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7th April 2004
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United Arab Emirates


Best time to go: Best from October to May. It gets very hot from June to September

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Craig Doyle
The futuristic skyline of Dubai helped it gain a ranking of 38.

You will be wowed by this desert turned modern metropolis. Dubai is a city which will dazzle and inspire you time and time again.

It is hard to believe that at the beginning of the 20th century there were no roads, running water, electricity or hospitals in this city.

At that time, the main form of transport was donkey or camel, and bedouins roamed freely, undisturbed by modernity. The first tarmac road in Dubai was not built until 1960.

Things have changed dramatically. Today Dubai has been transformed into a fascinating mix of modern hi-tech buildings and sumptuous traditional Arabic culture.

Dubai is famed for its amazingly shaped and shamefully luxurious hotels, sultry sand-dunes, wicked water sports and green golf courses.

It has also been described as the perfect shopper�s paradise.

There is a lack of duty and taxes and you will find designer shops along with traditional Arabian shops. Dubai is known as the City of Gold, and you will realise why if you viset the Gold Souq where you will find just about every type of gold jewellery on offer.

And Dubai is a city of superlatives. It boasts the tallest hotel in the world, the richest horse race, the largest single golf green, the longest sofa and the world�s largest shwarma.


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Price: About £300 return

Approx flight time: London to Dubai is 7 hours, while Abu Dhabi is 6 hours 35 minutes flight away

  • at 321 metres high, the all-suite, sail-shaped Burj Al Arab is the tallest hotel in the world
  • Dubai�s latest golf course, the Montgomerie boasts the largest single golf green in the world at the 13th green
  • the Dubai World Cup is the world's richest horse race offering the highest prize fund to the winner
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Time difference
GMT = 4 hours ahead

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Hepatitis A recommended, Typhoid, Dip, Tuberculosis Hep B and Rabies sometimes recommended

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