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The organization of upper-crust, star-studded scum headed by the scummiest, sleaziest of them all, Kenny "The King" Bolin!  Current members include:

  • CEO Kenny "The King" Bolin

  • Lance Cade*

  • Rene Dupree*

  • Jerome Crony

  • "World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry

  • Morris

  • "Head Nurse" Lulu

  • Paul E. Normous

* May be gone permanently to the WWE.

HISTORY:  Founded in July 1999 by Kenny "The King" Bolin shortly after he was unceremoniously booted out as OVW color commentator by Jim  Cornette, Bolin has managed a growing and powerful stable called "Bolin Services" whose specialty is dirty tricks!  His first member, Mr. Black, Director of Security, has been with Bolin from the beginning as his most loyal goon, not afraid to literally throw his weight around!  He's also been the OVW Hardcore Champion since dethroning Trailer Park Trash at "Night of the Demon" on Oct. 13, 2000!

Often times, these otherwise-superb athletes take shortcuts to achieve their goals, thanks to the influence of their greedy, manipulative manager Kenny Bolin (who LIVES by the word "FREE") instead of using their athletic prowess alone to win matches.

Both past and present members of Bolin Services the caliber of former OVW Champions Rico Costantino, Nick Dinsmore, Rob Conway, plus Sly Skraper (formerly The Collector), the WWE's Mark Henry, Bull Buchanan, and Sean O'Haire, and hot developmental prospect The Prototype.   This demonstrates that Bolin at least DOES know exceptional wrestling talent when he sees it.

OVW was shocked when in January 2001, fan favorite Rico Costantino returned after a six-month absence for injury recuperation, only to join this rule-breaking stable and become a 3rd-time OVW Champion, bad attitude and all!  Then in April 2001, however, Bolin lost The World's Strongest Man, who got fed up with Bolin's sleazy ways and is now on a war to squash his former manager and colleagues! 

In May 2001, Bolin gained a new member - a hot rookie from the California coast - Rico "Role Model" Costantino's own "Prototype of the Perfect Man"!  These two egomaniacs held the Southern Tag Team Championship, but after losing the belts to the Minnesota Stretching Crew in front of a live RAW audience in Louisville Oct. 29th, 2001, Rico lost his BS spot and OVW career as BS's scapegoat!  

Soon afterwards, Sean O'Haire joined the formidable group as the NEW head of BS Security, which did NOT please FORMER BS Security Chief Mr. Black!  The current BS members are  Kenny Bolin, Mr. Black, Jerome Crony, Prototype, and Sean O'Haire!  And even though once again BS has the OVW Champion in its midst - the arrogant Prototype (who stole the OVW Title from Leviathan in late Feb. 2002 with some BS help - i.e., "cheating"), things remain as volatile as ever for this powerful faction!

A huge BS earthshaking event (next to Bolin falling out of bed) happened at the momentous March 9, 2002 TV show when Mr. Black, losing to O'Haire in a "loser becomes BS Security Chief flunky" match thanks mostly to BOLIN'S interference, quit BS and attacked both Bolin and O'Haire!  Then as Black's longtime friend Jerome Crony watched in horror as Bolin and O'Haire attacked Black, he then also turned on Bolin, punching both him and O'Haire as well!  Needless to say, Black and Crony are now gone from Bolin Services - the two longest, most loyal BS members to date!  Black was Bolin's first employee, even - so much for loyalty, huh?

But the most shocking of all came on May 18th, 2002 when international sensation Nova made his OVW tv debut and goaded Prototype into an OVW Title match on the spot and WON!  Nova had already been 3-0 against Prototype two years earlier in California - now he has a chance to make it 5-0 at Six Flags' Kentucky Kingdom on May 31st in their Title rematch - but Jim Cornette has appointed MICK FOLEY as the special guest referee!