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News and Photo's from the 4th Infantry Division in Iraq

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"News from the Front" Archives

Volume 1-1 ( April 10,2003 ) Volume 1-13 ( Aug 03,2003 )pdf Volume 1-25 ( Nov. 03,2003 )pdf
Volume 1-2 ( April 17,2003 ) Volume 1-14 ( Aug 11,2003 )pdf Volume 1-26 ( Nov. 10,2003 )pdf
Volume 1-3 ( April 30,2003 ) Volume 1-15 ( Aug 25,2003 )pdf Volume 1-27 ( Nov. 17,2003 )pdf
Volume 1-4 ( May 19,2003 )pdf Volume 1-16 ( Sep 01,2003 )pdf Volume 1-28 ( Nov. 24,2003 )pdf
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Volume 1-6 ( June 02,2003 )pdf Volume 1-18 ( Sep 15,2003 )pdf Volume 1-30 ( Dec. 08,2003 )pdf
Volume 1-7 ( June 09,2003 )pdf Volume 1-19 ( Sep 22,2003 )pdf Volume 1-31 ( Dec. 15,2003 )pdf
Volume 1-8 ( June 30,2003 ) Volume 1-20 ( Sep 29,2003 )pdf Volume 1-31-Saddam ( Dec. 15,2003 )pdf
Volume 1-9 ( July 06,2003 )pdf Volume 1-21 ( Oct 06,2003 )pdf Volume 1-32 ( Dec. 22,2003 )pdf
Volume 1-10 ( July 14,2003 )pdf Volume 1-22 ( Oct 13,2003 )pdf Volume 1-33 ( Dec. 29,2003 )pdf
Volume 1-11 ( July 21,2003 )pdf Volume 1-23 ( Oct 20,2003 )pdf Volume 1-34 ( Jan. 05,2004 )pdf
Volume 1-12 ( July 28,2003 )pdf Volume 1-24 ( Oct 27,2003 )pdf  

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Banner made by 4th ID
4th Infantry Division Headquarters and Headquarters Company soldiers Spc. Sir Charles E. Mitchell, Oklahoma City, Cpl. Russell Hejl, Temple, Texas, Sgt. Danny Torres, San Antonio, Spc. Irene Pauu, Fagatogo, American Samoa, and Sgt. Brian Gray, East Hodge, La., hold up a banner at Forward Operating Base Ironhorse, Tikrit, Iraq. Hanna Spring Middle School students in Lampasas, Texas, made the banner to support the troops deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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Troop Updates and Stories

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News From 4th Infantry Division

newOne Army follows different paths

Maj. Gen. Raymond Odierno, commander of the 4th Infantry Division's and Task Force IronhorseFORWARD OPERATING BASE IRONHORSE, TIKRIT, Iraq – Three soldiers serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom renewed their oath to protect and defend the United States Jan. 30. However, each has traveled a far different path to get to this point.


newOriginal Dustoff still flying high

Known as the Original Dustoff unit, B Forward Support Team of the 57th Medical CompanyFORWARD OPERATING BASE WARHORSE, BAQUBAH, Iraq – A call comes in on the medical evacuation frequency with a “nine-line MedEvac” request from a highway in central Iraq.


new“Coulter’s Place” remembers fallen Soldier

Standing before his fellow Soldiers Maj. Doug Babb, 124th Signal Battalion executive OfficerFORWARD OPERATING BASE IRONHORSE, Tikrit, Iraq – Since the beginning of Coalition operations in Iraq, there has been effort throughout the theater to improve the quality of life for Soldiers, including providing such amenities as Internet and satellite phones.


newGuard engineers’ work recognized

Spc. Steven Carlson, from Calhoun City, Miss., a member of the Mississippi National Guard 223rd Combat Engineer Battalion (Heavy), sings CAMP SPEICHER, TIKRIT, Iraq – Members of a Mississippi National Guard unit were recognized Feb. 5 by the 4th Infantry Division for their contributions made during Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Redirecting your mail before redeploying

CAMP ARIFJAN, KUWAIT – As the first wave of units in Task Force Ironhorse prepare to redeploy, soldiers should begin considering how to get those extra personal items home via mail.

Iraqi entrepreneurs receive grants

Ayman Mahmood Salih Al-Jabara, a farmer in Tikrit, signs for a $5,000 grantTIKRIT, Iraq – Several Iraqi entrepreneurs – among them a chicken farmer, an ice cream cone maker and hardware supplier – gathered Jan. 25 to reap the benefits of a new program that puts money in the hands of local business owners.


Contractors know how to network

Roger Boutwell, a General Dynamics contractor from San Antonio, checks diagnostic equipmentFORWARD OPERATING BASE IRONHORSE, Iraq — Working out of trailers at Forward Operating Base Ironhorse, a group of civilian contractors help keep the communications of the most technologically advanced division in the Army up and running.


Base improvements coming quickly

Iraqi workers mix cement for loading ramps at the new truck yard under constructionFORWARD OPERATING BASE IRONHORSE, TIKRIT, Iraq – Even as the soldiers of Task Force Ironhorse are packing up to go home leave in another few weeks, they are also paving the way for their replacements.


newEye in the sky watches over Ironhorse

A Shadow TUAV launches from its catapult just prior to an intelligence-gathering missionFORWARD OPERATING BASE WARHORSE, BAQUBAH, Iraq – From the times when Civil War commanders sent intelligence collectors hundreds of feet up and over enemy troops in hot air balloons until today, tactical commanders have relied on eyes other than their own to track enemy movement.


newAAFES brings PX shopping to Tikrit

Customers line up to check out at the grand opening of the new Post Exchange Feb. 8, 2004 at Forward Operating Base Ironhorse, Tikrit, Iraq.FORWARD OPERATIING BASE IRONHORSE, TIKRIT, Iraq— Soldiers at Forward Operating Base Ironhorse are receiving a traditional military shopping experience with the completion of the new Post Exchange.




newTraining scenarios keep pilots sharp

1st Lt. Miguel Gastellum, performs a preflight check on his Black Hawk helicopterCAMP SPEICHER, TIKRIT, Iraq –. Hovering and banking, swooping and climbing, touching down for just a moment before leaping into the sky once again, the two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters appeared to be involved in dance over the hilly terrain outside of Camp Speicher.


newSalsa band hot on tradition

Spc. Jeff S. Munoz, focuses on keeping a steady tempo during the bands rehearsal Feb. 6, 2004FORWARD OPERATING BASE IRONHORSE, TIKRIT, Iraq – For a Latin salsa band only four months old, Fierro Caliente seems to be hitting all the right notes.


newAudie Murphy seeks the best

Sgt. Gabriel Camacho, answers questions from Sergeant Audie Murphy Club board members.FORWARD OPERATING BASE IRONHORSE, TIKRIT, Iraq – A tough crowd awaited several noncommissioned officers who were waiting nervously in the hall of 4th Infantry Division headquarters Feb. 1.


WW2 veteran reaches out to Iraqi children

Spc. Jeremy King, talks to children outside of a school in Tikrit, Iraq.TIKRIT, Iraq -- An initiative spearheaded by a World War II veteran in Carthage, Texas has many people in East Texas and across the country reaching out to Iraqi children.

Operation Clothes for Kids reaches target

A boy smiles at receiving a new suit delivered Jan. 13, 2004 to his school in Taji, Iraq as part of Operation Clothes for Kids.TAJI, Iraq – As the soldiers walked down the narrow walk, curious children peeked out of their classrooms Jan 13, eying the large cardboard boxes that they were carrying.

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