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religion between war and peace

In Amalek and jihad, Jonathan Edelstein looks at the story of Amalek from the Bible, and explores interpretations advanced by different Jewish groups of the Biblical commandment for Amalek to be exterminated. He then compares this to the concept of jihad in Islam and the different interpretations of it among Muslims.

It's a good reminder that Islam is not the only religion that can be and is twisted to justify violence and intolerance. We need to move beyond simplistic denunciations of other religions and begin to work together with people of conscience in all religions to promote peace and justice.

~ Posted by Al-Muhajabah, the niqabi paralegal, at 01:00 PM


mama said: Total comments: 1  

Subject: Re: religion between war and peace

Every religion that I know of except the Jain's in Kashmir have supported war and violence. I think that was one of Karl Marx's goals, thinking if religion was banned, there would be no wars....but then humans always seem to find some reason to kill each other. For me, I think the one of the worst injustices are the Indian's and Pakistani's fighting over Kashmir. Some native American tribes before white men settled were peace loving but other tribes were warriors. The Jain religion is my favorite, not even wanting to kill mere the end, humans are really a silly creature and probably not as strong as a virus, or a meteor which is what will be the end of us all eventually.....Shiva, Allah, Yahweh, the Sun, all are names for beings humans wish existed so there would be some meaning to all the misery on this earth and some reward after....humans are just mostly egotistical, greedy, vengeful and all are would be wonderful if there is a the meantime, I study the good parts of all religions and then pray one day the human race will come to it's senses and quit all the violence....even African tribes are warriors over territory and food in ancient days....we are no better nor are we any different.
Only upon our death will we know the real truth..and it's a shame to kill others in the name of any religion or politics.
So sad we think we are so smart, when the mosquito and the virus are probably smarter than us.

~ Posted at January 18, 2004 05:47 PM | Comment Permalink | Reply to this comment only
Jonathan Dworkin said: Total comments: 3  

Subject: Re: religion between war and peace

The entire Book of Joshua, for that matter, reads like one long endorsement of genocide.

Political fantacism and the literal interpretation of religion have an ancient symbiosis.

~ Posted at January 26, 2004 03:25 AM | Comment Permalink | Reply to this comment only

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