and dumped along U. S. Highway 78 outside of the city. One of her tormentors later confessed that he and his friends had killed their white victim because of “400 years of oppression.”

Adding to this list would indeed be an easy task, but my point is made. The liberal-leftist media hide any evidence of black-on-white violent crime and conversely publicize any white-on-black crime in order to enrage blacks and to foster guilt in whites. But the truth is exactly the opposite of what the media moguls of Hollywood and New York wish to convey. The Department of Justice’s own crime statistics show that in 1993, for example, there were 1.54 million crimes of violence committed by blacks against whites. In stark contrast, the report revealed that in the same year whites (including Hispanics) committed only 187,000 violent crimes against blacks. When population figures are taken into account, blacks proved some fifty times more likely to commit violent crimes against whites than vice-versa. Moreover, in 1994 some 20,000 white women were raped by black men as compared to only around 100 black women raped by white men. If the situation were reversed, the media and politicians of both parties would dub it a national crisis and act accordingly.

Recently in my hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a black organization at the University of Alabama sponsored an event on campus denouncing the rising epidemic of black-on-black crime. I could not help but wonder just what sort of reception the media would afford a group of white students decrying white-on-white crime (or God forbid, the epidemic of black-on-white crime)? The fact that blacks are praised for calling attention to the issue of intra-racial crime in their own neighborhoods, but are never chided for ignoring black-on-white crime, sends whites a clear message: “we are the victims, not you; and besides, whitey, you’re just getting your just desserts for all the evils you’ve perpetrated all these years against people of color. Get over it!” What is shameful (and frankly a bit puzzling since most of them are white themselves) is that the media continue to give cover to the lie.

I have heard liberals excuse the perpetration of falsehoods about black-on-white crime by saying that telling the truth about black behavior would only give ammunition to white “racists.” But, conversely, we must question what sort of ammunition is being given to black “racists” by the media’s skewed coverage of interracial crimes? On the one hand, each highly publicized white-on-black murder is used to convince blacks that any action, however violent and immoral, against the “evil” white man is morally justifiable (remember the mantra “by whatever means necessary”?). On the other, every violent crime committed by whites against blacks is used to further reinforce collective guilt among an easily browbeaten white population. Simply put, this is the game plan of the multicultural imperialist regime in America today. Unfortunately for whites, the plan is being successfully worked to dispossess them of their legal rights and ultimately of their will to resist.

Some whites, however, are beginning to speak openly about the undeniable racial double standard that exists in modern America. They know that the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world are nothing but vile race hustlers and that “institutional racism” is merely an excuse to mask black failure and to justify lawless and aggressive behavior against “white oppressors.” Whites are also beginning to understand the seriousness of statements such as the one from Rev. James Cone, a chief proponent of Black Liberation Theology: “What we need is the destruction of whiteness, which is the source of human misery in the world.” All in all, I’d say that the leftist agenda on race is pretty clear. The question is, what are we white traditionalists going to do about it?

Michael Hill
The League of the South

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