Xandros Corporate Background

Founded in May 2001, Xandros is the leading developer of a cost-effective, installation-friendly, complete Linux-based operating environment offering Windows compatibility and unparalleled technical support. Xandros is specifically designed to meet the computing needs of both professional and consumer users alike. Based on the former Corel Linux OS, Xandros marks the first true collaboration of ease of use philosophy and ground breaking technology aimed at the creation of the first true "Complete Linux Desktop Solution".

In August 2001, Xandros acquired the Corel Linux Business Division's award winning software development team with the objective of creating the Xandros Desktop. This Desktop environment is the first to include benefits and features that will effectively compete against Microsoft Windows. The new operating system relies on just one-tenth of the code base that Windows does - extremely lean requirements that provide Xandros Desktop 1.0 users with dramatically better stability and significantly reduced operating costs. Therefore, adoption of the Xandros Desktop can potentially save corporations millions of dollars in expensive hardware and software upgrades as well as lengthens the lifecycle of current computers.

Xandros' Desktop is easy to install (just 5 clicks of a mouse) and is compatible with many of the most popular Microsoft applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, MS PhotoDraw, and Quicken. Xandros Desktop also includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with enhanced editorial and graphical features that is practically indistinguishable from its Windows counterpart.

Xandros uses a hybrid open sourcecode with proprietary features that provide significantly better security than Windowsother popular operating systems. This is due to Xandros' more manageable code base, the utilization of a team of international elite programmers constantly improving the code, and a better fundamental design. Consequently, the Xandros Desktop is not plagued by glitches and is free from thousands of workarounds that bloat code, slow the computer and make expensive hardware and software upgrades necessary.

Xandros is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. For more information on its product offerings and distribution, log on to www.Xandros.com.
Management: The Xandros team includes the world-renowned developers and architects of the award-winning Corel LINUX OS.

Andy Typaldos, Chief Executive Officer
Ming Poon, Vice President Software Development
David Finkelstein, Vice President Sales and Marketing
Wm. Jay Roseman, Director
Dr. Frederick H. Berenstein, Director