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Formed in 2004, the UWB Forum (The Forum) is comprised of members committed to making the UWB "future" now. These members, operating through the UWB Forum, support a UWB standard that is based on a DS-UWB approach in the marketplace and developing processes for ensuring UWB products from multiple vendors are fully interoperable, such as jointly developed standards and multi-vendor testing mechanisms.

Members of the UWB Forum agree:

  • DS-UWB silicon has been demonstrated around the globe, including Europe, China, US and Japan, underscoring the international interest in this robust, wireless technology
  • DS-UWB is a proven technology that provides the required QoS and data rates for emerging CE applications
  • DS-UWB is a scalable technology that meets a variety of CE applications:
    • In-room video (110 Mbps at 10 meters)
    • Handheld & Mobile devices (1000+ Mbps at 2 meters)
  • DS-UWB is fully compliant with US regulations and, as demonstrated at the FCC offices, protects existing spectrum users
  • that the Common Signaling Mode (CSM), recently contributed to the IEEE, promises to provide flexibility for CE vendors and enable multiple UWB approaches to prosper

All of these are critically important criteria to standards development organizations, regulators, manufacturers, and the marketplace. For all these reasons and more, the members of the UWB Forum believe that now is the time to bring the benefits of ultra high-speed UWB wireless to consumers and manufacturers worldwide--quickly, efficiently, safely--and with scalability beyond the wildest wireless dreams of just a few years ago. To facilitate this, the UWB Forum was established with the mission of promoting DS-UWB and CSM in the marketplace and developing processes to ensure interoperability between UWB products from multiple vendors.

To participate in the UWB Forum, please fill out the UWB Forum Member Agreement.

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