Full Metal Panic!

Seasons:2 Seasons
1st Season-24 eps
2nd-(growing)I'd guess 24

Adoogen's Rating
out of 5
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Sosuke Sagara is an elite soldier who belongs to an independent special force named "Mithril". Mithril is a self appointed military force that fights terrorism across the globe. With technology that is far superior to that of normal nations, Mithril intercedes on behalf of justice. Sagara, a Second Lieutenant under Mithril's command, is assigned to the duty of protecting a girl named Kaname Chidori, who attends high school in Japan. To accomplish this task, he pretends to be a transfer student attending at Kaname's school. As Sagara settles into his new role as classmate, a massive plot unfolds beginning with the kidnapping of Chidori. What is Chidori's role in the conspiracy? Why does she seem to be born with knowledge of technology that has only been recently invented?
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Explanation for Rating:

The first season is very good. It was my favorite anime in the summer of '02. The episodes were always good, but I think the ending was really, really bad. The mech battles started out good, but became more unrealistic (I know mecha battles are already unrealistic, shut up! >_<) but despite that the series was still very good. The second season so far reminds me of Love Hina with Full Metal Panic characters.

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