Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

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Selamat Jarin! Once again, we come before you, dear Hearts! Our fleet is prepared to do whatever Heaven demands of us. During the past few months, we have waited patiently as our various Earth allies did what they said was necessary in order to finish their many tasks. Although these duties took much longer than we had anticipated, our Earthly allies assure us that, at last, they have indeed completed their assignments. Therefore, we believe that many significant announcements and governmental changes are about to be made. With them, we fully expect that soon, it will be our turn to speak to you! For this most auspicious event, we have prepared a series of scenarios, each of which is connected to what our Earthly allies have actually said and done. As always, we have assembled our defense forces to ensure our Earth allies' success. The same Galactic Federation of Light command team that is in charge of protecting our ongoing first contact observation missions will be handling these crucial undertakings. We expect no difficulties in the projects' execution once these Earth announcements begin. In fact, as we have indicated, we anxiously await them.

      This magic moment will mark the end of a long, dark night on your world. Over the last 100 years, your dark cabals have tried feverishly to seduce you into believing that they have your best interests at heart. To accomplish this, they drafted a scenario early in your 20th Century by which they would obtain unprecedented control of the world's media. Moreover, they used their control of your growing global economy to limit the types of publicly marketed inventions. As a result, you were left with an economy that was dependent upon various forms of fossil fuels. The emerging electrical industry was compelled to remain a subsidiary of its larger petrochemical overseer. Advanced forms of space or solar energy had to be kept concealed or discredited as the work of charlatans. By this process, your secret rulers could carefully measure your progress and fully exploit its fruits. The cabals applied the same concept to our appearance in your skies. Because they saw us, initially, as a threat to their plans, they concocted the elaborate cover-up that is about to unravel, now, before their very eyes.

      The period prior to and during World War II was a time when a great deal of new technology was prototyped. The dark cabals planned to use these devices, eventually, to totally enslave you. Our arrival en masse in your skies resulted from the success of these experiments. Space and nuclear energy were at the beck and call of your secret rulers. They possessed primitive electromagnetic propulsion systems to power anti-gravity craft. They were also developing primitive forms of time travel and a range of high-energy pulse weapons. Even a brief but necessary 'arrangement' between the Galactic Federation and the dark Anchara Alliance to stop Nazi Germany from deploying these weapons during the early years of WWII failed to prevent them, in the late 1940s, from being entered into the secret inventories of your dark cabals. These events led to the UFO crashes that helped give rise to the current UFO cover-up. To this was added, during the 1950s, a small element from the Anchara Alliance, which decided to use the dark cabals to further their own monstrous ambitions.

      Once Heaven fully realized what had begun, we were requested to intensify our observation of your world. Further, we asked to begin a series of unofficial contacts with concerned scientists on your world. These communications were carried out by the Pleiadean Star League and by several groups of Earth-born humans. In the 1890s and again, in the 1930s and 1940s, several German/Italian-based groups developed anti-gravity craft. They flew into space and requested asylum, which we granted. The Pleiadeans allowed many of these groups to live in a number of their underground observation bases. Together, these two groups visited various scientists during the 1950s and a number of contactees from the 1960s through the 1990s. Their initial messages warned of the imminent danger to your planet from nuclear conflict and global pollution. Later interactions, as we began to instruct you in your coming first contact with us, involved a much-larger group of Galactic Federation star-nations.

      As we have mentioned in previous messages, the past decade witnessed the transfer of alliances by your off-world rulers, the Anunnaki, and a sudden decree by Anchara, the chief dark spirit of this galaxy, which ended the galactic wars. These events isolated your dark cabals and, in 1998, made possible a number of major agreements with our Earth allies. This brings our commentary back to the present. Right now, the last vestiges of a half-decade struggle is being waged between elements on your world that favor freedom and sovereignty and those that intend, still, to enslave you. Our Earth allies wish a number of important agreements to be manifested. They, as you know, will make possible great abundance and allow an enormous shift to occur in your political, economic and monetary systems. Our ultimate goal in Heaven and in the galaxy is to transform you from Beings limited by their environment to those who are utterly unlimited.

      Together with this enhanced ability to manifest your abundance is the heightening of your consciousness. You need to embrace the tasks inherent in the guardianship of Mother Earth and her fragile eco-system. The cetaceans and the Inner Earth society of Agharta are most eager to act as your mentors in these matters. We, too, are ready to offer assistance if needed. To this end, we have organized a series of scientific liaison teams that specialize in advanced ecological techniques. We also have assembled a number of Sirian priests and priestesses who wish to teach you the special chants originally handed down during the settling of Lemuria nearly 900,000 years ago. Mother Earth looks forward to the time when you will pay her homage. She is grateful to all of you who have continued, through 13 millennia of darkness, to honor her and her fragile life net.

      An important indicator of what is unfolding is your Sun. Her ongoing hyperactivity is a significant sign of how fast your reality is shifting. The present world on which you dwell is in transition. This transition is not intended to last further decades. Instead, it is meant to be a meaningful and swift alteration. Your last, global cabal has extended this period, but not changed its inevitability. When directed, our forces are ready to implement the decrees of Heaven and to bring this present drama to its proper conclusion. Until then, we shall rely upon the wisdom and experience of your Ascended Masters to guide us. Their interactions with our Earth allies and this last, dark cabal are producing results. Now, we fully expect them to draft the final scenario and, with it, make possible your perfect victory!

      This moment is actually the dénouement in a great drama that has taken nearly 13 millennia to unravel. Now, we in Heaven and in the Galactic Federation of Light are ready to conclude the performance and move on to the next steps in your Ascension process. This last, dark cabal has done everything in its power to delay your victory. We are losing our divine patience and graciously wish to inform all concerned of this. We have not come from our many realms to watch you fail to succeed. We have come to empower you in the shaping of a glorious, new reality. That new reality is about to be born. For that reason, we, its divine protectors, want to tell all of you that we will not tolerate any further delay in this birth process. The clock is ticking and the time for the final alarm fast approaches. Know, dear Hearts, that your exultant celebration awaits! We shall not be late for the party!

      Today, we have reviewed events that have occurred and that now are unfolding in your world. We wish to assure you that the time for your great victory has arrived. We ask you, dear Ones, to stay unfailingly committed and totally prepared for what will be. Our time to visit and guide you draws near. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know, in your Heart of Hearts, that Heaven's endless Supply and ceaseless Prosperity is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Kasijaram! (Sirian for Be One! Be Blessed in Love and in Joy!)

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