by Nick Sylene, August 1997

              -- 2 Home Tests Prove Conspiracy Against JFK --

        Home Test #1:
        Wear a dark suit on a sunny day, sit in the back of a rag-top limo,
and have someone drive you around with the top down while you wave to
people on the sidewalk.  Pretend to have a bad back, and an adrenal
deficiency which requires you to self-inject steroids almost daily.  Make
sure the limo's upholstery is leather.
        Smile and wave to the adoring crowds.  After a while, waving your
arm gets to be a real physical chore (damn back brace).  Your body temp
rises and you work up a sweat.
        Now imagine you ride thru the hometown of powerful enemies who hate
you with a black passion.  Imagine a full-page ad in the morning paper that
accuses you of treason.  Imagine you can sense your own impending murder.

        5 common triggers of the human sweat response are: physical labor,
emotional stress, medication, weather (sunlight, heat, humidity), and
on hot leather upholstery.
        Do 40 minutes of Home Test #1 and your custom-tailored thin white
cotton shirt with the blue stripes will stick to your back like a second

        That sweaty shirt destroys the Single Bullet Theory and proves
conspiracy in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
        According to the U.S. Government and the American mainstream
news-media (New York Times, CBS News, Washinton Post, Newsweek, Doonesbury
et al):  one Lone Nut whacked Jack.  At the core of this Official Version
of the JFK assassination lies the Single Bullet Theory (SBT).

        The Warren Commission (WC) claimed 1 bullet blew a hole in the base
of Kennedy's neck and a hole in his throat, then hit Governor John
Connally's back, shattered four inches of the Guv's right rib, exited below
his right nipple, busted up his right wrist, then stuck in his left thigh.
[1]  One lone bullet caused 7 wounds in 2 men and ended up in great shape.
        That hardy missile -- the Magic Bullet -- is the star of the SBT.
        But JFK's shirt has a bullet hole 5 &3/4 inches below the top of
the collar (his coat a hole 5 & 3/8 inches below the collar-line.) [3]  The
final autopsy report and the Warren Report locate JFK's back wound at the
base of his neck, 4+ inches higher than the bullet holes in the clothing.
        For the sake of argument, say the Magic Bullet hit bone in JFK,
took an upward path in his body, and left the small throat wound found by
the doctors at Parkland Hospital. [5]  No way that bullet could "magically"
change course downward and blast a bunch of holes in Connally. [6]
        The SBT is (barely) credible only if JFK's shirt "rode up" as he
waved to the crowd.  The House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA)
decided in '79, 15 years after the WC, that JFK's back wound was a couple
of inches lower, below the base of the neck. [7]  Instead of 4+ inches, the
HSCA concluded the shirt "rode up" 2+ inches, and to the right 1 inch.
This is the SBT #2.
        I asked 2 shirt-makers and 1 suit-tailor in downtown San Francisco
(130 years combined experience) if JFK's shirt could have ridden up 2
        "I don't think so," said one shirt-maker, politely dubious.
        "If he wore a belt, 3/4 inch-- not 2 inches," said another
shirt-maker, with whom I spoke at length.
        "1 inch, maybe.  But 2 inches-- never!" said the suit-tailor.
        An award-winning costume designer with whom I spoke indicated that
a 2-inch "bunch" in the shirt right below the collar would cause the collar
to be crooked, and the shirt-maker I spoke with at length agreed.
        John F. Kennedy didn't go around with a crooked collar.  He was an
Icon of Elegance, notoriously conscious of his photo-image. [8]  "An
immaculate dresser." [9]  But his bad back forced him to wear a corset-like
brace.  His cotton shirts were custom-made [10] to disguise the brace's
bulge.  JFK didn't wear T-shirts often, and certainly not in Dallas. [11]
        Theodore C. Sorensen wrote: "[JFK's] clothes [were] expensive but
always conservative and -- once he became a Senator and a married man --
ALWAYS NEAT.  In his office he rarely worked in his shirt sleeves and never
with his tie loosened, though he would sometimes JERK out the tail of his
monogrammed shirt to clean the glasses he occasionally wore for reading."
[12]  {emphasis added}
        Debunking the SBT -- thereby proving conspiracy -- rests on 2
irrefutable facts:
        1)  JFK's shirt was tailored NOT to "ride up."  Belted trousers
kept the shirt in place, as well as his knotted tie, and buttons.  To pull
his shirt-tail out he'd have to "jerk" it loose.  Waving his arm in the
motorcade made his shoulder rise, and vertical folds formed in his
clothing.  Prove this at home.  {see below}
        2)  All 5 triggers of the human sweat response kicked in for
Kennedy on Nov. 22 '63.  His back was drenched with sweat.  Shirts stick to
sweat.  Prove this at home.  {see above}
        Sorensen:  "[JFK] was not free from vanity about his appearance.
He knew that good pictures were the lifeblood of politics, and he resented
photographers who WAITED to snap him brushing perspiration from his brow
during a speech." [13]  {emphasis added}
        This explains the lack of photographic evidence of JFK sweating--
he actively sought to be photographed sans perspiration.  Photographers
"waited" for him to brush sweat from his brow, obviously an event of some
frequency.  JFK undoubtedly was "brushing perspiration from his brow"
during the Dallas motorcade.

