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Pink - Can’t Take Me Home (BMG/LaFace)
In Summary : Having a striking hair color does help.

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Yawn. It’s just her hair isn’t it?

True enough, Pink’s got a "devil-may-care" personality that shouts "Girl Power!" half a mile down the streets. But I thought "Girl Power" was a stale concept popularized by the girl power grandmas (that’s the Spice Girls) four years ago?

Worse still, Pink’s music is typical stuff, stuff that puts her in the same vein as current R&B favorites like TLC, Destiny’s Child, and Aaliyah. The only thing setting her apart from the crowd is that she’s like a female version of Eminem, a white girl staking her claim on a piece of R&B territory.

On her debut album, there are edgy cuts like "Split Personality," "Most Girls," and "There You Go," which have the grooves needed to top the charts. But still, there are bland songs, like the slow smoocher "Let Me Let You Know," that simply lack the "oomph!" factor. Moreover, the album does get monotonous, with Pink ranting on and on about her failed romances and unfaithful boyfriends, song after song.

At the end of the day, I guess it still comes down to her hair color and streetwise attitude. After all, music is not always the main reason why an artist becomes hip and popular all of a sudden. When the trend changes to blue, one wonders what will become of Pink.

-- Lennat Mak

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