A Broadband Interface

SurfCast software is a 'broadband interface'.

Surfcast has recently been awarded it's first patent for 'a system and method for the simultaneous display of multiple information sources'.

We've built a new interface because there is a clear absence of basic tools to help people get the most out of broadband's speed.

We think a dramatic leap forward in the broadband experience will come when the fundamental capabilities of the browser evolve.

The browser was designed to navigate through text-heavy, static Web pages and it is not the most effective application to navigate and manage streaming content.

Broadband gives people the ability to view Web pages faster, but it also lets people have streaming content such as music and video.

There are no interfaces that really take advantage of the possibilities for the broadband user to manage multiple streams of content at the same time. Until now.

Broadband Transforms Interfaces

SurfCast's new type of interface is a complete departure from the browser 'page paradigm' and WIMP (Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointers). SurfCast makes concepts like 'browser', 'desktop', 'icon', 'history', and 'bookmark' obsolete.

Unlike existing interfaces and browsers, SurfCast's patented user interface technology exploits the power of broadband.

SurfCast software is unique because it takes several streams of content and integrates them into a single screen environment, enabling users to manage all of these streams at the same time.

SurfCast users can manage any content that can be viewed in a browser or media player--simultaneously, including: Web sites, Webmail, instant messaging, chat, streaming mp3 clips, photos, DVDs, Webcasts, and television.

For instance, people can listen to music, keep an eye on TV, while writing an email, and talking on the phone.

So What?

SurfCast creates faster paths to content, integrates it more easily, and enables people to better manage their content.

SurfCast expands the range of activities people perform in a broadband environment, making the experience more useful and fun.

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