        The SBT was hashed out by Dr. James Humes and Arlen Spector during
the first half of '64. [14]  Spector was an Assistant Counsel to the WC,
and Humes had conducted JFK's autopsy, a job for which he was ill-trained
since he had no direct experience with gunshot victims. [15]      Specter &
Humes had to deal with a 3-shot limit:  a lone assassin could fire a
Mannlicher-Carcano bolt-action rifle only 3 times in 6-7 seconds, the
time-frame for the attack on JFK.  2 shots were accounted for: #1 the fatal
head shot, and #2 the shot that hit concrete on Commerce St. wounding
by-stander James Tague.  #3 had to cause 7 wounds in 2 guys.
        That remaining bullet needed a trajectory through the base of JFK's
neck in order to exit his throat, contradicting a "huge body of testimony
and evidence" in the autopsy that proved a bullet hole further down JFK's
back. [16]  7 medical folks and 6 lawmen (at least) reported seeing a "low"
back wound consistent with the bullet holes in his clothing.  {see below}

        Specter & Humes needed to invent a Magic Shirt to support the Magic
Bullet Theory.  The Magic Shirt Theory says JFK's shirt crept from his
upper back to the base of his neck, according to the WC (or crept up and
"bunched" 2 inches lower, according to the HSCA).  That's the ONLY way to
reconcile the bullet hole in JFK's shirt with an exit wound in his throat.
        Check out Humes' WC testimony:
        Specter:  "What effect would [JFK's musculature] have on the
positioning of the shirt and coat...?"
        Humes:  "I believe this would have a tendency to push the portions
of the coat which show the defects here somewhat higher on the back of
the President than on a man with less muscular developement...
        "I believe that this action [of JFK waving his arm] would further
accentuate the elevation of the coat and shirt with respect to the back of
the President." [17]
        JFK's muscles pushed his coat "somewhat higher on the back"?
Waving his arm "would accentuate the elevation of the coat and shirt"?
        JFK's tailors had to hoot at that!  A 4+ inch doubled-up fold in
the shirt means that 4+ inches of slack material had to be custom tailored
into his shirt around his shoulders.  Absurd in the extreme.
Flusser:  "The body of the shirt should have no more material than is
necessary for a man to sit comfortably.  Excess material bulging around the
midriff could destroy the lines of the jacket." [18]
        Jack Kennedy with ruined jacket lines?  A crooked collar?  Not a chance.

