Create Geomview Files

These are all perl scripts that generate Geomview files. I have provided links to the actual scripts. Because they must be run from the command line (Unix prompt), you must save them to your own directory and then execute them.

The following perl scripts will generate a 3D surface based on the equation you input. (You can also do this by graphing the surface in Mathematica, then loading it into Geomview)

makemesh will create a 3D surface where z = f(x,y). As with all the scripts, when it asks you to specify "number of vertices", it is asking for the number of sampling points.
makecolor is an almost identical script. the difference is that the surface will have a z-based hue.
texturemesh is another similar script which will wrap a texture file around the surface.

makeparam will create a 3D surface that is described parametrically. Make sure that you specify $i and $j as parameters.
textureparam also creates parametric surfaces, as well as wrapping a texture file around the surface.

The following perl scripts ask you to input a matrix to illustrate linear transformations in 2- and 3-space.

lineartransform asks you to input a 2x2 matrix. This matrix is then used to transform a unit square. The output will display both the transformed square and the outline of the original. This script uses another texture file to help illustrate the transformation.
cubetransform asks you to input a 3x3 matrix to perform a transformation on a unit cube. One corner of the cube lies on the origin and the axes are displayed in color on both the original and transformed cubes.

Images of the resulting Geomview files


Texture Files

These are what the texture files look like. Please do not download these for use with the perl scripts, they are in the wrong format. Please use the links within the program descriptions to download the texture files in .tiff format. Thank you.