On Sunday, May 6, we dragged Bruno fresh from Prom night to a Twins game.  He got a nap in in the car on the way, but he looks a little punchy in some of the pictures.

Sunday Home games are "Kids Days" at the Metrodome.  Before the game, they block off Kirby Puckett Drive and have Music and free activities and concessions.  T'Shael threw some pitches and tested her speed.  We watched a magician and got balloon animals and free ice cream.



Kyle observed the festivities as he often does, through a viewfinder.
He's expressed his frstration at viewing events through a little box, but it's in his blood.  He's got the eye for a good shot.  Bonus hubby points to him for being the family documentarian.

We got a couple shots of the field, but you've all seen a ballgame on TV, so you know what that looks like.
After Sunday games, kids can run the bases at the dome.
The girls lined up to be herded through.

They booked around, and Geordi cruised into home plate

Then they took a photo op on a corporate logo


And lined up to meet the Mascot


So a good time was had by all, and we actually made it out of the Dome on relatively little money.  Up to 4 kids get in for $2 with an Adult GA ticket ($11)  We blew about $25 on concessions, got free T-Shirts for signing up for unwanted credit cards, and paid $7 to park.  (I choose to spend the money to park close rather than herd my kids through downtown to park cheaper).  So, for my hometown propaganda, you still can get in for a good time on a budget, even if the MLB owners are a bunch of corporate-welfare-sucking, money-grubbing, whiners.  Oops.  Did I say that?