        Home Test #2:
        Place a horizontal fold in your shirt right below the collar.
Raise your right elbow and commence waving to the crowd.  The action of
your arm and shoulder creates VERTICAL AND DIAGONAL FOLDS in your shirt.
Vertical folds start at the top of the shoulder and knock down any
horizontal fold below the collar.  A 2-inch "bunch" in your shirt will
disappear fast, like rainwater on a suddenly sunny Dallas day.
        Even IF JFK's shirt "magically bunched" up under his collar, the
motion of waving his arm would have knocked the "bunch" down.

       Gaeton Fonzi (HSCA field investigator) describes how he nailed Arlen
Specter cold, a year after the release of the Warren Report.  Specter
lamely tried to demonstrate how suit coats "ride up."  He had Fonzi wave
his arm high over his head, unlike the casual JFK in Dallas.  Fonzi's coat
barely "rode up" at all. [19]
        A custom-made shirt won't "ride up" more than an inch.
        JFK's shoulder action created VERTICAL folds in his clothing, not
the 2+ inch of horizontal fold required by the HSCA's SBT #2.
        And Jack Kennedy was sweatin' like a pig by the time he rolled thru
Dealey.  This is a verifiable medical fact, as follows:
        JFK self-injected corticosteroids almost daily to alleviate his
life-threatening Addison's disease. [20]  He also had a "speed" doctor
who'd jack him up with amphetamine injections a couple of times a week.
        "In a lifetime of medical torment, Kennedy was more promiscuous
with physicians and drugs than he was with women." [22]
        A side-effect of cortisone-steroids:  INCREASED SWEATING. [23]
Drug-induced perspiration explains JFK's habit of "changing clothes from
the skin out as often as 4 times a day, sometimes using 6 shirts." [24]

        On the day of his death, JFK spent 40 minutes in a dark suit and
a dark blue '61 Continental while working the crowds in perfect Texas
sunshine.  A light rain that morning had burned off fast.  Thousands of
friendly folks massed along the roadsides, and their body heat enhanced the
effects of the humidity. [25]
        When JFK stopped twice in sparse areas to shake hands, an excited
throng surged around the limo. [26]  A bunch of happy Texans enjoyed the
thrill of a lifetime.
        Meantime...JFK's shirt clung to his back like a second skin.
        On the morning of November 22 '63, Jack said to Jackie, "We're
heading into nut country today.  But, Jackie, if somebody wants to shoot me
from a window with a rifle, nobody can stop it, so why worry about it?"
        Kennedy to an aide that morning, in Fort Worth:  "Last night would
have been a Hell of a night to assassinate a President...Anyone perched
above the crowd with a rifle could do it."  JFK then struck a sniper's pose
to demonstrate. [28]
        According to aides, Kennedy "often talked about how easy it would
be for somebody to shoot at him with a rifle from a high building." [29]

        U.N. Amb. Adlai Stevenson was attacked in Dallas a month earlier.
        7 weeks before the assassination, speculation about the impending
coup d'etat appeared on the front page of the New York Times. [30]

        Under his heroic "no sweat" attitude-- JFK was sweatin' bullets.
        At about 11:30 AM, during the 13 minute plane flight from Fort
Worth to Dallas, "the President excused himself to change into a fresh
shirt." [31]
        Had he lived, it shaped up to be a 6-shirt day for JFK.

         Check out Jackie's WC testimony on the heat and emotional
intensity of the noon-time motorcade:
      "We got off the plane...[T]here was a big crowd there, all yelling,
with banners and everything.  And we went to shake hands with them.
        "It was a very hot day.  And you went all along a long line.  I tried
to stay close to my husband and lots of times you get pushed away, you
know, people leaning over and pulling your hand.  They were very friendly.
        "And finally, I don't know how we got back in the car...There was
lots of confusion...
        "And in the motorcade, you know, I would usually be waving to the
left side and he was waving mostly to the right...And it was terribly hot.
Just blinding all of us...
        "Mrs. Connally said, 'We will soon be there.'  We could see a
tunnel in front of us.  Everything was really slow then.  And I remember
thinking it would be so cool under that tunnel." [32]

        "That tunnel" was the Triple-Underpass, at the western corner of
Dealey Plaza.  Jackie soon scrambled in the opposite direction, onto the
trunk of the limosine in mind-numbing panic.

