Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

       6 Ben, 11 Mol, 11 Ik        

Selamat Jarin! We are here! Many crucial events now unfolding on your world are being perfectly reflected by the many changes that are occurring, simultaneously, in your solar system and in the Milky Way Galaxy. The most critical event in the last two decades of astronomical research on your world was the discovery of supernova 1987A. This object, found in the Large Magellanic Cloud, our galaxy's closest neighbor, is located in the constellation of Dorado (the fish) in your Southern Hemisphere. The incident emitted a series of major energy bodies, most important of which was a miniature version of this galaxy's photon belt. This extra-galactic phenomenon made possible your solar system's temporary escape from the altering effects of the photon belt. It also initiated a series of energy exchanges between several nearby galaxies and our own, causing a shift in the energy cycles that emanate from the galactic core approximately every 10,000, 14,000 and 26,000 years. These energy waves reorder the galaxy and its infinite numbers of stars. Their purpose is purely evolutionary.

      Each wave cycle feeds the galaxy a new set of directions and changes the way each part interrelates. Just such a cycle is now under way. This cycle began in your galactic year of 3 Ik (Gregorian - early 1995). During that year, the energies of your galactic core began to increase, further affecting your Sun as a result of the significant position of one of its planets, Mother Earth. These energies, in turn, began to activate a number of key galactic energy star-gates. With respect to humans, these vital evolutionary energies travel through the Ring Nebula in the Constellation of Lyra, referred to by many human star-nations as the 'Eye of God'. This blend of the Galactic Core cycle, the 1987A supernova, and the about-to-be activated Ring Nebula caused the nature of your solar system and your Sun to change dramatically. The first major change occurred when the massive singularity in your Earth's core began to pulse at a different cycle. In fewer than seven years, it increased from 7.8 to almost 13 cycles, putting added pressure on your Sun to prepare your solar system for its return to full consciousness.

      The planets of your solar system are beginning to emerge from a long slumber. In many planets, atmospheres are thickening and changing and magnetic fields are becoming different as well. The enormous, tear drop-shaped magnetosphere that envelops her solar system is also thickening, and its 'tail' is becoming ten times longer. Similar alterations are occurring in the solar systems of many star-nations of the former Anchara Alliance, most of which are located in the constellations of your Southern Hemisphere. These events are bringing about many astounding alterations in this galaxy. The realities that have combined to create this galaxy are transforming. How their inter-dimensional Light forms a reality and even how they interconnect is changing drastically. A new galaxy is forming! It is even possible for our galaxy to reshape itself. According to our scientists, it will be spherical in shape. As a result, the gravitation fields that held this galaxy together are changing so quickly, and causing so many anomalies, that they have attracted the attention of your astronomers.

      Events are unfolding in your galaxy and in many others that do not seem to coincide with their 'theories' or 'Laws' concerning physicality. A re-examination of these fundamental principles is now taking place regarding the vast consciousness shift you now are experiencing. Once again, realize that these events will not take decades to manifest. The night skies are filled with objects that defy the concepts of your limited consciousness perceptions. In turn, these entities are proof to any logical scientific investigator that something quite unusual is very close to unfolding. That event is the massive shift in your consciousness and in the nature of this galaxy. To us, the end of a long galactic war and the recent huge expansion of the Galactic Federation of Light are a vital sign of this. The galaxy is coming together. This new energy is also enabling those who formerly belonged to the dark to re-form how they organize their societies and even how they relate to us humans. This miracle is continuing to manifest at this very moment.

      To achieve a better understanding of what is taking place, remember that matter forms when Light merges with Time to create Space. Space is never empty. It contains something. That something has shape and a degree of coherence. As its coherence increases, it becomes more 'solid'. When its coherence decreases, it is more ephemeral. Thus, atoms and even sub-atomic 'particles' demonstrate this process. The key component is energy levels and the way various high energy levels assimilate the factor of coherence. Here, bear in mind that pure inter-dimensional Light also contains an infinite amount of energy. Light, and not Space, is really the major ingredient in this formula. Light delineates existence. Time defines the manifestation of this existence. Together, they produce Space or physicality. Coherence is the prime connecting frequency inherent in all matter. We use it to spread the propulsion and navigation beams of our ships.

      Light requires another name - consciousness. This divine awareness forms Time, and then applies it to manifest physicality. The ultimate consciousness is, of course, the Creator. The Creator's divine plan has brought forth physicality. Your awareness encompasses only the least of its possibilities. As you advance in consciousness, you grow closer to the Truth. This Truth connects everything, and allows everything to contribute an opinion to the process. This divine self-will has parameters and contributes a necessary part in giving life to physicality. Although each one of you possesses a degree of this self-will, the Creator ultimately links it to the divine blueprint presented eons ago. It contains no real Light or dark side, simply roles played out in a vast and complex cosmic drama. The crux of this is how these pieces fit together and how each part of the drama unfolds.

      As the consciousness of your world and your society transform, you are more able to accept your perceptions of Light and dark. Always bear in mind, dear Ones, that physicality is an illusion. Like putty or soft clay, it can be reshaped. Yet, to the participants in a limited consciousness reality, it frequently takes on the unflinching characteristics of a tough piece of granite. Often, it seems harsh and unrelenting. Those who regularly take part in such a cosmic play suffer from deep remorse, utter frustration and a variety of other related emotions. Nevertheless, collectively, the inhabitants of your world can change even this type of reality. In fact, that is what you are succeeding in doing now. The wonders that you have created are absolutely breathtaking, and more is about to be manifested before your very eyes. Be ever conscious of these facts and focus firmly and unwaveringly upon your goals.

      Heaven is reaching into this galaxy to bring us a message of growing consciousness and to resolve issues that have long obscured the many realities that are part of this galaxy. Yours is especially important to us. As you grow toward the Light, you are allowing a new epoch of peace and transformation to become the norm. We have come to your shores to see it through to its successful and intended conclusion. Many miracles are unfolding. Many others are coming to fruition. In any case, they are all making possible the glorious vision bestowed upon you by the divine plan. As it transpires, be in joy and know that we are close to you always. First Contact is inevitable. The magnificent and impressive galactic coalition that makes this wonder possible has arrived, resolved only to be successful and to complete its task in right divine time.

      Today, we have briefly reviewed the many events that are unfolding here on Earth and throughout this galaxy. We ask you, dear Hearts, to commit yourselves fully and focus unwaveringly upon your ultimate goal - that is, to become fully conscious and to create your new galactic society. We now take our leave. Blessings! Know in your Heart of Hearts that the endless Supply and Abundance of Heaven is yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! Be in Joy!)

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