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At the encouragement of some friends in robotics, I designed and built a small computer based on the PXA255. It's 20mm x 80mm, and includes 64MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash, MMC/SD/SDIO slot, and power management. It takes 3.6V –- 5.0V power, and has been drawing under 200 mA.

For various reasons now forgotten, I chose the arm-linux-gcc 3.3.2 toolchain, the u-boot 1.0.0 bootloader, the kernel version 2.5.70 and I'm using the MMC as the filesystem. I've exposed several signals: ST-UART, FF-UART, NSSP, I2C, USB client, and JTAG. I still have some (pretty straight-forward) bugs to be ironed out but a few other friends are now diving into these.

So it is finally ready for the open-source community, I think, especially for software and appliance developers. It really is small- small enough for a truly wearable computer or a distributed robotics controller. Without a battery it weighs 12g (less than a tablespoon of water) and can fit in a collar undetected. Although in fact it is bigger than a collar-stay, the idea of a "collar-top" computer intrigues me. There's a lot of compute power and this can be worn -fundamentally- invisibly.

I designed it to make easy to integrate into devices and would love to hear from any interested people or groups that have suggestions, ideas, or uses.

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