        The drama of great tragedy is not required for the Home Tests.
Just work up a sweat then take a seat on hot leather upholstery.  Your
cotton shirt sticks to your back no matter if it's fit for a god-king
President, or if you picked it up at the flea market.
        From the get-go in the limo Jack's shirt stuck to his back like an
iron-on patch.  There it stayed -- stuck in place -- until nurses at
Parkland peeled it off his cold, dead body.
        Kennedy's bloody shirt is now in the National Archives.  The hole
in the shirt matches the location of his back wound.  This isn't
"speculation," nor is it merely "highly probable."  The location of JFK's
back wound is an absolute certainty proven by the simple facts of custom
tailoring, sweat, flesh, hot leather upholstery-- and the testimony of many
        The location of JFK's back wound is confirmed by his personal
physician, Admiral George Burkley, who attended the autopsy and stated on
JFK's Death Certificate that the back wound was "about the level of the
third thoracic vertebra," which corresponds to the defects in the clothing.
The Death Certificate was marked -- "Verified". [33]
        This is corroborated by the statements of 6 other medical personel
at Bethesda Naval Hospital who witnessed the autopsy [34], and Nurse Diana
Bowron, who washed JFK's body at Parkland Hospital. [35]
        Secret Service hero Clint Hill (who jumped on the back of the limo
to save Jackie) went to the morgue to view JFK's wounds.  He described the
back wound as "about 6 inches below the neckline to the right hand side of
the spinal column." [36]  SS Agents Will Greer, Roy Kellerman, and Glenn
Bennett also stated they saw a "low" back wound. [37]
        Dr. J. Thornton Boswell's diagram on the autopsy face sheet shows a
bullet wound corresponding to the hole in the clothing.  Admiral Burkley
wrote -- "Verified" -- on this sheet. [38]
        FBI Agents Frank O'Neill and James Sibert attended the autopsy and
stated in their official report:  "During the latter stages of this
autopsy, Dr. Humes located an opening which appeared to be a bullet hole
which was BELOW the shoulders..." [39]  {emphasis added}
        The FBI re-enactment of the assassination shows a bullet wound in
the back 6 inches below JFK's collar line. [40]
        WC General Counsel Lee Rankin in WC Executive Session on Jan. 27
'64:  "[T]he bullet entered BELOW the shoulder blade to the right of the
backbone." [41] {emphasis added}
        WC testimony of Dr. Humes:  "In private conversation among
ourselves before this opportunity, we predicted we would find defects in
the clothing corresponding with the defects which were found, of course, on
the body of the late President." [42]
        "Of course"!  A matter of routine forensics: the bullet hole in JFK's
shirt corresponds to the wound in his back.
        Of course!  It's the shirt, stupid!
        The debonair John F. Kennedy wore shirts tailored not to "ride up."
A sweaty cotton shirt on any Joe Shmoe will not "ride up."  Since there
was no "ride up" of JFK's shirt-- a lone assassin was IMPOSSIBLE.
        JFK's sweaty shirt kills the Single Bullet Theory, proving
conspiracy in his murder as a matter of fact-- a fact in truth, if not a
fact of "history."

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Nick Sylene @ All Rights Reserved

        For their research, critiques, and comments thanks to: Walt Brown,
Bennett Sims, Jack White, Alec Hidell, Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko, Pamela
McElwain, Anthony Marsh, Redurpaz-- and on the Lone Assassin side, Joe
Durnavich and Ron Judge.
        A tip o' my Giants cap to Steve Gerlach, Deanie Richards, Gaeton
Fonzi, Michael T. Griffith (*Where Was President Kennedy's Back Wound?* -- was most
helpful) and not the least of all John McAdams, for his encouragement and
honorable opposition.