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Ahoy! Welcome me hearties, landlubbers and swashbucklers alike, to Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, the social online world of Puzzling Piracy!

Come sail the seven seas with fellow Buccaneers and prove yer mettle at ye many fine puzzles; Sailing, Swordfighting, Bilging and more!

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2004.3.21 - Ye Long Lost Update


Arrgh! Lost at sea, ye'd think we'd been, with the lack o' news to this page. Me apologies, we were updating the site and caught up with manner o' other trade.

Four new releases went out, including the long-awaited ship sinking and other features. For war's debut we re-opened ye olde Azure server for testing, a pattern which will continue when we debut the next major release, including Blockades and Bazaars - opening the opportunity for shopkeeping to all mates, and giving much fuel to debates on ye Game Design forums.

Ye'll notice that the website has had a little facelift. We'll be adding some more new stuff over the next few weeks, so keep yer eyes peeled and not patched. Let us know what yer think, and drop me a line if you see any strangeness.

In other news we was honoured to be nominated for an Interactive Academy award, and yer loyal pirates are off to GDC this week with high hopes o' pillaging victory in the Indedepent Games Festival. Wish us luck!

- a tip of the tricorne from Captain Cleaver

2004.1.12 - First Review and Surprise of the Year


Ahoy mates, and a Merry New Year to all of yer! We come into 2004 with a little fanfare as we garner a nice set o' honourable mentions and 'Surprise of the Year' in the 2003 IGN RPG Vault Awards.

Close on its heels comes our first proper review at IGN PC, garnering Editors Choice, no less! Thanks!

As is our wont we have updated the crews and flags and added some fine new fan arrrt. Over Christmas we did a couple o' little releases including some fine Christmas decorations for festive cheer. With the ending o' the season the snow be packed away til next year.

Our Shockwave distribution be starting to ramp up and we be looking to bring in great hosts of greenhorn mates to the docks over the next months. If ye have any tips or know any sites that might be linking to us for a share of the booty, by all means drop me a line. It's a Pirate's life fer us!

- an extra ration o' rum from Captain Cleaver

2003.12.12 - Independent Games Festival Finalist


Arr! We made the Finals of the Independent Game Festival! Look fer us bringing home the booty at this year's Game Developers Conference.

2003.12.08 - Launch!


Arr! Upon this historic day we put the good ship Puzzle Pirates to sea after two and half long years o' sailin', and a year o' testing! We'd have broken the champagne bottle o'er the servers but it wouldnae have gone down well at the colocation facility, so we made do wi' drinkin' it instead.

The Yuletide is upon us with the Twelve Days of Christmas and other festive fun underway. Seasons greetings to all ye Pirates and Elfs naughty and good alike!

- a snowball's throw from The Dread Elf Cleaver

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