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Abbreviations.   R =ring, ch = chain, rw = reverse work, cl = close, rep = repeat
- picot, + join ,BLT =bootlace tie, (tie once shuttle over ball to reverse position of threads.) smp =  small picot, +st = join with shuttle thread.
Note: after joins  with shuttle thread work a complete ds

Worked in Floretta #20  Chancy is approx. 5 inches high

1st section using shuttle and ball
Row 1. R 9-3-3-3 rw,ch 5 rw, *R 3+3+3-3-3-3 ch 5*rw. rep from * to * 8 times more, R3+3+3-9 cl. (11 rings)
Row2. BLT, smp, ch5 +st, 5 +st across to the end, join to base of 1st ring of 1st row,  Turn
Row3 and Row 4 work as row 2
Row 5 * ch 8rw, R8+8rw, ch8+st rep from * to end of row, join to end of previous row. cut and tie
2nd section. using shuttle and ball.
Row 6 R 9+ to space over end ring of previous row, 3-3-3 cl. rw * ch5 rw, R 3+3+3-3-3-3 rw, ch 5 rw, R 3+3+3+3-3-3 cl, rw* rep from * to * across row ending 5 ch, rw R 3+3+3+9, cl ring   ( 9 rings) rw and turn . BLT
Row 7 Ch 8 rw, R 8 - 8  rw *ch8 +st to next space, rep from * to end of row. Join to end of previous row cut and tie.

Section3 (rows 8 and 9) work as section 2 but now after row 8 (7 rings)  End of Row 9 cut and tie
Section 4 (row 10) work as row 6 (5 rings in the row) turn
Row 11 ch 5 +st to space, 3-2 +st, 2-3 +st 5 +st to top of last ring of previous row. DO NOT CUT OR TURN

Edge Of Cape. ch 15, join to junction of first 8 ch base of ring on row 9, ch 8, join to top of same ring. continue now working across on the surface of work over row 8 using the free picots to anchor work. (It will help to fold the work here to continue) ch2-2-2-1+1-2-2-2-2-2-2-1+1-2-2-2-2-2-2-1+1-2-2-2+st  to the ring at the other end of row 8, ch8+st  to start of the same ring, ch 15 +st in base of first ring on the shoulder. (Long Picots make nice fringing)

Working on the back of the work  to make the legs under the dress, using shuttle and ball work both legs the same. Fold the work in your hand if needed for ease. Join thread to the start of the 4th ring in from the edge on the first row working towards the centre (6th ring)  ring from the end. (Each leg is worked across 2 of the 5 chains on row 1)
Row 1   smp ch 12 join to a space at end of 2nd 5 ch you are working over  turn
Row 2 smp ch12 join at end of leg turn
Rows 3,4 and 5 same as 2nd row
Row 6 to 9 inclusive    smp  ch 1-2-2-2-2-2-1+ turn  (The longer the picot the bigger the frills)
Row 10 ch 1-2-2-1 R10ds cl ch 1-2-2-1 join to end cut and tie
Second Leg from the centre to  the 4th ring from the other side.

Head R 2-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3+4+3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-1 cl ring (The joins are onto the two picots on the shoulders that make the neck)

Hair. The hair is made of clusters of ring for curls. R1-2-2-1cl, R1-2-2-1-cl, R 1-2-2-1 cl, join cluster to  first picot on head . Continue in working clusters of 2 or 3 rings joining to the free picots.  If the hair does not lay as you want it a little dab of glue will fix it! Tie  a bow in her hair.

Sew in all ends.