10.0: Essential
9.5-9.9: Spectacular
9.0-9.4: Amazing
8.5-8.9: Exceptional
8.0-8.4: Strong
7.5-7.9: Very good
7.0-7.4: Not brilliant, but nice enough
6.0-6.9: Has its moments, but isn't strong
5.0-5.9: Mediocre; not good, but not awful
4.0-4.9: Just below average; bad outweighs good by just a little bit
3.0-3.9: Definitely below average, but a few redeeming qualities
2.0-2.9: Heard worse, but still pretty bad
1.0-1.9: Awful; not a single pleasant track
0.0-0.9: Breaks new ground for terrible
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Sneaker Pimps
Becoming X
Rating: 6.3

Despite their freakishly bad band name, the Sneaker Pimp sound is really pretty awesome. You've got some really great dancy beats, shiverin' guitars, and a real relaxed vocalist. It's yet another entry into trip-hop, the 'cool' genre of 1997. Expect to see all sorts of terrible trip-hop clones by the end of the year.

The Sneakers' are like an electrified version of Sade. They've got that same kind of sexy glamour. They sound like the opening sequence to a techno-era James Bond film. The only bummer about the record is that the songs seem to lose a lot of their appeal once you're familiar with them.

-Ryan Schreiber