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Can Civilization Survive Feminism?
By Dr. Balint Vazsonyi*
January 1999 Family Voice*

Feminism continues to depict the Proverbs 31 woman as a personally unfulfilled slave to her marriage and children. Even in Christendom, many have bought that lie.

This article is a philosophical explanation of the gender-neutralization of our society. This very issue—which birthed Concerned Women for America twenty years ago—is taking America down a road of deception. Dr. Balint Vazsonyi proclaims an unabashed challenge to all women and to men: How much of "the war with God and nature" have we taken as our own?

—Beverly LaHaye

I am not a woman and have no plans to play one on TV. Some would argue that, not being a woman, I have no way of knowing what it's like; furthermore, man had better stay away from the topic altogether.

Fortunately, advocates of this position were not around when da Vinci painted the "Mona Lisa," or when Tolstoy told the story of Anna Karenina.

Some future historian may well describe our time as one of general identity crisis. Men and women have become equally unsure of themselves. For decades now, they have been bombarded with the idea that there is nothing "natural" about their natural instincts and natural behavior.

[They believe] that the way they think of themselves, act, dress and perform all derive from the evil machinations of depraved, power-hungry men.

Stumbling Around
In short ... over thousands of years, men and women have stumbled around in darkness, getting it all wrong—until those coming of age during the latter half of the 1960s figured out how the world really ought to be.

This sounds ridiculous because it is. Yet ask Hillary Clinton, Jane Fonda, Gary Nash (who wrote the national standards for U.S. history) or Anita Hill. They will tell you just that.

Range of Roles
If turning the world upside-down, if denying God and nature would bring happiness all around, we might argue that it's worth a try.

But television portrays men who are bumbling idiots, women who assert their place in the world by kicks aimed at sensitive areas, and contentious children whose faces are permanently sour.

The role, position and the relationship of men and women have covered an immense range of situations over time. They vary, not only from society to society, but also show movement within the same society. This is especially true in Western Civilization.

We're Different
What has been consistent during the millennia directly preceding the 1960s is the recognition that men and women are different.

But the fundamental tenets of the 1960s, and of feminism in general, propose that they are not. That astonishing conclusion is the only plausible explanation for the growing avalanche of demands for the fundamental reorganization of society.

America is under attack from every conceivable direction. But the destructive potential of women embracing socialism is greater than all other perils combined.

Women make up a full one-half of society; they tend to live longer than men, and their power is inherent, whereas the power of men is mostly acquired.

This last statement, as well as use of the word socialism, requires elaboration. But first some background ...

American Women

*Dr. Balint Vazsonyi, concert pianist and historian, fled oppression in his native Hungary following the 1956 uprising against communism. His unique background gives him an invaluable perspective on the demise of our country's liberties and religious freedom. As author of America's 30 Years War: Who Is Winning?, Dr. Vazsonyi addresses socialism's insidious encroachment in American social and political thought since the 1960s. He is founder and director of the Center for the American Founding and is a featured writer for national conservative publications.

* CWA publishes Family Voice on a bimonthly basis. The paper edition contains reports from the field, legislative updates and more. Get your three free issues of Family Voice today.

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