Welcome to our Tour of Gigantic Tacky Concrete Sculptures in Minnesota Lake Country!

  Last summer, we had a few days over the 4th of July to do some puttering around the lakes.  We visited my brother in Watertown SD, then headed up to visit some of Kyle's relatives in Battle Lake, MN, spent a couple nights at a friend's cabin on Dead lake, and rounded of the trip at my folks' condo in Detroit Lakes.
As we crossed the border from Whapeton, ND to Minnesota, we saw this looming by the side of the road.


Of course, we had to stop and take a picture with it, because at one time, someone said, "Hey, if we build a great big concrete statue of a catfish by the side of the road, people will want to stop and take pictures and spend their tourism dollars here."  We didn't spend a red cent, but we have a snapshot!

So, after some fun and sun with Grandma and Grandpa D.,
beach beach

we made it a point to stop at any large concrete thing along the way.  In this part of Minnesota, we could have stopped at any number of large concrete things, including several Paul Bunyans, a Big Ole and a Prairie Chicken.  However, this year's itinerary included:
Big Chief Whatsisname in Battle Lake, MN
(With Kyle's cousin Kay and her daughter)

The "World's Largest Turkey" in Frazee, MN

A big Honkin' Pelican in Pelican Rapids, MN
the flood waters were way up so you couldn't stand on his feet this year.

We plan to continue our concrete adventures over the years as we drag our daughters on family outings.  We need to give them some fodder for future therapy, and this is as good a chance as any.  Future plans include large balls of twine and threshing bees.  And the silly part is, we'll probably all actually have fun.