RayWonder v2.0

RayWonder 2.0 is a sequel to RayWonder and is aiming towards more advanced
techniques like distributed raytracing, global illumination using path tracing, and photon mapping.
Currently it does pretty much the same as RayWonder 1.0 does, but design of the raytracer is much
better and much easier to extend. It isn't built on the RayWonder 1.0 source, it's coded from scratch.

Features: (not all are 100% finished)

Primitives: Inifinte plane, Sphere, Disc, AABB, Cone/Cylinder, Triangle
Lighting: Phong, Cook-Torrance, Schlick
Texturing and bumpmapping
Antialiasing: Supersampling, stochastic
Distributed Raytracing: Glossy reflections

The future:
Implementing a uniform grid (SEADS) for intersection test acceleration.
Finishing the Schlick BRDF model.
Implementing Quadrics primitive.
Coding a IOR Stack for more advanced refractions.
Distributing refraction rays for fuzzy refractions.
Area lights.
Adaptive supersampling.
Triangle models and a 3ds file loader.

Screenshots: (some images are clickable)

Showing glossy reflections, took 31 minutes to render, uses 3x3 supersampling and 36 stratified sampled reflection rays.